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Tom S.

15 August 2019

Stop in and check out the new office.  Justin and the UBuildIt Team are really making progress and would love to visit about your project


Tara M.

14 July 2019

We've been in our home for over a year now. I've waited to write a review because my recommendation comes with a few suggestions. 1. You will be heavily involved in every aspect of the build. This begins with budget; to me, this is the most important part of the process. No one ever suggests to skip the details. When you're presented with the vendor bids and the opportunity to look them over, do it. There could be 50-100 bids...read them before selecting the vendor...ask questions. Their understanding of what you want in your home may be incorrect; and it's up to you to catch these mistakes. Sometimes, a re-bid is necessary....sometimes the price goes up. But all this is done before a budget is finalized. If you have specific costs related to your area (water meter installation, running utilities, building fees, HOA costs, permits) research that yourself. UBI tries to know every neighborhood's set of requirements, but things change. Don't forget to include soft costs (such as plans, land clearing, hauling off debris, periodic cleanings during construction) in your budget if you are financing these things. 2. If something seems too low or too high, question it. Get outside bids from vendors you know, not just those recommended from UBI. We had a mix of both...I think this worked great. It creates a "checks and balances" system between their vendors and your vendors. Communicate with these guys and establish a trust with them. Of course, before any work is done, have them sign the required agreement and keep on file. Do not pay fully for anything until work is completed to your satisfaction. When things really get going, expect to be on the job site a couple hours each day. (You really have to anyway, in order to lock up the house once doors/windows are in.)3. Your on-site project consultant (we had Juan)--communicate with him. Juan was so helpful. He offered his suggestions, but still let us control the process. He met with us per the schedule in the UBI binder, which I feel was an appropriate amount of times. If an issue arose, he was available via phone or text outside of those scheduled meetings. If it was a major issue, he'd make it a point to stop by. If we had trouble with a subcontractor not returning our call, Juan would intervene and make it happen. We did not rely on him for simple tasks that we could be doing ourselves...but we knew he was there if we needed extra help. I think he truly wanted our home to be successful. 4. It helps to have a good sense of what you want. Some people need help with picking out paint, fixtures, etc...if you don't enjoy that kind of thing, this process is not for you. You will find it overwhelming because there are a LOT of details. On the other hand, if you can visualize what you want and clearly communicate those details to someone else (*super important*) you will love building a home yourself. Why did we choose UBI? We wanted a specific style of home, different from what we usually see in our area. We also wanted to avoid the markup that a builder charges to oversee a project (some builders take on too much, and they're really not onsite as much as they should be anyway.) Thirdly, we wanted to know our home was quality, and no corners were cut. We built with a popular home builder before, and weren't impressed with the overall quality of work. Though the process can be stressful at times, we got to see our home from the "inside out." All in all, it was a good experience for us. Just accept the roles of Project Manager and Financial Manager from the beginning--it will help you get into the right mindset to complete the project on time and on budget. More...


Virg B.

11 October 2018

My husband and I recently finished building our custom home about 3 months ago. Everyone at the UBuildIt office was nice and accessible. The only problem we had was with a sub-contractor not honoring his word or work, we had to hire someone else to finish it.  It took us about 4 months from start to finish, but I guess being in the construction business helped! We would recommend UBuildIt to others who are looking to custom build their home!Thanks again to Lee, Virgil, Tamie and Juan! More...


Jen H.

17 September 2018

Our Dream home is a Reality and it's magazine worthy!!! Our experience with UBI was a very good one, and we are so glad we chose UBuild It to help build our dream home. Working with them allowed us room in our budget to do some upgrades a custom home builder would have charged us triple for. Yes it required more hands on work from us, coordinating subs, meeting for site visits, making phone calls, etc.  Every step is lined out in your construction binder to guide you along the way. We had some minor issues with subs, they were quick to help resolve them. We saved money everywhere we could because we were in control of everything we chose for our home. We recently hosted an open house for UBI prospective clients, and we received so many compliments on our home. If we build another house we would definitely use UBI!! More...


Jill J.

13 December 2017

We loved our experience with UBuildIt Schertz and highly recommend them for anyone wanting 100% custom, involvement in every step of the process and even doing some of the work yourself. UBuildIt guided us through every phase from initial planning and budgeting, to hiring contractors and inspections at each juncture. They have great working relationships with excellent contractors (we used their recommendations for most of the companies from the list they provided), are very receptive and responsive to concerns, and taught us everything we needed to know about building our home. We finished our beautiful home ahead of schedule and under budget!We would do it again but we love our house too much. More...


Rick L.

20 October 2017

We had a great experience with UBuildIt! We moved here from Atlanta, Ga, where I had been a builder and remodeler. Because we were not familiar with any subcontractors here, we opted to use UBuildIt. I acted as the general contractor, and the UBuildIt folks were our consultants during the construction of our home. As with any project, there were a few bumps in the road, but with the help of the UBuildIt staff, we worked through them. We saved quite a bit of money, and had over $200K of instant equity by going through the UBuildIt system. More...


Amanda P.

30 January 2017

Its been quite the experience building a house with U Build it.  Had a rough start but after that hiccup its been a real pleasure working with our consultants.  We would recommend U Build it to friends. More...


Kayla K.

16 December 2016

Ubuild-It was a fantastic choice for my husband and I as we built our house over the last year. Our site manager, Glen, was extremely helpful with any questions we had, kept a watchful eye over the whole process, and was on site often during the major building. Having a detailed budget layout was very useful to keep track of spending, (though keeping on budget was tricky in some categories because we were budgeted for Oklahoma City area when we built in the north west)  This company was great for us because my husband could flex his  building knowledge giving us confidence to do some of the work ourselves as we created memories and saved money in the process. We set our basement forms, muscled the sand for the pad, put in the foam, rebar, and in floor heating for the pad, ran the low voltage wire throughout the house, painting of walls and cabinets, staining/sealing trim, and the fun part..clean up. If you are a manager type person and can handle large projects then I highly recommend this company. You will get to literally make the house you want because you get to choose EVERYTHING. :) More...


S w.

16 December 2015

We are about 90% done building our dream home with UBuildIt. Their professionalism and expertise has made them a joy to work with. We will save well over $50k on our home by using them instead of a standard home builder. They have great ideas on how to save money, but still build a better quality home than you would get with most home builders. We highly recommend them to everyone... as a matter of fact, our neighbor is now looking into using them as well for his next home after he saw how well it has worked for us. More...


Viola H.

5 October 2015

UBuildIt did an absolutely phenomenal job with our home and we are so happy to have had the opportunity to use them. We were able to save roughly 25% on our home and gained $190,900 in instant equity. Not only was the process enjoyable, but extraordinarily educational. We walked in to UBuildIt with zero know how and were quite nervous based off of that fact alone. However, our consultant walked us through each and every step to advise us with the correct decisions before, after and during construction. Our consultant was always available to us when we needed his help and visited our site regularly. We never felt in the dark because we stayed in constant communication with them throughout the entire process and when we wanted a few changes along the way, we made sure to stay in budget. Because we used UBuildIt, we had complete control over the project and thus, were able to build EXACTLY what we envisioned for the lowest price available. Overall, it was a lot of work, but entirely well worth it! I can honestly say that we are now living in our dream home and would recommend UBuildIt - Oklahoma City to anyone who is ready to build their dream home as well! More...


Randy V.

14 November 2012

What a great experience in life!  Getting to design and build your own home for yourself and your family is a great way to go.   The folks at U-Build-It were beside me the whole way.  Their advice, guidance, and expertise allowed me to build my own home and avoid the pitfalls usually associated with taking on a major project without any previous experience.  After living in our house for 7 months now, I wouldn't change a thing!  (Most people that hired a contractor to build a house for them can't say that!)  Our house has many unique features that are EXACTLY what we wanted in our dream home.  If your thinking about becoming a U-Build-It customer, you won't be disappointed! More...

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