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Grantwood, Texas

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Grantwood, Texas


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D Lynn Ess

11 July 2019

Spider-Man came to my sons 3rd Birthday. He was so patient even with 10+ kids tugging and poking him on the head. My son loved him and ran from the other end of the house to the front door just to give Spider-Man a hug. My husband also very impressed!


Lynn C.

10 July 2019

Spider-Man came to my sons 3rd Birthday. He was so patient even with 10+ kids tugging and poking him on the head. My son loved him and ran from the other end of the house to the front door just to give Spider-Man a hug. My husband also very impressed! Thank you for making my sons birthday a party to remember not just for him but for all of our guests! More...


Brandi Hignite

7 June 2019

Ariel came to my daughters 5th Birthday party. She was amazing! She was so sweet & beautiful and never broke character! All the girls loved her and had so much fun! ❤️ Thank you Truly Enchanting Entertainment! More...


Briana Gutierrez Manzano

29 January 2019

Truly Enchanting Entertainment did an amazing job with my daughter's birthday party! The planning process was easy and Wonder Woman did an amazing job! She stayed in character the entire time and was so sweet and accommodating, especially with the attention span of four year olds! Thank you so much, a lot of our guests have commenting on how great the entertainment was for the kids and our daughter loved her party! More...


Deb Heaton

2 December 2018

Belle, Ariel and Cinderella came to my special needs young adult daughter’s 25th birthday party and it was the most magical day of her life! The princesses were 100% perfect with our friends - who are all still talking about the party! These princesses exuded pure love and joy and made every single moment absolutely wonderful for our party guests and the birthday girl! Thank you very much!!! More...


Victor Bonoan

24 November 2018

Just had Spidey at my son’s 4th Birthday party. The character was truly engaging, professional, and kind to my son and all of our guests. Thank you! Highly recommend.


Beth MacMaster Singer

27 October 2018

For my daughter’s 7th birthday we surprised her with a trip to Disney World. We had Ariel and Woody come to her birthday party tell her and her brothers what good kids they are and congratulated them with the trip. I will never forget the looks on their faces! Ariel and Woody did a great job getting all the kids rounded up and settled down. Ariel did a sing a long and gave my daughter and her friends make overs. Woody gave my boys a great pep talk on Disney’s rules (we wrote those for them ahead of time ;) and all 3 kids were presented with gifts! They even posed for pics with all the guests. Their costumes are spot on and beautifully made. They did a great job of staying in character too. They went above and beyond our expectations. I highly recommend this company. More...


Jessyka Moreno

23 September 2018

Thank you for everything you guys did yesterday my daughter was amazed seeing Moana and singing was her best part love everything!!!


Susan C Williams

2 September 2018

Truly Enchanting Entertainment offers high quality characters at a reasonable price! Having their characters at your next party or event will make it magical! My grandkids had the best time with the characters and we plan to use this company again on the future. More...


Fred Deusinger

2 September 2018

Great company! Authentic characters. My grandkids loved the characters at the party!


Orval Williams

2 September 2018

Best character company in Houston! My grandkids loved the characters. Very professional.


Ava Smith

10 June 2018

My now 3yo and I went to a trolls event at potteryland and she absolutely loved seeing Poppy so we thought she would love to see her again for her 3rd birthday party! She had such a great time dancing and singing with Poppy. Thank you so much for entertaining the kids! My daughter felt very special. More...


Zeeshan Sultanali

11 May 2018

Last minute dad things to do, and Cheryl and her staff saved the day for me! My daughter was in awwwweee along with her sister and classmates when Belle and Rapunzel decided to stop in and sing, dance, read a book and do a few other princess things!!! I support local and small businesses as much as I can, because I have one as well, and nothing better to me than that. Professional, fast response and great customer service all around! I will keep you as a contact and give out referrals! Thank you! More...


Ana Sáenz

6 May 2018

Great party! We had Darth Vader and a Storm Trooper and the kiddos had a blast. They were so excited the whole time. All the team was very sweet and patient with the kids. Excellent entertainers! Thanks a lot! More...


Alyssa Rangel-Rios

25 April 2018

We recently had my daughter's 2nd birthday and had the "TROLLS" come out (Poppy and Branch). At first she didn't take too well to the Trolls but Poppy & Branch were AMAZING with her. They were patient and so loving and sweet. The other kids LOVED the singing, dancing and getting to interact with the Trolls. The coordinator, I believe her name is Cheryl, was so sweet and made sure that I knew exactly what to expect and made me feel reassured that my daughter's party would be perfect and it was! I can just go on and on about how amazing the party was thanks to Poppy and Branch. My little one still asks for them. I HIGHLY recommend using them, we definitely will for her next birthday party. More...


KayCee Ragland

24 April 2018

We had Ana and Elsa come to our 3 year olds birthday party. I was VERY impressed at how they were able to keep all of the kids engaged the whole time. They had soooo much fun! They had a whole set of activities planned and they never once broke character. I highly recommend using them. More...


Ilinka Rodriguez Hollis

23 April 2018

Our 5 years old had a successful birthday party and her dream come true with the perfect, beautiful and entertainment Moana. G R A C I A S for your profesional job. More...


Christine Foote

25 March 2018

For my daughter’s 8th birthday we wanted to do something special for her, especially since her daddy recently deployed overseas. Yesterday, we had the honor to host Wonder Woman, my daughter’s all time favorite hero. I cannot say enough good things about this company. I was a little behind on booking (did I mention we have a new baby that has turned our life upside down-in a good way?) and Cheryl was more than understanding and accommodating to our situation. When Wonder Woman came to the door with her Royal Attendant, the joy and surprise on my daughter’s face from seeing the woman she emulates was priceless and brought tears to my eyes. Not only did Wonder Woman look the part, she was incredibly knowledgeable; easily answering any question this group of 8 year olds threw at her. I also loved the little touches they brought to the party. For instance, there were 5 girls and 1 boy at the party, and when it was time for arts and crafts, she had a special Batman bag for him. She also talked to my daughter about her daddy being overseas, telling her “of course I can help him” when she asked if Wonder Woman could help her daddy fight in the war-which I know gave her some peace of mind just thinking that a real super hero would help her dad. I am so happy we decided to do this for her; I cannot say thank you enough for the joy and wonder that was brought to the party and the memories that were made. To anyone out there looking to add a magical touch to their child’s birthday, this is the place to go! More...


Jessica Montalvo-Trevino

18 March 2018

We had a visit from Elsa for my daughters 1st Birthday today and it was an amazing experience. Truly talented and she was awesome with all the kids. Thank you � so much for making my daughters birthday special! � More...


Vanessa Aranda Rojas

2 March 2018

We had the PJ Mask attend our DD 3rd Birthday and she loved it! They know how to work with kids and came prepared with activities for the group. Although she was shy my DD did enjoy seeing Owlette and the rest of the PJ Masks at her party. I am glad that Cheryl was able to get everyone we needed for the party. More...


Mckenzie Anderson

3 February 2018

The woman that runs this business is the sweest and kindest woman i have ever had the pleasure to do business with. She talks to you about every step and is willing to work with you. I have planned for moana to be at the party and i cant wait! More...


Danni Perez

31 December 2017

Truly Enchanting made my daughter’s 3rd birthday EPIC! Having Elsa at her celebration was TRULY ENCHANTING! My daughter and our entire family and guests were star struck! Everyone had tears and chills as Elsa sang the songs with the girls. She did an amazing job; very sweet, professional, & patient. Thank you for making my daughter’s birthday so special! More...


Cailee Casey

4 December 2017

Truly Enchanting Entertainment was recently at a friend's b-day party and they did such a wonderful job. All the kids had a great time!


Lynsey MacDonald O'Neill

12 November 2017

We just had Moana at our daughters 6th birthday and it was absolutely perfect! Moana came in and the girls were in awe! She was so sweet to each and every guest, especially to the birthday girl. She held their attention so well! I was amazed. Thank you for making this day so special! More...


Ana Cecilia Hernandez-Carter

6 November 2017

They were very professional and prompt with their arrival. My son had a memory that I know will stick with him for years to come. Thanks for your services!


Ashley Limon

24 September 2017

Moana came to my daughter's birthday party yesterday and everyone enjoyed it! She was absolutely beautiful and kept the kids entertained the whole time she was there! It was super cute and I highly recommend Truly Enchanting Entertainment! Thanks again! More...


Nelly Garibay

5 August 2017

We had Moana come for my daughter's 3rd Birthday on July 29th. She was so great with all the kids! My daughter was so happy to have Moana at her party. Truly Enchanting is such a great company, they're characters are true professionals. Thank you so much for making my daughter's birthday AMAZING. More...


Kristin Munro Cooper

28 May 2017

We surprised our son to have Batman and Robin come to his 5th birthday party yesterday. My son is a huge fan of the duo and this made his birthday extra special. From booking to the end of the show, the process was flawless. Batman and Robin kept the kids entertained with superhero training, bean bag toss, pin the badge on Batman, and story time. Batman and Robin even sang Happy Birthday! We highly recommend booking a character with Truly Enchanting. More...


Melvin Wayne Cockrell III

20 April 2017

What a great day you made it for us. The Easter Bunny and staff made the egg hunt a great memory for everyone! We will certainly call on you again!


Jess Summer T Rdz

11 February 2017

Awesome most beautiful experience -- Beautiful princesses made it a wonderful and magical bday for my little niece it will definitely be an unforgettable one � thank you all � Many blessings xoxo��


Ke'ara Hunt

7 February 2017

I have worked with Truly Enchanting for multiple events at the Children's Museum of Houston and have received nothing but positive feedback from our visitors. Truly Enchanting provides excellent staff and talented actors for our Meet and Greet photo-opportunities! Every event is a blast working with this team! @cmhouston More...


Rocio Cantú

31 January 2017

We loved Cinderella she was amazing she looks just like a Princess, my 4 year old loved it CoronationDay, story time,singing,Dancing, can't wait to her next party...


Vivi Vazquez

22 January 2017

I am very glad I went with Truly Enchanting Entertainment. Everything went excellent at my daughter's bday party. The Snow Queen and The Little Mermaid showed up right on time and absolutely stunning.


Atra Joe-Rosette

24 October 2016

Awesome work! My granddaughter was excited and so were the kids! I was surprised that Princess Anna could sing! Will use services again. Very professional


Jennifer Waller

1 May 2016

Perfect addition to our birthday party. Highly recommended!!!


Brittany Johnson

8 February 2016

We went to the Sam Houston Race Park and all of the sudden my daughter sees the Frozen cast. She was so happy to see Elsa and couldn't wait to take a picture with her. The photographer there was very sweet and professional and got my daughter to smile very big. Very pleased with this company More...


Andrea Yu

16 January 2016

We had Captain America "drop in" and visit my 2 grandsons over the holidays as a surprise. It was not a party or anything. The young man did an outstanding job with the boys! Once they got over the initial shock of having Captain America at the front door, they had a blast! I would definitely recommend Truly Enchanting Entertainment! More...


Daisy Duke

13 December 2015

Thank you so much!!! The event at the Children's Museum of Houston was a success!!! Everyone had a great time. You all are so nice and friendly and very professional.


Kent Esmeralda Deusinger

16 November 2015

We had Truly Enchanting Entertainment at our daughter, Kendra's 6th B-Day party this weekend and they were great. Belle and Captain America joined the party and all the kids loved them both. Belle shared her story with the group and nobody could've ever thought they would all be so attentive to her and Captain America had games for them afterwards. I cannot thank them enough for adding the gift of Disney to Kendra's party. More...


Lauren Livingston

31 October 2015

Truly Enchanting Entertainment makes dreams come to life for children of ALL ages! I highly recommend for events, birthday parties, etc. A very polite staff and professional company. You won't find anyone better than T.E.E. More...


Stephanie Baker

12 October 2015

Characters are enthusiastic,, have beautiful costumes, and are so wonderful with children! They make your party an event your child will truly remember forever!


Sheena Thomas

11 October 2015

Truly enchanting entertainment is so professional and they were willing to accommodate the time change too. Big thank you to Olaf and Elsa who were very patient with a bunch of questions from 5 and 6 year olds .You'll made my lil girls dreams come true. Thank you More...


Andrea Cottrell Miller

20 September 2015

Thank you for two enchanting appearances at Kidville this weekend! Everything was perfect from the costumes to the singing. A magical time was had by all.


Brittany Dupont

8 August 2015

Truly enchanted entertainment is the absolute best company I have ever heard of!


Laura Goodwin

7 August 2015

Truly Enchanting Entertainment is awesome! They partnered with our church, Messiah Lutheran church on two of our family movie nights in July. Their characters were superbly dressed and authentic. They were charismatic and the children loved them. They believe in doing things with excellence. I would highly recommend them! More...


Faye A. Smith

3 August 2015

The kids loved the Minion! Thank you for making the birthday party so much fun!!


Dan Smith

2 August 2015

My Grandson and all of the kiddo's at his birthday party really were excited when the Minion showed up. Allowed for some great pics. Thank you Truly Enchanting Entertainment. More...


Laurel Hoffman

2 August 2015

LOVE THIS COMPANY!! Just had the minion from Truly Enchanting Entertainment at my sons 4th birthday party and its still all he is talking about! They were on time and very professional. Interacted with the kids wonderfully. I would absolutely use them again! Thank you again!!! More...


Patrick Hoffman

2 August 2015

Great company! Were on time and the costume looked awesome! Will use them in the future!

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