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Universal City, California

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Universal City, California


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19 September 2018

We had a number of small repairs, including some exterior painting on the house, and repair of the garage wall which I drove the car into. Gary and his team were fabulous! Nice, courteous, called us to tell us if the time they could be here changed, and were fast, efficient, and reasonably priced. Thanks so much! We are extremely pleased and highly recommend them to everyone. More...

5 August 2018

Gary and his team do an amazing job. He painted our little girl room his work is amazing. We hire the best team in town. We truly recommend The Ultimate Pro for your next remodeling job. You name it they can do it. Jae Burbank Ca. More...

29 May 2018

Plenty of parking, great selection of restaurants and stores. I love the little park/court yard in the middle. The have a movie theater and a lot more here! Great for a date :)

29 May 2018

They are awesome

29 May 2018

The worker they sent did a great job in fixing the water pipe that had been damage and he did some repainting on the walls were there was also water damage. He was a great handyman that we had. It was such a great to be in touch with you Ultimate Handyman, your workers were the best. Kudos to your company and to your whole team. More...

20 July 2017

I hired them to punch through one of the walls at my office to open access to our storage unit. I was very nervous because we were working while they did this job and since we're a 3D animation company there are a lot of computers around along with our new server.  They took many precautions and exceeded my expectations.  I was impressed with their professionalism and will recommend their work to my friends. More...

29 June 2017

Best construction company in Los Angeles. I urgently needed to build a bridge for my wedding party. And they listened to me very quickly and with satisfaction. :)

20 July 2016

I just moved into a new home and received a mailer from this company and figured I would give them a try to handle some small tasks that needed to be accomplished. I needed an electrician to replace my front porch light and I had about 6 large pieces of art that needed to securely be hung on the walls. They sent Byron, the electrician, and his helper. I must say I was totally impressed with their professionalism, their tidiness and skill set. They finished the required tasks in a most timely manner. Awesome job and I will use them again and again if the service remains as good as it was today. More...

24 November 2015

Byron was nice, knowledgable, and fast.  The whole experience was awesome, doorbell hasn't worked in years  now fixed.

17 March 2015

I am surprised by all of the negative reviews of The Ultimate Handyman here on Yelp. I had a really different experience than what other people are reporting. I had two contractors come and look at a concrete porch above a garage that was leaking when  it rained. The first contractor wanted to tear everything out, replacing all of the support beams, putting down new concrete, and probably railing. Roney came out and gave me a similar estimate, but he also gave me an alternative proposal which was an epoxy that we would put in the cracks along with a sealant and paint. That did the trick!Fast forward two years later (and no further water leaking) and I am looking to get some more work done and see all of these reviews. Maybe people only review handyman when they have a bad experience and this is their last recourse. Will update review after I get the additional work done. More...

17 September 2012

Interesting- I didn't even look on Yelp before hiring these guys.  However, after dealing with 2 last minute cancellations from west hollywood handyman, I was desperate and jumped at the first number I could find.  Needless to say, I'm really pleased.  They called me right away, sent someone out in the time that they said they would and just overall made it easy for me.That said, I didn't have house repairs, just needed help putting furniture together.  It may be a completely different story with a bigger job, but for something that I was quoted by other companies of taking 3-4 hours, these guys did it in an hour and a half.  Polite, no fuss, happy to help all the way around and a great job.  For me, it's an easy five stars. More...

19 October 2011

I called The Ultimate Handyman and spoke with the manager a couple of weeks ago, explaining the need for a new door. We decided after consultation that I would order the door from Stock Building Supply (another great company) and Ultimate Handyman would pick up the door. I notified him on Thursday that the door was ready for pickup, and that it would be a fiberglass-clad wood-core door. We set an appointment for the following Monday to start at 9-10 am. Umberto, their door man, arrived at 9:45 am, neatly dressed, courteous, prepared with a full set of tools. He immediately began work, removing the old door and routing hinge recesses on the new door. When it came time to cut the large holes for the deadbolt and doorknob lockset, he decided that his existing hole saw was not sufficiently robust to drill a clean set of holes in this fiberglass-clad door. He apologized for this, went to Koontz Hardware (the best hardware store in the entire world IMO) and took a well-deserved lunch break. When he returned he finished the installation; the door was perfectly aligned, all the hardware worked correctly, and Umberto cleaned up the sawdust and other debris. There was a brief discussion with Robert about the half-hour to get a tool from the hardware store. When I reminded him that we had discussed the fiberglass door in advance, he quickly agreed that being fully equipped with the right tools for the job (when the need was predictable) was Ultimate Handyman's responsibility and deducted the half hour from our bill without any argument. Umberto was professional, courteous, personable and a very hard worker. I feel we got our money's worth. This is the second time we have used this company, and we were well impressed with the quality of service and their responsiveness to questions and concerns. It's more like working with your best friend instead of a contractor. They stand behind their work. More...

7 January 2011

I started small with them. I gave them some small repairs here and there, adding four can lights on the ceiling, one dimmer on the wall, increased to a water heater replacement, then I built a back porch and deck, and then I hired them to do some bigger remodels. The Ultimate Handyman's crew has delivered on all the jobs I needed done. As my confidence in their crew increased, I gave them bigger and bigger tasks to handle. Besides some hick-up that they handled immediately, it turned out I trusted them to replace the contractor that I used to hire to do office turn-overs and tenant Improvements that I need on the office Building that I own. They seem to be knowledgeable, the owner shows up unannounced to check on jobs and they made sure I was happy with every job. I recommend them highly. More...

4 August 2010

I never had any major problem with them. I request, they do, I pay, no complaints. I call them back if there is a small hick-up or two, the bad part they still charge for the time. I ask, they do. I like they are no-nonsense. My tip: Describe the work very well over the phone, they send the right guy for the job only when I tell exactly what kind of work that is. Electrician, Plumber, Carpenter, Welder, Plaster guy, Drywall guy, wood refinisher, painter, that kind of specificity... More...

7 April 2010

I had a contractor come and do some remodeling that according to the contractor, supposedly needed no permits for. Soon after I went to city hall to get a regulatory license and I found out that I needed a permit to all work I had done. Problems with building and safety, fire department, planning, etc...I called the Ultimate Handyman and they took care of all that needed to be done. We acquired the permits, the building inspector made us demolish all the work that was done substandard and rebuild. In the end I paid the ultimate Handyman less than I paid the original contractor that was unlicensed. I learned my lesson the hard way but this company saved my behind in the end. I am back in business after closing for remodeling for only one week! Amazing considering that the original contractor took one full month!Great company to keep on speed dial! More...

27 July 2009

Roney Montiero and his teams in both his office and the field did a complex apartment remodel for me.  The many aspects concluded excellently.   Floor leveling, hardwood floor installation, kitchen remodel including some trouble shooting with unlevel ceiling and installation issues.  Also, bathroom romodel with creative problem solving with plumbing, floor and fixture installation.  The outcome of the work was always satisfactory, which was clearly Roney's primary objective.  The best aspect of working with him was the always pleasant and professional communication, at which I would rank him A+!  Finally, I would like to add that I always felt he was respectful and kept my interests foremost in his thinking, which gave me a certain comfort and confidence in dealing with him on the first contract with his company.    He is a pro and a gentleman.  I can recommend him to anyone without any reservation whatsoever. More...

22 February 2009

I had a lot to be done in my house, but I am very distrustful of contractors. I hired these guys to repair some flooring because I thought they were only a handyman company, but after talking to the owner and looking them up online, I got a gut feeling and I decided to remodel my home. They did one room at the time at my request and my designer and I oversaw every step of the remodeling, until I fired my designer. From that point on I was on it alone. But The ultimate Handyman assigned a project manager that I could call with questions or when I decided to change anything, and I change my mind a lot! Almost on a daily basis (That is why my designer couldn't stay), but The Ultimate Handyman's crew accommodated all the changes and helped me to stay on budget by offering different choices of flooring and other finishing materials. They even stayed in contact with my prior designer to resolve a dispute I had with her. We had about four or five disputes with their company during this process, but I called and spoke with the owner and he met with me each time. He always went through a very meticulous process to find the fairest outcome to both parties, and I was impressed that we always found a solution, he had a very calm and reassuring demeanor and stuck to facts, never trying to get away with anything. My house looks amazing and I never had such a good feeling about a contractor before. After I issued their last check, Ronnie (the owner) called and asked me to write a review online about their company. Thank you Ronnie, I hope the best for you and your crew. I am sure I'll need The Ultimate Handyman again. Sulamita Garnashian More...

10 October 2008

I got an estimate from two house bolting and foundation reinforcement companies, because the bids were too high I decided to call one more. A friend of mine is a property manager and recommended me to go to WWW.ultimate-handyman com. I looked at their posted general rates and decided to call them. They said they charged for an estimate, so I did not want another contractor coming in here to look in my craw space charging me for it, so I told them how much my cheapest bid was and asked them if they could beat it. The gentleman on the phone asked me a bunch of questions and proposed to do the work on a time and materials basis and he would keep their prices not to exceed 10% lower than my lowest bid. I jumped at it. They completed the foundation reinforcement, bolted the house down, I added to install shear walls on all the internal perimeter of my crawlspace and their price was still lower than my lowest bid! They knew how much I was initially about to pay before finding them, I added a bunch of things to the original list and they still charged me less than my lowest bid! I think I finally found a honest contractor and what the previous guy said on his posting is truth too! They run a tight ship on that company. More...

2 November 2007

When I called, I was impressed with the promptness of answers and the attention I received from the first person I spoke to. They explained their rates, which initially I found to be a bit high, and the owner himself called back later to explain how they would handle all my projects and what I was paying for, at that point I was sold. I scheduled an appointment to get all the work done. I seriously doubted that anyone could take care of all the things I had in my list in a couple of days, but I booked it anyway. At the appointment day, this fairily good-looking guy, mid-thirties, walks through my door steps, hands me a card and introduces himself.I looked out and there were about three trucks parked in front of the house, orange cones all over, and twelve guys standing behind him with orange T? shirts with a printed devilish figure as a logo. I have to confess that the scale of things were bigger than what I expected. We walked through my house and as I was showing him things, he would call on the radio assigning the work to one of the guys. One by one we covered every problem I ever had on this house. I have good knowledge in construction and I have been living in this house for 27 years, but this guy knew things about my house that made me suspect he had lived here longer than I have. He pointed out where prior remodels had been made, where we had had water damage in the past, some electrical he pointed out and suggested easy solutions to problems I had paid big money to electricians in the past that could not solve them. He really impressed me. To make a long story short, by the end of the day, every problem in my house had been handled. I had a refinished deck, new plumbing fixtures, my doorbell was working, I had a phone line right by my bed, I got a new plasma hung in my living room and all cables going inside the walls, I had new tile floor in one bathroom, a new mailbox, my circuit breakers didn?t pop anymore and my furnace works. More...

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