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Kyla Olson-Cook

Love it here! Have always had a great experience whether it’s a massage or fitness class.
So nice to have a place like this local �


Lynn Cole

Had 2 massages by 2 different therapists. Both were excellent. The staff are friendly and efficient. The facility is clean, warm and relaxing. Direct billing with no hassle. I am definitely going back in the new year. More...


Jf Allen

I've been going to True Touch for the past 2 years and couldn't imagine going anywhere else. Laura and her staff are top notch and truly care about their clients. Very knowledgable and professional. I highly recommend you try them. More...


Joyce MacLeod

My daughter and her family go to True Touch for their massages and have all said great things. I am from out of town but would love to come for a massage.


Ruth-Ann Stead

Just want to rave about Kell Mgell Hunter and True Touch Message in Leduc. Have been having severe foot pain they say prob plantar fasciitis. Tried a message for the first time. Kelly was very helpful including messaging my feet. Next day very little foot pain. Again today very little pain. Yayyyy jumping for joy. Thankyou Kelly!! More...


Makita Hormazabal

Brooke massaged my 10 yr old daughter who was having lower back pain, Brooke made her feel so comfortable, that we booked another appointment. Brooke knew how much pressure to apply making the massage a very positive experience. I highly recommend Brooke!! She is great massaging kids! Thank you Brooke� Namaste. More...


Ben Davies

Shout out to Sherry and True Touch Massage! I felt amazing after my 1hr massage with Sherry. Very calming, and professional. I will definitely be going back. They were able to fit me in the same day, and made me feel very welcome. More...


Allison Fiebich Ziegler

Best massage in town, especially if you can get in with Laura! It's a great well run family friendly place! Love the fitness classes a great workout and can bring my kids to them which is a super bonus!


Jesse Gardiner

A great location with simply the best staff and management. Between the knowledge base and skills of the staff, anything you may be experiencing can be dealt with.


Wendy Elefane

I have heard nothing but nice things about this place as many of my friends and family have been here. Breanne, the receptionist is a very friendly, welcoming person. The therapists, I have are very good. More...


Tracey Pidherney

I was a true touch massage yesterday, to get a one hour massage, that was my first time there and I found it to be fabulous service! I have four more booked and I can't wait to go!!!! More...


Kelly Beaton

I had been looking for a great massage therapist and after many tries, finally found one here! Kelly does an amazing job and tailors the massage to meet my current needs. The atmosphere upon entering is peaceful and welcoming and all the staff there have been incredibly friendly and helpful. We are luck to have such a place in Leduc � More...


Martina Steinhilber

What a great place with great hours to serve anyone's schedule. Jennifer is amazing there! You would not believe she is a student still. She has so much knowledge and loves to share it. She is professional and caring. Can't wait to go back next week. More...


Krista Regier

Laura and all her staff are always so warm and welcoming, and they genuinely care about making sure you receive the best treatment to suit your individual needs. They take the time to ensure the treatment will be beneficial and relaxing; the atmosphere in the rooms immediately makes you feel cozy and relaxed. More...


Sheila Bovaird

My children and I have been going to True Touch for two years now. We have tried many of the therapists there and they are all wonderful in their own ways ( whether you like deep or more light massage). My youngest is 7. I highly recommend you checking these ladies out for your kids as well. Warm, inviting atmosphere with friendly staff. More...


Jesse Loader

I highly recommend True Touch! I've been to several different massage therapists in Leduc and South Edmonton and haven't been able to find anyone that has left me wanting to come back. After a neck injury, I decided to try True Touch, and it was great! Not only did it immediately make my neck feel better but the staff were very friendly, the facility was clean and inviting, and it was easy to find parking even though Main Street was completely torn up! I will definitely be back to True Touch! More...


Curtis Crandlemire

I have been going to true touch for about three years now
It's a great atmosphere everyone is Soo happy cheery and ready to help
The woman are Soo good to handle what ales you ! Everytime I leave I couldn't feel better and all the woman are so helpful with stretches or what not to do In Between appointments
Both full time job and my side racing are very hard on the body and wouldn't go anywhere else
Thanks so much everyone at true touch


Renee Bunbury

Both my husband and I have been to True Touch for massage therapy. There are a large variety of massage therapists to choose from, with different treatment styles (deep tissue versus relaxation) so it is easy to find one that suits your needs. Would highly recommend!


Samantha Hogberg

I love True Touch, I've been going there since I was 17 weeks pregnant with my son... he will be turning three soon! Jamie is a master at working out your aches and discomforts! I have also started Zumba class with Candace! She keeps it high energy and fun! She helps you find the extra something within yourself to keep going as hard as you can When you're about to throw in the towel! So much fun!!! I wouldn't go anywhere else. � More...


Thomas Alan

I have had 2 appointments with
Edilene!!! :) . And she is an amazing deep tissue therapist with the ability to apply whatever pressure you need I have had a hard time finding somebody that can straighten out my sciatica nerves in both sides and tendons and fascial material and Edilene is the perfect lady for this she has helped me so much just in the last two appointments my pain is almost gone and rekindling my stretching abilities and range of motion over my whole body I am a truck driver and I am not in pain anymore. I recommend 100% to anybody that needs serious deep tissue work done on them or just a relaxing massage and she is a very very pleasant person to deal with!! More...

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