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Allison Silver

28 February 2019

Beth is extremely talented and knowledgeable. I left Twisted Roots feeling rejuvenated with noticeable improvement to my constant neck pain. Not only is Beth wonderful, but the space is calming and welcoming. I am counting the day until my next appointment. More...


Kathryn Stensby

28 February 2019

I've been visiting Beth for about the last year or so, mostly for facial cupping, and also for massage. I originally was looking for an LMT in the downtown area (close to work) who offers cupping, and am so happy that I found Beth! I look forward to my monthly sessions, and often am so relaxed that I fall asleep. Even when I don't fall asleep, the conversation is also great! Beth has an infrared heating pad that we use during the sessions, and it does wonders on back pain, plus makes you feel like you're floating on a cloud. If you're looking for top-notch service in a relaxing environment, do not hesitate to make an appointment with Beth. More...


Rebecca Brumfield

29 January 2019

Twisted roots is such an incredible retreat Tucked away in downtown Chicago to get away from all the city bustle and into relaxation mode! I highly recommend you try the Cleopatra treatment and fire cupping therapy! More...


Rebecca Joann B.

5 January 2019

Twisted roots is such an incredible retreat tucked away in downtown Chicago! When you want to get away from all the city bustle and into relaxation mode, definitely give Beth a call. No other bodywork can compare when you need some well "kneaded" TLC! I highly recommend you try the Cleopatra treatment and fire cupping therapy! More...


Erin Doran

30 December 2018

Beth is truly a gem! Her space, her calming presence, and her skill created the perfect relaxation experience.


Sheila Rosenmayer

30 November 2018

Reader: you have found the best bodywork therapist in Chicago. Don't hesitate to make an appointment. Beth's work is EXCELLENT. Her studio is lovely and her rates are reasonable. I've become a regular client! More...


Erik Schuster

31 October 2018

A wonderful overall experience with Beth. The ambiance was very relaxing and the massage exceeded expectations. Beth always made sure I felt comfortable, gave a thorough assessment afterward and recommendations for maintenance therapy. Can't wait to come back!


dan cohen

1 September 2018

I'm a big fan of Beth's. She's passionate about her work and I always leave my sessions feeling like she really paid attention to my body. Whether I'm trying to work out a physical issue or deal with something more holistically, Beth is always able to work it out for me - and guide me when necessary. Her studio is comfortable and she's always experimenting with new equipment, techniques, oils, etc to deliver the best experience she can. I've been seeing Beth for close to a year and look forward to each session as she's become an essential part of my self care process. More...


Annick Burke

29 May 2018

I contacted Beth about coaching because of a business idea that was bringing me a lot of stress. Within minutes of our session I was feeling more relaxed and actually getting excited about this new venture. She is very focused and organized which helps the process greatly, especially when clarity was what I was needing. She is also very supportive and nurturing while gently pushing me to go for what I want. I can't wait to work with her more. More...


Wendy InMotion

29 May 2018

I love Beth! Her studio is warm, inviting and relaxing. I've gone in with some serious hip and lower back pain. Every time I walk out feeling 100% better. She's passionate about her work and you can tell. I recommend her to everyone! More...


Lacivia Darling

27 September 2017

When in Chicago or just visiting, Beth is who you need to See! Convenient location that's beautiful and inviting. Her skills are bar non!!


Alyse Nelson

27 September 2017

If you are looking for the Ultimate in relaxation in the Chicago area, look no further than Beth. She has some magical techniques that melt away any shred of stress or tension you are experiencing. She's also a super cool woman and I wish she were my best friend (as long as she would still massage me). Check out her Thai Foot Treatment, cupping, and yummy facial massage for pure bliss! More...


Annie P.

22 August 2017

Had such a positive experience at my integrated session. Beth just made me feel so relaxed and comfortable and after just 1 session, left with fewer aches and pains. Booked a fire cupping for in 3 weeks as recommended by Beth. Says that's about the least for me to let my cupping marks heal. Used the SpotHero app, found a coupon code and ended up paying only 3 dollars for parking at Grant Park North Parking Garage which is right around the corner. Overall great experience. More...


Susan Garvey

29 May 2017

Beth was a very careful listener and explained her decisions as to how she planned to treat me so I would understand. She seemed to zero right in on my most needed areas. I left feeling great, in fact better than I had in a very long time. The location is great for downtown people and the environment was soothing and appropriate for what she does. The massage table warmer was a bonus! More...


Stacey R.

28 April 2017

I get Reiki Massage from Beth and she does a beautiful job of getting me back in balance. I feel taken care of from the moment I walk in the door, to the moment I (often reluctantly) leave.


Deborah Hannes

3 April 2017

If you are looking for the perfect getaway, this is it. One hour of Beth's expertise to heal your body and mind -- beats the hassle of getting to the beach. Run, as fast as you can, to this nirvana. More...


Madeleine Hannes

30 March 2017

Beth is wonderful at what she does and a truly fabulous person as well! I had never had a massage before, nor made much of an effort to routinely spend much time on self-care, but Beth's skills and her warm, welcoming personality have made me look forward to our monthly sessions with glee! I usually go for an hour over my lunch (love that she's just 3 blocks from my Loop office!), and feel completely rejuvenated after every appointment. I like having integrated sessions because I get to experience a bit of everything--cupping, reflexology, cranialsacral, Beth truly does it all! The atmosphere in her studio is so tranquil, and Beth makes me feel completely at ease, whether we're chatting about life, or I'm deep into a Zen haze due to her marvelous skills. Seriously, look no further for a massage; Beth is your lady. More...


Michelle Vos

23 March 2017

Beth is a master practitioner of both the science and art of massage therapy! Beth is able to do more for my mental health in one session than what 15 years of talk therapy was able to achieve. She is amazing at what she does and is an incredible human being. More...


Egle M.

18 August 2015

Great location & very relaxing. Super cute space. Love the twinkling lights overhead in the hallway. Beth is all smiles. Made me feel comfy & the stresses of the day melted away. My complaints were all addressed & relieved. Can't wait for my next massage! More...


Margaret W.

13 January 2014

Beth is very knowledgeable and explains the techniques and terminology to people like myself, that don't know the difference between techniques and philosophies like cupping and reiki  and muscles like the soleus and glutes. You can tell that she really enjoys this work and helping people. More...


S K.

7 January 2013

My wife stands on her feet for 12 hours a day.She found it incredibly relaxing and would be glad to recommend it to any one.