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Our aim is to provide clients with a cost effective architectural services that enables them to improve their homes for greater use and enjoyment. With all our clients we start by identifying what are your aims and objects. We appreciate it is your home and the space in which you live, therefore we work with you to develop your ideas and turn them into a habitable space for you to enjoy.



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It's never straight forward being able to tell if your garage can be converted into a habitable space, as 80% of building fabric cannot be seen. First things to consider is how easy is it to improve the thermal resistance of your garage to meet current building regulations. Does converting your garage require planning permission or does it fall within permitted development. Then you need to consider how it will effect the existing utility services to and from your property. This is why we offer a free consultation service, so that we can provide you with advise early within your building project.

We would always advise clients to contact us for a no obligation consultation, so that we can advise them on the feasibility of their garage or loft conversion. As it's possible to convert nearly all garages and lofts, however as the scale of the works increase so does the costs. Please contact us as we offer an over the phone consultation that allows you to identify how feasible the conversion would be and we can provide approximate costs.

if you are considering a loft conversion, first thing to look for is whether there will be adequate head height once floor joists have been installed and roof timber upgraded. We would advise you measure the head height and subtract 300mm. If the height is still above 2100mm then your loft maybe suitable for conversion. Then you need to consider access to your loft, where would a new stairs be constructed.

One of things I love about my jobs is being able to take an existing building and convert it into a more usable space for the building owners enjoyment.

After working for two large organisations on big construction projects, I realised that I preferred working on residential properties. It also made me realise how many people have builders undertake works to their homes but do not have a defined brief or specification that the builder needs to undertake the works in accordance. This often resulting in cost increases or disputes between the client and the builder. That is why I started my own property consultancy to provide a service that not just produces drawings for clients but also a full specification, confirming materials, time scales etc. As this helps manage the project costs and durations for the client.

Through our own experiences, we appreciate that when all the work is done it is you that has to live with the end product and that is why we work with you to produce a design that meets your requirements. In away we draw your design whilst providing you with technical advise to meet all the necessary regulations.

We source trusted tradesman and woman that we have work with previously so that you have the reassurance they will deliver your requirements. Our aim is to manage the costs so that you are always informed of project costs and payment stages, helping you to manage you budget.

We here to take the stress out of your building project through managing effectively and most importantly through good communication.


We offer a full architectural services for homeowners wanting to extend and improve their home and built environment. Working with you to develop your ideas and objectives to make them a reality. We follow the Royal Institute of British Architects plan of works with all construction projects to provide you with structured staged services.