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Hi, although we offer a full range of building services on both small and large scale projects, we have not forgotten where our grass roots lie. We pride ourselves on being 'Community driven' in which we mean we give back to those who have helped us achieve.



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First of all due to new planning rules it is important to point out that planning permission is not usually required to convert your garage into additional living space for your home, providing the work is internal and does not involve enlarging the building, for example adding an additional level, be we can assist you with this so don't be worrying. Converting your garage can certainly increase your properties value by around 8-15% so can be a good investment. You should be looking at cost around £8-£15,000 depending on your spec.
So, is your garage suitable, well, again we can help here on a site visit, at no cost of course, but check if the walls and floor are stable, there is a watertight roof, and will the ceiling height is sufficient to leave around 2.2m to 2.4m of headroom after building up the floor by 15cm above external ground level?. Don't let all this daunt you, these are just measurements we work to, nothing is set in stone.
The important factor is We are here to help, advice is free, so just give us a call, we can have a coffee and discuss all your options.

Well, the biggest job is the one job most people overlook right from the start..what could this be??......Well most garage are no more than a large storage room, dads tools, gardening equipment, boxes upon boxes, dad's 'Bits and Bobs' that he's never going to use again!...basically everything but a car. So the first big job is finding a place for everything to go...
Then we are going to ensure the roof is water tight.
Next we will look at the floor, we will be building up a new floor to add a damp course and insulation and under floor heating if required. Now most garages are made up of single skin (One layer of brick) this won't pass any Building regulations, but we can get around this by adding a studded internal wall fully insulated. Building regulations require walls, windows, the floor and roof to be insulated to a certain level. It’s important to get this right — poorly done, it will result in a cold, damp room.
The garage door is going to be replaced with a new window which will need to me certain criteria ie: Providing a means of fire escape so side opening. If you live in a conservation area you might find that your local council want you to retain the original door. There are ways to do this, including building a false interior wall behind the doors which, ideally, will have glazed sections, and if we going to make the room a new kitchen for example, it's a great place to place the sink. Again, we can help with this.
Plumbing & Electrics what we call first fix will all take place during this stage to: If you're planning on installing a toilet or shower, double check the location of the existing water and soil pipes – doing so may help you keep garage conversion costs down, if you can put your fittings in a convenient place.
From here, so we have roof water tight, new windows, new floor, damp course electrics and plumbing first fix, so we will board all our internal walls and ceiling ready for plastering. Once plastered, depending on the use of the room, ie a new kitchen, bedroom with en-suite, then we will carry out the second fix on the plumbing and electrics complete any wood work so, new skirting and doors before finally decorating to your requirements and handing over your new luxury space, that was once dad's Bits and Bobs room but now a warm addition to the family home. Realistic time frame 2-3 weeks

Can I just start by saying, I am new to Bark,(June19) was recommended by a friend, and like any business we are willing to give it a try, Love the site set up, hence currently no recommendations but more than willing to pass on customer numbers for any reference of our work and quality. So, I started In July 2019 we would of been transforming peoples house into homes for 7 years, but our team come with over a 116 years combined experience and knowledge within the construction industry.

Each job is completely different from 30 days to 12 months, I think people can appreciate that changing faulty toilet inlet value (The bit that lets your water into the tank on the toilet known as the cistan ) will not come with the same guarantee has a major project or renovation.

Meeting new people everyday, and seeing the happiness of what can be a simple job to us, but a major worry and stress to them it brings. Each new client becomes an extension of our family

Like everyone, and am not here to lie, but financial freedom, but not only that, it was about making a change, hard to understand, but there are so many 'Cowboys' within the construction industry it's hard for people to know who to trust and when you see them doing such a bad job and charging extortionate prices it makes my blood boil!...more so with single parents and our elderly....don't get me started!

I always say, don't take our word, it's important people shop around so to speak, especial in today's climate. Any home improvement is a major Investment for any family so like a days shopping shop around, but I trust you will always end up back at the first one you started at!...haha. It's about trust, craftsmanship and a long term relationship with our clients. We say it has it is, we wont 'rip' anyone off and we never compromise on quality. We only leave a job when your happy.