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I help all kinds of people and entrepreneurs increase their clarity, amplify their confidence,and achieve their next levels of goals and desires ,I can provide bespoke one on one sessions, as well as small group talks that cover feelings of unhappiness, discontent , frustration, unfulfillment, fear and unworthiness.


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22 July 2019

Laurie was great! I was dubious at first having never done life coaching but she brought it all out of me. A thoroughly enjoyable experience from which I'm making some great steps going forward! Thanks Laurie :-)


Abul Ehsan

21 March 2019

This has been a life changing process for me. Laurie is an outstanding coach who really understands what an individual needs and brings out the right thing at the right time. I felt the shift inside me within weeks and started seeing results almost immediately. What Laurie does is drive you to find your purpose in life and teach you how to live a fuller and happier life. Thank you very much Laurie for everything you have done for me. More...



9 February 2019

Initially slightly put off by a phone call (rather than e-mail contact which I had asked for) but agreed to call back at more convenient time, happy to travel to meet me, gave me a chance to ask lots of questions, encouraged me to take notes. No pressure for another session but have agreed to stay in touch. Very pleased. Left feeling very invigorated and determined to turn things around. More...



9 January 2019

Laurie is brilliant she knows how to explain how she can help and listens to your expectations. Laurie provides a lovely relaxed experience she is calm and understanding I will see her again and I would recommend her.



6 September 2018

Since using Laurie’s services my life has changed drastically. The shift is inevitable which family and friends have noticed. My income has gone from worrying to now earning a huge figure income, work has increased and I have a great network in place all of which has taken place since doing work with her. I could not thank her enough. She is so caring, warm and showed me that she wanted the best for me. I would highly recommend using her services, it’s been a great experience and life changing for sure. More...


Serving clients, Transforming the lifes of others, I believe in love and care and I bring sincere love and care to every
interaction . I believe each one of us Is far more powerful and contains more potential then any circumstance, situation or condition I believe in fun I create joy laughter and fun in all aspects of my work . I believe in growth - we grow by achieving our dreams and goals .

About 15 years ago I was in a dark place and hit rock bottom, I was told by other professionals I was depressed!! What I would have prefered was, to be told everthing would work out great if i appleid these ( simple spiritual laws into my life ) then, i would feel better, healther and happy.....how ever, that’s not what I was told, I was told this: ( feeling anxiuos )was what i was going to have to live with !! due to a number of things such as dad leaving etc etc . On my darkest day something inside me was seaking to emerge and I went from a victim to victorious !, I had my big reason “ why “my 2 beautiful girls, whome I wanted to see grow and be with for as long as I could. I overcome many difficulties with in my mindset, awareness, and connecting to infinate spirit ,i also made a dession to discover the secrets to living a happy fulfilled life . Which I am now, and I know I can help others do the same .

No one can coach a person to overcome fear, anxiety and worries, (like ) another person who has transformed themselves and found inner peace, no one can help anything like some one who has been through the pain themselves.
I offer a Free 50 minute consultation with me via the phone .....
“Always remember what an honour and privilege it is to enter another’s life for purpose of bringing dreams into reality by unveiling the power that resides within” - Mary Morrissey .