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Tutu's Pantry

Kīhei, Hawaii


Tutu's Pantry

Kīhei, Hawaii


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Marianne Bachofen

15 August 2019

Wir waren zuerst im winzigen Laden, wo die Produkte in kleinen Grössen verkauft werden, so kann man sie problemlos im Handgepäck ins Flugzeug mitnehmen. Ellie gab uns diverse Produkte zum probieren. Alles sehr lecker. Sehr sympathische Bedienung und tolle Produkte zum Verschenken oder selber behalten. Der grössere Laden ist etwas weiter hinten. More...



12 August 2019

Best snacks on Maui!!!  Great island coffee, macadamia nut butter, coconut snacks, and a lot more.  We love this place.


Deb Wojcik

7 May 2019

Tutu's Pantry is a charming place to acquire many "made in Maui" products, nicely displayed, for yourself or for gifts. They range from coffees and teas to chocolate and now venturing into CBD oil, and various other things. Pricey? Yes. Could you get all of these things elsewhere for less money? Yes, but not in the same place and not so attractively packaged, and through the years I have come to put a high price on my own time, especially when shopping on vacation. The stores are charming, the staff is knowledgeable and cordial, and this is a place where you can find great stuff to take home. More...


Claudia Pace

7 January 2019

Very nice customer service, excellent natural products from Hawaii. I loved.


Yuli L.

13 December 2018

The shop keeper kept feeding us free samples and everything was surprisingly good AND made in Maui. As a result, we got a bunch of stuff. I got some sweet coconut chips, pineapple gummies and coconut cane sugar candies. My bf went to town and bought some expensive Hana chocolates bars, macadamia brittle and passion fruit & pineapple butter. Later we saw the same items for sale in the airport for a lot more $. So I'd say it's a good spot to get some local yummies! More...


Annalisha M.

29 September 2018

Omg you guys! You have to check this place out. I had the pleasure of meeting the owner when I came to visit Tutu's for the first time. She gave us the run down on her store. Every thing we sampled, we pretty much bought. She buys the best of the best for her pantry. We also received 10% of everything we bought, that was a pleasant surprise. If you want a taste of Maui you definitely have to come here! We will be back for sure! More...


Linda Wyatt

7 September 2018

Lots of samples of fantastic local goodies!


Matthew H

7 June 2018

Awesome shop, super knowledgeable owner! Great selection.... delicious stuff!


scott taylor

7 June 2018

One of my favorite places to shop in Kihei! Tutu’s has the best selection of just about everything your craving so definitely check them out inside Kalama Village Marketplace!


Michelle P.

21 May 2018

This is a small, open air type of store. You will find lots of goods here. You can sample most of the goods here. My favorite is the Iilikoi butter...melts right in yo mouth!! A bit overpriced but hey what can you expect...it's a touristy spot! More...


Barron C.

16 May 2018

Expensive, but they let you try everything. Ellie helped us out and was especially kind. Her extensive knowledge about all of the products made us feel like we were buy.


John P.

21 February 2018

Excellent pantry full of local foods & goods. Purchased some Hana Gold while we were there on vacation and now that I'm back home, needed more! Linda was very helpful and accommodating, and sent my order packaged beautifully! More...


Iosefo O.

11 February 2018

I've been ordering products from Tutus for about year and a half now, have never had any mishaps. The service and seasonings are on point ! Frequently brag about the Herb Seasoning, that is bomb  on just about any meat, especially ribeye  !!Don't be turned off by one customers bad experience! Tutu's ships  right to my doorstep here in Cali my Go-To-Spot for all my Barbeque seasonings. Nobody got it like Tutu's!!!Talofa More...


Chris D.

6 February 2018

I ordered their chocolate "donkey balls" a few weeks back and still had not received my product over a week after the expected arrival date.  When I reached out to their customer service team, not only did they apologize for the delay, but they sent a full refund, AND a hand written apology note along with the chocolates.  In a world where customer service seems to be diminishing, Tutus Pantry is incredible.  They have made me a customer for life. More...


Laurene A.

1 October 2017

The best selection of sauces, coffees, and local snacks that Maui has to offer! The staff is super helpful and can tell you about anything on the shelf. Great place for local gifts.


Masao F.

4 September 2017

The best lilikoi butter in the world, I'm going back to get a case. The seasonings are really good too. They also sell amazing gift baskets.


Claudia A.

3 August 2017

We discovered Tutu's in a gift basket and have been hooked since! Everyone that tastes our BBQ wants to know what we use. My husband always has a bottle of the smoked salt & seasoning around to give away. The papaya Vinagrette is delightful. I can go on and on. I salute Ellie for running this charming small business with exemplary customer service. Love it! More...


Joshua-Luke O'Connor

7 June 2017

Amazing products and very friendly service. We got to sample all kinds of goodies. Great atmosphere. Not pushy at all as shops like this are.


Eleanor C. Sayson

7 June 2017

Local epicurean goodies! Very helpful staff. Wish I could have brought more stuff home!


Scott Knibbs

7 June 2017

Great products. We really enjoy a number of their sauces.


Feny Johanes

7 June 2017

Ask for some taste. Excellent service and great products. Couldn't wait to eat fish with some mango butter.


Z B.

14 May 2017

We love going to Tutu's pantry to find goodies to take back to our family and friends on the mainland, and even goodies for our own consumption.Their shipping services are awesome and very affordable, last Christmas we had several gifts sent and all items arrived as expected.  The staff is wonderful and knows how to make great recommendations. They provide samples on many items so you can feel confident in your purchasing decisions. Definitely check it out! More...


Jenny S.

11 May 2017

Love Tutu's Pantry. They have amazing smoked salts, spices and butters. Easy to place online orders. I'll keep going back for more.


Luis R.

11 May 2017

If you're looking for any jelly, jam, seasoning sauce or anything like that you should visit this place, the owner makes the great commitment to see you satisfied. My family and I are in love with the Lilikoi butter (is to die for) Great costumer service and they even ship any order no matter how small or big. More...


Zayne W.

28 September 2016

We went to Tutu's to pick up some local Hawaiian items to take home to our family. Tutu was extremely friendly and helpful. She talked about all the items and helped pick out items after we mentioned what we were looking for. She let us try at least 10 different items to make sure we liked them before buying them. She also talked to us about things to see and do while in Maui. Anyone looking to pick up some local Maui and other Hawaiian island goodies should definitely stop by Tutu's Pantry. More...


Desiree W.

28 September 2016

Can I just say I love Tutu's?!!! I prefer bringing home local food over cheesy souvenirs and this place has the best selection. No need to drive to 4838484 different stores to find the perfect products to bring home to your family & friends or even just yourself. I loved that I was able to sample so much stuff before making my final selection. Not only are the products are perfect but the customer service was above & beyond! Thank you so much! More...


Mikey C.

26 March 2016

What a delightful place to visit!  It was just as difficult to find as expected, but that just made it all the rewarding when we did finally find it. LOL.  The customer service here is exemplary.  We knew from Yelp reviews that the store ships USPS, so we ordered gifts and had them shipped back to the mainland rather than try to bring them on the plane.  Instead of waiting, the clerk immediately packed up our purchases so they would go out today.  Very impressive customer service.  Friendly, knowledgable and efficient. Consequently, I happily ended up buying way more than I intended to.  Mikey C says: if you get lost, don't give up! This place is totally worth the search. More...


Melissa E.

23 February 2016

LOVE LOVE LOVE Tutus pantry! It is my go to for local seasonings, jams, hot sauces and more. Plus, free shipping to mainland when I buy gifts for friends and family back home. I can even bring the card I want to send with the gift and they stick it right in there. So much easier than having to ship myself. More...


William B.

8 January 2016

The one other place worth shopping in this complex, so far as I can tell. They specialize in food, and lots of it is schlock but they'll let you taste things and may I recommend the coconut peanut butter and the passionfruit puree?And (looking at the other reviews) obviously be aware of airport rules and think about that in advance. More...


Keke J.

10 November 2015

All I. Can say u the coconut peanut butter wll draw you in and the rest of the goodies will make you eat more!!! So  delicious made maui treats . You couldn't ask for more. Five stars! !!! More...


Bob Smith

7 June 2015

Hole in the wall, and delicious! One of the first local restaurants that was worth the trip. Reasonably priced and with a massive menu it's sure to please anyone.


Vivian L.

4 January 2015

I found this place while walking around the market one day. It was a great find! It's not a big place but it's filled with lots of yummy goodies. I tried to behave myself since my luggage was close to 50 pounds already so I just bought a jar of lavender honey. Brett was working that day and he was really knowledgeable and helpful. He let me try a couple different types of honey and then I was able to make my decision. Mahalo! More...


Pauline M.

20 May 2014

Everything is delicious.  I've been using their Macadamian nut panko on chilean seabass and their coconut syrup is addictive!  Love the assortment of macadamian nuts, jellies and sugared coconut candy.  This is a great place for authentic locally made products and lets us take a taste of Maui home with us. More...


Carol C.

12 March 2014

Tutu's Pantry was not on my list of to go places; however, a very colorful advertisement in the Kihei to Ma'alaea Dining & Shopping Magazine aroused my curiosity and was beckoning me to ask my honey-do if he wanted to come along with me to do some shopping.  "Goodies made in Hawaii with Aloha", especially the seasonings, jams & butters, coffee, tea & honey, fudges, cookies, candy, etc. were things I just could not avoid.  My honey-do saw something he liked, too...Tutu's Katcha Fire Hot Sauce.We got a little twisted trying to find Tutu's, so we asked a few people standing around and they were helpful.  Tutu's is located in this big building with several kiosks selling a variety of products...clothing, jewelry, wall decor, etc.The lady working there was very nice and allowed me to sample some of the jams - guava and mango.  Both jams were delish, but the mango jam was a tad more flavorful.  I wanted to sample the lychee butter, but there wasn't an open jar of it for sampling.  I had to choose wisely as to what flavor jams and butters I wanted.  I knew buying the big jars would be a heavy load for me to pack in my luggage to head home to California.  I ended purchasing little 2 ounces jars of these flavors:  mango jam, lychee butter, upcountry strawberry butter and smoked Hawaiian salt and seasoning.  The seasoning is great to rub on chicken, pork, steak and ribs.  The jams and butters are great spread for toast, bagels, scones, muffins and biscuits.There were so many items I wanted to purchase, but the amount of space in our luggages would not have allowed it.  Thus, I will check their website and then order more of their products. More...


Grace C.

10 February 2014

LOVE their Island Butter!!!Bought a jar while vacationing and barely used it so I stuck it in my luggage and took it home :) It is awesome! Love it on english muffins and toast. I put that shit on everything!My in-laws are going to Maui in March, and I asked them to get me a few more jars. But they are available online for purchase. A++++++ More...


Becca P.

29 October 2013

I LOVED THIS PLACE! The prices are good and the lady owner was soooo sweet. She let us sample anything we wanted and we ended up buying a few different butters and coconut syrup! I have to say the Island Butter is my fave! It's a little hard to find but worth the time trying to find it in the marketplace! More...


Suzanne L.

13 September 2013

Great place!  The woman who worked here was very nice and like other reviewers said, gave us tons of samples!  We walked away with Island Butters, spicy jams and Maui Onion Dressing.  Great place to get souvenirs that are memorable and not cheesy. More...


Colleen B.

2 February 2013

Very tasty rubs, sauces, spices, etc. Lots of other nick knacks and locally-made food items. Store is a little hard to find, as it's a small unit/kiosky place within the mall. But the woman there was nice and attempted to give me directions to find the store over the phone. Worth the hunt; we were trying to find the Hawaiian bbq rub we'd previously bought at another (closed) location. Good stuff. More...


B L.

20 January 2013

After first looking up this place I thought it would be a big store. It's actually located in the open market, hidden from the street view. It is a quaint, little spot with walls covered with items ranging from flavored butters, to flavored curds, and barbecue sauces. Feeling a little overwhelmed, I asked for a recommendation and the owner immediately provided me with samples. The flavored butters were heaven in my mouth! I highly recommend the "Island Butter" and either the "Guava BBQ sauce" or "Pineapple BBQ sauce". If you are around Kihei, this is one destination you MUST hit. The owner was incredibly nice and embodied the true Aloha spirit. More...


Ashlee C.

15 October 2012

We loved Tutu's Pantry! It's a little hard to find as it's hidden in the Kihei marketplace, but it's worth the search. The owner was manning the store on our stop and really couldn't have been nicer. She let us try everything we wanted and was happy to give us lots of recommendations. Stashes of wheat thins were kept nearby for post-hot sauce sampling cool down. I thought everything here was priced really well - not too expensive at all especially when you consider it's authentic and local. We went a little crazy and bought about $250 worth of goodies, and some we shipped back to family (she can ship them flat rate for you which is awesome).The strawberry and lilikoi butters were the  bomb.com! Also, it sounds strange but the guava BBQ sauce was really amazing as well. You really can't go wrong here. The best part is that you can order everything online when you run out back home! More...


Dana S.

20 September 2012

The owner was very nice and had no problem giving us any sample we wanted to try. She even wrapped our purchases in bubble wrap for the journey home. Note that it is in a small mall with other small shops, and not visible from the street. More...


Marissa L.

18 September 2012

This place is really hard to find!  You have to know to look in the open-air tourist market area of Kihei (Kalama Village) by Kalama Park.   Based on the yelp reviews here I thought it was going to be a really large store with a lot of different items to sample.  But it is really a small booth with two sample stations (one which was not refilled for the course of the hour I was in the shopping plaza, so I only got to sample one thing.   The yelp review that says you can sample anything is wrong.)I bought three jars of Island Butter (it's like POG, but as a jam/butter!) for $27.  The sellers wrap the jars securely in bubble wrap for you and remind you to put it in your checked baggage, because if not then when you try and bring it through carry on TSA will make you donate it to the local food bank.Many of Tutu's Pantry's items for sale are manufactured on Maui by Jeff's Jams and Jellies, which also sells online (some items are cheaper than the items at Tutu's online store) at  jeffsjamsandjellies.com (So you mean to tell me that my jar of Island butter is not made by a small army of smiling Hawaiian grandmas like on the label, but by some guy named Jeff?) More...


Stacy O.

8 March 2012

A must must must see and taste! Yes that's right, free samples of some of the coolest local foods and the sweetest owner there to help you choose. She is even shipping our goodies home for us! Try the flavored butters, I am craving them as I type! A true favorite place of our trip by far. A little hard to find (it's a buried open air stall in the back of a market place) but really worth the minor trouble. More...


Laurie A.

16 February 2012

These products are amazing. I always buy a couple of jars of jam in the Kihei market. This time I got the island butter and the guava jam. They are both amazing, however I just can't get enough of the island butter. This is a must do when in Maui and great for gifts! More...


Sue S.

16 January 2012

I wanted to send a present to my friend who is staying in Kihei for her birthday. I used Yelp to check out local shops. I was facinated with what Tutu's has to offer and on a wim called them to ask if they could put a basket together for her. Erik answered my phone call and he was happy to help, above and beyond, all in the spirit of "Karma" he called it . Aloha spirit too, I like that he helped me surprise my friend when she arrives. More...


Tamara C.

26 December 2011

We all know that Grandmas always make the freaking yummiest stuff.  Hawaiians often call their Grandmas Tutu so it follows that at Tutu's Pantry you will find scrumptious stuff.My friend was lucky enough to go to Hawaii and she brought me a present, a jar of heaven on Earth; a jar of Island Butter from Tutu's Pantry.  Holy Gods!  This stuff is the most awesome thing that I have ever, ever, ever tasted.  Try it on pancakes.  Or just eat it out of the jar if you find yourself addicted and can't stop yourself...I will be ordering online and having this stuff shipped over.  Shipping costs be damned. More...


Kristen L.

30 August 2011

Must try samples. You can sample anything, just ask. But be warned because there's so many great items. You'll quickly have too many things you'll want to buy.The shop keeper was very friendly and encouraged us to try so many things. She's also a great sales person because once we tried them we wanted to buy it.Highly recommend the pineapple butter, mango chutney and coffee rub.They will ship to you in flat rate boxes and you can buy online.Doesn't get a 5th star because it's a little pricy, some of the items you can find cheaper at ABC Store or local grocery store. More...


Marcia K.

28 March 2011

What a wonderful shop.  You get to actually taste the items before buying them.  We met the owner in her first spot in Kehei about 3 months after she opened. She was so friendly  - and when we returned last November 2010, we were thrilled to see she opened another shop in Lahaina!  I just love stores with local items, and this is it!  Make sure you stock up on Maui Butter - YUMMY More...


Ben B.

30 September 2010

Fancy.  Fancy.  Fancy.Pricey.  Pricey.  Pricey.You'll find Tutu's amid a bunch of run-of-the-mill souvenir stands.  It's close to the road on the north side of the complex.  The storefront faces south.Tutu's has fruit butters and teas and coffees and oils and syrups and sauces and rubs.  Take your typical mainland condiments, infuse them with tropical fruits, jack up the price 200% and you've got Tutu's.  Definitely a must-stop place for anyone looking for fancy souvenirs for family and friends.Be aware that fudge is considered a gel by the TSA, thereby eliminating your ability to bring it back to the mainland.  What a bunch of jerks. More...


Karla K.

23 September 2010

I have to agree with the other posters that the butters are downright addictive. What has not been mentioned is the coconut candy!!! As I write this, I am finishing the 2nd pack. Panic sets in, as I have only one more left.need... to...order...quickly ! More...


Joyce L.

9 September 2010

Do you know how many times I came to this store during my one week stay?  4 times!!!  I know.  The first one was to try some of their stuff out, then the last 3 times were to buy stuff.  I kept thinking I bought enough but I felt that I didn't and then went back.  We ended up only saving the Maui Style Butter and Lillikoi Butter for us  and gave the rest away.  We finished the Lillikoi butter and is on our way to finish the Maui Style butter within a few days.  I called just now to place an order.  (I left a message for the owner to call me back.)My first visit, I went in to look and see what kind of products they had.  Then, I told my husband that I needed to go in and told him that we should try some things.  The owner's friend was there and answered all of our questions.  You can seriously try EVERYTHING they have in the store.  The lady was so nice and took her time explaining everything to us.  And she gave us recommendations as to what she thought we might like based on what we had previously tried.  And the owner came by and we chit chatted a little as well.  Over all, they were really nice and friendly.  They take their time with you so that you can choose what you like.  Each shipping box (medium size) will cost you $12, which will fit 6 butter bottles.  (I sure hope Ellie calls me back soon so that I can get my butter bread every morning..) More...


Joe C.

10 December 2009

Forget the ABC Store and Hilo Hattie, Tutu's offers real Hawaiian food from someone who cares.  Ellie was a great hostess, easy to find in Kihei International Market Place.  Thank you Ellie for some awesome gifts and very tasty homemade caramel! More...


Sandy P.

8 November 2009

Perhaps it was me, but I had a heck of a time finding affordable, locally-made gifts in Maui. A lot of the tourist-y shopping areas are full of products made in the Philippines, Taiwan, China... even Africa. The stores that specialize in Hawaiian-made products are pricey. I'm so glad I came across Tutu's Pantry. This is a small stall in one of the little market areas in Kihei. It's packed full of hundreds of different food products, and ALL of them are made in Hawaii (most with locally grown produce). Average prices ranged from $6-$15. The owner, whose name is Ellie (not Tutu, which I learned is a generic term of endearment for a grandmother or other elder - her website says she used it in reference to her own Tutu) is super friendly. We learned a little of her story, including the fact that her shop is just six months old - a fact that made her familiarity with and fondness for her products and the locals who made them that much more impressive. Ellie created a personalized shopping experience for my partner and me, getting a sense of our favorite Hawaiian flavors and providing us with numerous samples of products she believed would be to our liking (she has samples available for most of the products she carries). Common flavors were, of course, pineapple, coconut, guava, passion fruit (lilikoi), mango, papaya, macadamia nut, Hawaiian honey, kona coffee, maui onion, lavender, etc., and we focused in on the first three.Her selections were right on the mark, and we walked out with several jars of delicious fruit butters, preserves and syrups, as well as dried fruit. We could have also purchased cookies, chocolates and other candies, dry mixes, sauces, seasonings, local snacks, nuts, coffees and teas, but we only had so much room left in our suitcases. Don't let that stop YOU, though - Ellie offered us a flat rate shipping box (pretty decent size that would cost $10 to ship) and was willing to pack it for us in the store either for our own post office drop-off, or to take it there herself - whatever our preference. When we decided we'd just put it in our checked luggage, she taped down the lids and wrapped them in bubble wrap, and even gave us our purchases in a small hibiscus-print fabric bag in our choice of color. Now THAT'S what I call customer service. She even has recipes on her website, so now that I'm home I can turn my guava syrup into a guava vinaigrette! And when I told her how much I loved Haupia and how I wished I could make it easily at home, she referred me to Longs Drugstore for the dry mix (I bought 10 boxes, hehe).Of all our Maui shopping, Tutu's Pantry was probably our top pick, both in terms of the selection, the shopping experience and the purchased products. She takes orders from her website, which will come in handy for when we run out, or to give to others (because to be honest, even though I originally theoretically bought them for gifts, I'm pretty sure most of the products I bought from her store will never leave my home... oops?). More...