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Two For Joy Photography Ltd are an all female team offering all aspects of photography Weddings, portrait, commercial, bumps and babies etc. Our Photography style is relaxed, candid, and natural.

We achieved this by having two photographers (where possible) at each event. One focusses on the ‘formal’ shots, while another captures those moments 'off set' that we feel truly reflects the essence of our style.

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Review of Two for Joy Photography Ltd  by Lucy Hallard
5 11/09/2016 Lucy Hallard

Having known and worked along side Meg for over 12 years....they are definitely my first port of call for all me photography needs. Super talented and super lovely! X

Review of Two for Joy Photography Ltd  by May
5 09/09/2016 May

Meg is awesome and professional Photograher! She's very accommodating, helpful and friendly.Thank you every so much for my fab crochet products shots. ^_^

Review of Two for Joy Photography Ltd  by Abi Rowson
5 09/09/2016 Abi Rowson

Meg is a fantastic photographer and a lovely lovely person. She even made me look relaxed and gorgeous, even though I hate having my photo taken and I'm not exactly model material. My husband and I wanted some photos to document me being pregnant with our son and what we ended up with was truly lovely. Meg has a great way of putting you at your ease, coming up with fun ideas, and capturing candid-style moments. I highly recommend. (Thanks Meg!)

Review of Two for Joy Photography Ltd  by Marianne Sargent
5 09/09/2016 Marianne Sargent

As someone who hates being photographed I wasn't looking forward to having some head shots done for my website. Meg was lovely and worked really hard to put me at ease. She had loads of ideas for different ways to take the pics so I now have a selection of great quality photos to use for different purposes - website and social media.

Review of Two for Joy Photography Ltd  by Emma Scorer
5 09/09/2016 Emma Scorer

Amazing duo. Photography is second to none. The images they produce are spectacular. I used them for my wedding photos and I felt really listened to and respected and they have given me the most magical images that I believe wouldn't of been captured if it wasn't for their sharp eyes which seem to always be looking for that perfect shot. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Two for Joy Photography.

Review of Two for Joy Photography Ltd  by Neil and Laura
5 09/09/2016 Neil and Laura

Meg did a wedding shoot for us at the Victoria Baths in Manchester. We were pretty clueless about what we wanted but Meg was great talking us through the options and helping us understand what was important to us. We knew we were very lucky to have someone of Meg's calibre, as she does high profile commercial work all over the place, but it really told in the experience on the day and final product.

Review of Two for Joy Photography Ltd  by Joanne Verity
5 09/09/2016 Joanne Verity

I had the most beautiful set of photos taken by Meg when my daughter was only two weeks old. It was a lovely experience and although I'm not the most natural person in front of the camera I was made to feel completely relaxed and natural without me even noticing! I will treasure the images and moments captured forever.

Review of Two for Joy Photography Ltd  by Helen English
5 09/09/2016 Helen English

Two for Joy should read Tears Of Joy

Nikki from Two for Joy recently was the photographer at my daughters Primary School leavers party.

She was not only a joy to be around with her lovely personality but the professional way she controlled the shoot & photographed (15) 11 & 12 year old girls (and their mums lol) was nothing short of genius.

The quality of the photos were exceptional with great ideas and perspectives that genuinely brought tears of joy.

I would highly recommend Nikki and Two for Joy Photography 5*

Review of Two for Joy Photography Ltd  by Christina
5 09/09/2016 Christina

Couldn't ask for any more. Niki and Meg fit into any social occasion like part of the party making everyone around them feel at ease, great with kids, very professional, realistic rates and you get great photos too! I highly recommend Two For Joy Photography

Review of Two for Joy Photography Ltd  by Lucy Hallard
5 Lucy Hallard

Two for Joy are truly a joy! I couldn't recommend them more for being brilliant photographers and brilliant people. X

Review of Two for Joy Photography Ltd  by Rhiannon Lewis
5 Rhiannon Lewis

Two for joy make whoever they shoot feel totally relaxed and like a million dollars in front of the camera. Professional and really, really lovely. Highly recommended!

Review of Two for Joy Photography Ltd  by May Leonard
5 May Leonard

Meg is awesome and professional Photograher! She's very accommodating, helpful and friendly.Thank you every so much for my fab crochet products shots.Highly recommended. ^_^

Review of Two for Joy Photography Ltd  by Hannah Robinson
5 Hannah Robinson

Meg and Nikki took beautiful photos for our Autumn wedding at Heaton House Farm last year. Their relaxed approach meant we were relaxed too and we're thoroughly pleased with the end result! Thank you!

Review of Two for Joy Photography Ltd  by Lindsey Esposito
5 Lindsey Esposito

I got married in Italy, but when my husband and I came back here, we put on our wedding outfits again and Meg took some photos of us up Eccles Pike in Chapel-en-le-Frith. She was amazing and the photos were fantastic. A highly recommended photographer!

Review of Two for Joy Photography Ltd  by Rachel Hobson
5 Rachel Hobson

Stunning photos of my second baby boy when he was only a couple of weeks old.
Meg captured some beautiful memories to look back on and I wish I had known her when I had my first little boy to have done the same.
Thoroughly enjoyed our photo shoot and felt relaxed with such lovely, professional ladies - highly recommended.

Review of Two for Joy Photography Ltd  by Helen Carey
5 Helen Carey

I've had some really gorgeous results from shoots with Two For Joy - both were fashion stories - one for my own small clothing collection and a lovely catalog for White Stuff. very professional - if you manage to book them you will be very lucky!

Review of Two for Joy Photography Ltd  by Amy Twigger Holroyd
5 Amy Twigger Holroyd

I have worked with Meg on many photo shoots for my knitwear label, Keep & Share. Each one was a fantastic collaborative experience and produced amazing fashion photographs. Meg is not only great at the technical and creative aspects of photography, but also - crucially - putting people at ease. Highly recommended!

Review of Two for Joy Photography Ltd  by Carys McKinnell
5 Carys McKinnell

We had a great morning with our family having family photos with Meg and Nicky at our family home. They made us feel vey at ease and made for a very enjoyable morning. Thank you! We can't wait to see the photos.

Review of Two for Joy Photography Ltd  by Catharine Thomas
5 Catharine Thomas

My one year old daughters birthday gift from a very good friend was 'memories'. To achieve this she asked Nikki Griffiths to come and capture my daughters first birthday. I didn't want contrived photos however as an unmarried women (sin noted) I had never had the chance to capture formal family photos for future reflection. Nikki came to my house and worked with the family ('worked with' includes the terms: tolerated, managed a bunch of unorganized buffoons, engaged wild children, did not 'notice' the historic gatherings under my coffee table when she moved it, kept relaxed and in the periphery and issued no non verbal communication that insinuated GET ME OUT OF HERE - these are but a few!). The team followed the family to the venue and as requested captured real time emotions and situations as well as formally arranged photographs. The event was not at all dictated by the photography team and indeed they were fantastic at taking initiative with ideas for captures whilst honoring the emotion of the celebration. We received a data stick with all the photo on for our own repeated use. My friend who bought this as a present printed some of the pictures and popped them into an album. The quality of the printed pictures ( self service printer) were exceptional. Please note that credibility is due to the photographers. Highly recommend this service. Oh and on a social note..they clearly demonstrate emotional intelligence, life skills and would fit into absolutely any situation appropriately.

Review of Two for Joy Photography Ltd  by Alison Appleby
5 Alison Appleby

We recently used Meg and nikki for my daughters prom pictures and some of my beautiful family I'm so happy with my photos and will definitely recommend them . Thank you to them both for a fantastic service x

Review of Two for Joy Photography Ltd  by Hannah Manford
5 Hannah Manford

Wow!!!! Just can't put into words just how happy.lovely girls , and make you feel so relaxed....even down to nikki painting my nails on my wedding day and making me a brew to relax me....amazing service, pictures, price , EVERYTHING!!Thank you meg and nikki for making my day so special and amazing.I will never forget my wedding day because of you two .love Mr and Mrs and manford xnx

Review of Two for Joy Photography Ltd  by Emma Scorer
5 Emma Scorer

Never before have I felt so relaxed when someone was taking pictures of me. We wanted quite natural wedding pictures and no many posed ones. I felt listened to and didn't feel like Meg was taking over at anytime, in fact she was so discreet i didnt even notice she was there half the time. The photos are simply amazing, she managed to capture wonderful moment not only between my husband and I but also our wedding guests and I will treasure them always. If your looking for wedding photographers look no further than Two for Joy.

Review of Two for Joy Photography Ltd  by Christina Spencer
5 Christina Spencer

My thoughts on Two for Joy Photography...a joy!
(Corny I know!)

The first time I used them I gave them two tired and apprehensive children and myself, a photographic wallflower; they gave me a wonderful photo book of my pregnant self and two beautiful and amazingly what looked like happy children taken on a sunny afternoon in the garden.

The second time I used them, I gave them one very tired child, one shy child and thankfully one happy child, oh and a very rainy day, but I wanted pictures taken outside as a continuation of the first photo book - one that would capture the progress of our family. They gave me pictures of my children that are happy, thoughtful, playful, real and vibrant on such a rainy day.

Niki and Meg are brilliant company and are masters at making you feel relaxed and comfortable, they truly bring out the best in people and capture it. They can produce a package to suit your brief and budget, they are outstanding!

Review of Two for Joy Photography Ltd  by Fiona Endley
5 Fiona Endley

We recently used Meg and Nikki for our wedding photos. From our first meeting to discuss what we wanted to the wedding day they made us feel relaxed and confident that we would get the photos we wanted. They have captured the relaxed atmosphere of the day and we have some beautiful photos that we will treasure. They are two great photographers who as a bonus are lovely people. I can't recommend them enough, book them now.

Review of Two for Joy Photography Ltd  by Jen Lewis
5 Jen Lewis

We cannot recommend Two for Joy enough! Within a few minutes of meeting Nix and Meg we felt like we'd known them for ages and they completely 'got' who we were, and what we wanted. Nix was our photographer on the day and was that rare mix of friendly, funny, laid back yet incredibly professional that meant that she got the most amazing shots without us even realising that she was taking photos most of the time, it was all so relaxed and natural. I don't think we could have asked for a better person to be such a big part of our wedding - thank you! x

Review of Two for Joy Photography Ltd  by Nicki Butterworth
5 Nicki Butterworth

We decided on Two For Joy as our wedding photographers as Meg had previously taken some beautiful pictures of my daughter when she was a baby, a few years ago. After meeting Nikki we knew they were both perfect for our wedding day.
Meg and Nikki are so easy to get along with and I had complete confidence in their ability that we would end up with some amazing photos of our wedding. We felt like we just had some addittional guests at our wedding; they made everyone feel at ease and relaxed, which is what we were after for our day.
I would highly recommend! Xx

Review of Two for Joy Photography Ltd  by Pat Cooper
5 Pat Cooper

Two for joy photographed my brother in law's wedding and did an amazing job. Fantastic girls and great photos. As a wedding photographer myself I was very impressed x

Review of Two for Joy Photography Ltd  by Corey McVann
5 Corey McVann

Fantastic shots from an amazing team. I can't recommend them highly enough. They bring the best out of their subjects and create photos to remember forever. Thanks.

Review of Two for Joy Photography Ltd  by Lucy Barford
5 Lucy Barford

Can’t recommend these two amazing ladies enough! They go above and beyond (even in freezing temperatures!) to get the best shots and were a pleasure to have with us, sharing and capturing our day and making everyone feel so at ease! We can’t thank you enough!

Two for Joy Photography Ltd

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Two for Joy Photography Ltd  Q&A

Company Q&A

What’s the secret to taking a great photograph?

Having two photographers at each wedding is essential. . . . ensuring that we cover the formal shots and the candid, catching those moments that we feel truly reflect the essence of your special day.... the best pics are those that people don't know we are taking!

What questions might you ask a client when starting a new project?

In no particular order...
1. Tell me about yourself, where did you meet, what do you enjoy doing together? What music are you into? etc
2. Why did you choose us?
3. What style of photography do you like and why?
4. What’s your budget?
5. Is it a formal or informal do?
6. What list of formal shots would you like?
7. What are your estimated timelines for the day?
8. Where’s your location / venu and what’s it like? Discuss ideas for the day.
9. Are you and your partner comfortable in front of the camera?
10. How long have do you want to put aside on the day for formal shots and shots of you two?
11. What is your budget?
12. How many guests do you have (am and pm)?
13. What are your ‘must have’ shots?
14. Who is your wrangler on the day.. to help with formal shots?
15. Are you providing your guests with a hashtag for social media? If so what is it?
16. Is there anything we need to know about guests?
17. What is the colour theme?
18. Where did you hear about us?
19. Do you want an album/prints how do you want your images? UBS, link to download etc
20. Are you ok with us using your images for our promo stuff?

What do you love most about your job?

We love the Fast Paced Baptism of Fire
Weddings are amazing events to get to shoot. You just couldn't get bored, since there’s always something happening, and each one unique. Not only do they take place in beautiful locations, but they are also full of genuine emotion. We get to spend our day capturing happiness, laughter, joy, anticipation, excitement, and maybe even some sadness. Weddings are so jam packed with photographic opportunities it makes our heads spin.
We feel passionate about telling your Story
We love the opportunity to tell a story through our images of characters, scenes, action, emotion, and even themes we capture to record to be treasured forever.
Being Creative
Wedding photography rewards our creativity. We can just go with whatever inspires us on the day. This sort of freedom is just what we as artists need to really let ourselves go to explore and create something original for you.

What inspired you to start your own business?

see our blogs

Why should our clients choose you?

We have a proven track record.
You get two for the price of one... with two photographers ....formal and candid we've got it covered.
We are hopeless romantics with a background in fashion and fine art ....resulting in the perfect wedding photographer combo.

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Wedding Commercial Portrait Bumps and Babies Albums Memory Books Prints


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