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Tyme Media is a media company specializing in Photography. We offer a range of services from Logo Design to Videography. We have a photography studio based in Bedfordview with a resident photographer. Our photographers travel depending on the photoshoot requirements.


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Jack Kenneth

6 February 2019

Olo munđhate zakunnyelo


Nic Papas

6 February 2019

Thank you Summercon. I started my portfolio with you way back in the early 2000 and i am about to re-engage! See you soon.


Lisa Nuttall

10 September 2018

Very neet office block


Ray Risseeuw

19 July 2018

Did some security gates in the building, the buildings are constructed by very good craftsmen, All walls are straight and square, by. amazinggates.co.za


Fiona Gr

26 March 2018

I purchased an apartment in one of the Summercon complexes. What I would like to comment on is how friendly and helpful everyone has been. From salesperson, to admistrator, to the attorneys who handled the transfer and finally the maintenance team assisting with the odd query. More...


Konrad Beukes

17 December 2017

One of the more beautiful, modern buildings that I have seen with very friendly staff.

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For some people a job is a job but to me my job is my passion. Getting to meet new people and exchanging our thoughts and ideas is what I cherish most when meeting new clients. Seeing something in real life and being able to completely transform it through the lens is what fuels my burning fire.

I have my own vision and my own system of how I like to handle things. I want my company to be unique and have it's own look and feel. I want to be the person meeting new clients and bring their vision to life.

I'm young, passionate and creative. I have so many thoughts and ideas when it comes to taking photo's. Not everything is as bland and boring as we see it but it's what we do with that bland and boring that makes us colourful.