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At Ukietech, we work for your success. If you have an idea for a startup, we know how to make it happen. For the existing business, we can automate both core and non-core operations to reduce costs, raise efficiency and make your employees happy. Bringing the intuitive and simple user experience to complex software solutions is our unique key to both our and customers’ success.

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Ukietech Reviews

Ukietech Reviews

Review of Ukietech by Authxperts Brian
1 17/05/2018 Authxperts Brian

Can I take away even the single star? There is no developer in US and all in Ukraine. The company quotes for services as if its US based company. They did my website and now it has malware, I raised the issue wtih them and they quoted 20+ hours for scanning the issue and stated that it may take more time to clean it up. Website was full functioning at that time. I engaged Godaddy and got it cleaned for much cheaper however they stated that there are old wordpress themes etc. that need to be updated on the website as Google considers that as malware. Now, Ukietech states that the website was developed by someone else and not by them so they can't update. Knowing that this malware issue is causing our business daily revenue loss( our Google Adwords account is blocked due to malware on website), they have decided to keep quiet. Can a business rely on such a company where money is all it matters and no professionalism ?? I paid them couple thousand dollars already and now realise that there were better options available within US and there is no need to rely on UKRAINE developers. What a shame!

Review of Ukietech by Truck Tire Express Inc.
5 08/02/2018 Truck Tire Express Inc.

Great website work!!!

Review of Ukietech by Roman Sliusarchuk
5 08/06/2017 Roman Sliusarchuk

Great company to work with. Marvelous designs, highest quality of work. Definitely recommended to cooperate with.

Review of Ukietech by Yaroslav Smyslov
2 28/11/2016 Yaroslav Smyslov

My feedback is translated into English using google translate. If you will have any questions feel free to ask me.

I've worked in this company for a few month, but results are below:
The company is suitable for students - who want to have a check mark in the summary about what they have worked in the IT company. As decent salaries in this company do not get even after a long running time.
Schedule in the company as follows:
from 9 to 18 and note - lunch break from 13 to 13:30 ie hour and 30 minutes and people have to flee or somewhere and eat those 30 minutes or have a meal with them that not everyone comfortable. There is a small kitchen which has a 1 microwawe and kettle and crockery - where food can warm up and eat only at lunch time, well as dinner in the company of 30 minutes and 25 people at the time worked and 15 of them deprived the office to eat it warm the dinner is not always and not immediately work.
As compensation, another half hour break owners of the company have come up with two breaks of 15 minutes during the workday to 18 hours. And once in a while to drink tea or just relax on the PC - the rest of the time you have to sit at the computer and work in sweat and no uninteresting your performance.
Currently lunch time increased to 40 minutes and two breaks cut to 10 minutes.
There are the following schedule:
from 11 to 20 - lunch at about the same time. This is possible 2 times a week.
If you go to work on time is 18 hours - it's bad karma affects if come at 9:15 in the morning like you pohlyaduyut and you know all the guilt only by sight.
For example, was an interesting moment - when we relizylys and my so-called time ends at 18 hours and poured all changes in 17 to prodakshen - and nobody warned to come and work for 11 to 20 will release for 17 hours. When I ato 18.30 and 19 went home - I said as I neperezhyvayu the project. Work longer does not matter - but what then zhostkyy schedule? It can be flexible as in most IT companies. Well, or in this case, overtime pay as in the US. The owner of a well known as dovhenko already living in the United States in Chicago.
At work, people are drawn officially. After a period in the company as a private offer to take shape - but taxes do not pay for you - you pay them himself.
Honored heroes galley owner gives gifts - such as iPhone, aypedy, poppy beech - once a year but it is very nice, especially when the 20 men who work in the company of 17 people received bonuses as money in envelopes over these gifts and the other three are understand that they do not work and so they ordered today bonus they receive, even those who are already working more than 2-3 years, the company - although the preferred term as protrymuyuyetsya person in the company is six months.
In order to be sure that all work well - the owner has affixed itself ip cameras around the office - it is good to see everyone who works or does not work and is doing at any given time.
As for the office - no complaints - it is located in the center of comfortable tables and all that jazz, there are cookies in the kitchen, which you certainly can eat only break in the 15 minute or half hour :-). Ito on condition that they will.
Every day, all employees have it delivered what they were doing during the day the owner of the company. That is not the client or others on your project and is the owner.
Most employees - good people than those who just loves to lick the same place for financial compensation to owners of the company.
Galera kept afloat by startups they started to do his time and actively promote in the United States. Our Ivano-Frankivsk everyone probably knows that Yukitek notshould go to work if you have a choice between Yukitek and other IT company town.
Or gain experience in programming or in QA or in other areas do not have anybody. And those who were in the knowledge - no desire and time to share useful information with other members of the project as well and all.
Translated with google translate, so sorry about my English.

Review of Ukietech by Aaron Robbins
5 30/09/2013 Aaron Robbins

I spent months looking for a web development firm without success. When Ukietech approached me I was a bit incredulous as their bid was so low. But the work is absolutely outstanding. They are professional with quick responses to questions and obviously experienced. Working with them has been one of the best experiences I've had with hiring contractors. I definitely recommend them to my friends and only worry that they will get too popular to have time for my work requests.

Review of Ukietech by Alex Ivankevych
5 19/08/2013 Alex Ivankevych

Very easy to communicate with Ukietech agent, any questions or problems the company resolve in very short time. The main thinks is, they provide a professional job and make a very good website.

Review of Ukietech by Wicker Park Bucktown
4 16/07/2013 Wicker Park Bucktown

Ukietech is a hard working and dependable webmaster and developer. While a few issues have taken multiple iterations to resolve, Ukietech always ensures that we are satisfied with their work before considering it finished.

They are usually very responsive, and any of the issues that have come up in the last 3 months have all been resolved in 7 (business) days. We would recommend Ukietech as a reasonably priced web developer that maintains a focus on customer satisfaction.

Review of Ukietech by Ігор Броновський
5 Ігор Броновський


Review of Ukietech by Sugar Fly
Sugar Fly

Ukietech did a great job on our website!

Review of Ukietech by Galyna G Ruzhytska
5 Galyna G Ruzhytska

Great atmosphere and awesome people to work with!


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