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Erin Ng

16 May 2019

I went to a Friday evening acro yoga class here and it was an amazing experience. We did handstand practice and all sorts of acro yoga poses and transitions. Being a visitor from out of town, I hadn't met any of the people there before (and never having tried acro), but Kimo and the other teachers are so knowledgeable and funny that it created such a welcoming environment. I highly recommend the acro yoga classes for anyone who has been wanting to try! 6pm on Fridays More...


Renee Kolleth

6 September 2018

Owner is super, super nice. He is very knowledgeable in body fitness, body mechanics, safe stretching and many more things. He positive attitude can be infectious. He is so nice and supportive, never too pushy. Gym is spotless. More...


Edward Maki-Schramm

6 June 2018

Great workouts with great trainers.


Jennifer Rohs

6 June 2018

The trainers are the best, especially Justin. They are very knowledgeable and all around great people, who create a low-pressure, fun (but still focused) atmosphere for working out. My favorite gym/studio I've been to, by far. More...


Jamie B

6 June 2016

Kimo is an amazing personal trainer to say the least. Not only is he incredibly skilled and knowledgeable, he is also very down to earth, fun and a great motivater. If you are looking to get in great shape, I 100% recommend choosing him to get you there. Very professional, clean facility, and also the best equipment to use! More...


Matthew Miller

6 June 2012

I have to recommend True Body Fitness in Detroit to anyone looking to get in shape with the help of a qualified personal trainer. Kimo is very easy to work with, but will still work you hard! He also just added some very nice equipment to make your workouts even better! More...