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Tru Foods provides a holistic approach to getting physically and mentally well in a step by step, doable and achievable fashion so that you can get the results you want. We offer for local clients, cooking classes, pantry makeovers, shopping outings, infrared sauna, therapeutic supplements and herbs.


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Monica Hedrick

29 May 2018

I listened to a talk that Karen did. She was very knowledgeable and helpful. Even though there was a lot of information in her talk and the resources she sent, she made it feel as though it wasn't overwhelming and reminded us to make one small change at a time.


Angelle Schott

29 May 2018

Karen was thorough and attentive. She listened and adjusted to my pace and current abilities. She is worth a visit - check her out.


Kim Wilson

29 May 2018

When Karen Brennan started working with my 17 year old son, we were at the end of our rope. My smart, happy, fun-loving son had in the period of about 18 months become riddled with Anxiety and Depression. He had always had ADHD but had been able to manage it without medication of any sort, when he hit a late puberty at 16 everything was thrown up in the air. He began to hate school and would crawl into bed for hours each day. Karen looked through all of his medial records (there were many), surveyed him separately and talked to him on the phone at length several times. He always felt comfortable speaking with her and luckily he realized how much he was struggling and was willing to accept the help. After much analysis Karen decided to remove dye from his diet as a first step. We went pretty much cold turkey and it was harder than I thought to figure out what he could eat. She was very helpful in showing me the things to look for on labels and it was shocking to see dye in so many products that I wouldn't have imagined would contain it - Life cereal comes to mind and my son lived on that eating several bowls each day. In addition, there was actually dye in the anti-depressant he was taking. The biggest change we saw was in his mood and energy level. With in 4 or 5 days of eliminating dyes, he no longer was crawling into bed any chance he got. He felt mentally clearer and overall just felt more healthy and happy. It was noticeable to our whole family and to him. There was considerably less agitation and anger, and he was joking around and smiling more. He is now 18 and is trying to stick to the dye free diet. It is not easy for a teenager, he has fallen off a few times and it is always noticeable. I can tell at this point if he has had dye and he can too - it is enough that he is able to self correct before he starts feeling too badly. Karen and TruFoods did a great job of narrowing down the potential problem AND being realistic about working with a teenager. I really appreciated her depth of knowledge and insights into how nutrition feeds into everything about our bodies. More...


Benjamin Evans

29 May 2017

High school is a difficult task by itself, and when millennials attempt their hand at a balanced lifestyle, it requires help! TruFoods did just that, and more with Karen Brennan.As they walked me through every impeccable step of my diet and wellness. There really only is one way to ensure a balanced and healthy life.Learn what it is like to take care of yourself, for YOURSELF, once and for all! Thank you again Tru Food! More...


joe stef

29 May 2017



Jean Sweeney

29 May 2017

I would highly recommend Karen! I was having digestion problems and felt depressed and sluggish. Karen took a thorough history recommended the right diet and supplements and I am feeling like a completely different person! I have energy and no more depression. Give yourself this gift of health! More...


The Pretty Jam Nerdy Show

29 May 2017

I purchased Karen's custom blended teas, one for upset stomachs and the other for calming. The tea blends are fresh and delicious and really work. Karen also has wonderful blogs on her website with easy, healthy recipes (I highly recommend the after school/after workout snack bars.) I've learned so much about nutrition and health from Karen from her book and her live education talks. She's well versed in healthy eating, how foods and proper nutrition can help to reduce anxiety and stress. More...


Rich B

29 May 2017

Karen knows what she is talking about. Sometimes when I received recommendations from others they were hard to stick to or understand. Not with Karen and Tru Foods Nutrition. Karen takes the time to understand and recommend courses of action that fit your lifestyle. I cannot recommend her highly enough. More...


A good diet can give you energy, a positive outlook, motivation and make you feel great on the inside and outside. A poor diet can do just the opposite-you feel tired, sluggish, not like yourself, no motivation, poor sleep, weight gain and so forth. You may spend hours working out at the gym and yet don't see results or cannot see the muscle you are building. This is because you need to add in the diet! Diet is critical if you want not only a long life, but a healthy and fulfilling one as well. Many people are not even aware of how great they can feel because they are so used to feeling anxious, depressed, fat, bloated and constipated. To them this is normal, but it is not normal!

Hearing from clients how good they feel, even after just making tiny changes and tweaks. It is amazing how small steps can have a huge impact! I also love the education piece of my job. I tell my clients, "I do not want you to have to see me forever". I want to give my clients the tools so that they can take care of their own bodies. The field of health and nutrition is constantly changing and there is always new research. I spend my early mornings reviewing new studies, health and nutrition news and research so that I always have the most up to date info in order to help my clients. I find this part of my day relaxing and exciting b/c I know I have the information and tools to help my clients.

My boys. My youngest was on antibiotics for three years straight for ear infections as a toddler. (This was before I knew of the harm I was doing to him and before I could do some research on the computer-didn't even know what the wide world web was back then). It developed into systemic yeast and the only thing that helped him was diet, supplements and herbs. The yeast impacted his behavior and moods and as we balanced the microbiome, his health and behavior improved. While this did have a big impact on me, it was not until my other son fell into a deep depression at age 15 that I decided to make a change. This was life or death and western medicine has very little to offer in the way of healing for mental health issues. This is what motivated me to return to school and to change careers. I only wanted to save my son. I am happy to say that he is doing awesome! I specialize in depression because I understand what it was like to go through with him and so many health practitioners do not address the underlying root causes of which there are many and they differ for each individual. ( I also address other health issues but it is rare to find a holistic nutritionist that specialized in depression and mental health) I want you and your family member to feel their best and this can only be done with someone who knows what to look for and takes time to listen to all your symptoms and asks the right questions.

If you are struggling with depression, other mental health issues, an autoimmune condition or just don't feel like your old self any longer, you should choose me b/c there are very few who do what I do with supplements, herbs, diet and testing. I take a great deal of time with you to listen to what is going on with you and spend time understanding the big picture and how past health can impact your current mood and physical health. I also explain everything to you in an understandable fashion and provide you with a detailed copy of my findings. You know your body best and it is important for you to have this information so that you understand what is going on with your body and why and the steps to take to make changes for the better.



As a nutritionist, I help you with an individualized plan to feel better fast! I have in house supplements and herbs and I also use an online apothecary for my distant clients. I do consults, but I also do cooking workshops, pantry makeovers, shopping outings and public speaking. We can either sit down together in person in my office or do a phone or online consult. Either way I will help you to achieve your goals and feel better. I do not give you some unrealistic plan. I get to know you so that I also know what will and wont work for you. Many others are not going to take the time to do this.

I sell in office for local clients and have an online apothecary for distant clients to use

I do one to one consults, but also work with parents of children and teens. I work with families as well if the whole family is looking to make health changes Gift certificates available for packages of three, four or more consults. Make this the last year someone needs to “worry” about their health.

There is so much confusion out there on what to eat, how to eat and when to eat. I break it all down, make it super simple for others to achieve their goals. I give presentations to local groups, gyms, schools, sport teams, etc...

Beyond the consults I offer services to help you get on track. Not sure what to buy at the grocery store, or what to toss/keep in the pantry? I assist with this as well as will do cooking with you so show you how to make it simple, tasty, yet very nutrient dense! Gift certificates available for pantry makeovers, educational shopping outing, cooking workshop- save money when you purchase more than one service.

After I do an intake with you, this gives me a better idea if you need testing and what testing. Often because I do such a detailed intake I can reduce your cost b/c I don't need to do certain testing b/c you have given me the information I need. However, there are times when testing is best and is helpful. I look over your basic blood work and go over it with you as holistic professionals look at blood work "differently" than a traditional western practitioner. But I do not diagnose, treat or cure! In addition to this, there are many testing companies I have access to for you. We may need to do further testing, for example for chronic digestive issues that are not resolved initially, for chronic fatigue, for difficulty losing weight, etc...I work with you and your budget so that you wont leave my office spending a great deal of your money. I do my best to keep your costs down.