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My name is Steven Webster and what I can offer you is an extremely professional service, as well as friendly.
I offer Photography and Videography of all genres, though I would specialise in Wedding photography specifically.
I am passionate about my work and even more passionate about making sure my clients get exactly what they want and deserve for the price being paid.



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Taking a great photograph is to know why you were drawn to the subject in the first place.
To be able to envision and capture in your photograph exactly what made you feel the way you did in person.

I would first formulate a picture of what you as the client wants. Some times you may not fully know, and that's fine because I can then give some friendly advice, based on what I think may work well and if you would like to go ahead or even expand on it then that is what it's all about.
Depending on what the project is, we would then draw a time map as to organise when things get done and I would find out exactly what would be needed equipment wise.

I love photography and film because it allows a certain kind of expressionism not found in other areas.
I love being able to shoot the most simple of objects, making them more complex and interesting with a touch of meaning to an otherwise useless object.
I love capturing smiles, joy and the memories that people should so often hold onto.
I love filming stories, that say things that people in the real world may be to afraid to say at times, and to send out messages that we may often be blind to.
Simply put, I love medias ability to bring joy and clarity to humanity.

It's as cliche as it gets, but morning while I was studying at collage, I woke up from a dream and UARE Productions was the result.
I knew from that moment that I wanted to create something big, and new and bring a form of originality that we don't see that often anymore.
I held onto that wish stubbornly for 7 years as I finished collage and then went though University.
Working hospitality for 4 of those years to pay the bills and then I decided it was finally time to make a move on my dream and bring UARE Productions into fabrication.

In choosing me, you're choosing a professional, friendly and down to earth gentleman who will do everything in his power to make sure your product exceeds your expectations and you walk away with a smile on your face.
I am not overly pushy, though I will advise at times if you, the client are unsure.
My mindset is that you are paying for a service, therefore you deserve the absolute best from the money you are paying, and I will delver that smile to you.


If you're looking for an affordable, professional and friendly photographer for your wedding then I am your Man. Your wedding day is going supposed to be the best day of your life, and in taking up the job I will ensure that I do my part in making that so as well.

You may be looking to get some portraits for a poster, or promotion of some sort. Maybe you are looking to get some family portraits as well to capture the memory. I can do this for you and will ensure you are given a quality product that you are more than happy with.

I am open to a wide variety of photographer work. What ever you may like done , I will deliver efficiently to a high quality standard, with a great level of customer service included also.

I also offer Videography. Whether you want a promotional video made for your business, help creating a short film or a documentary made for what ever subject, I can deliver and will make sure you are given a product you, and I can be proud of.