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London, United Kingdom

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Trouver Partners

London, United Kingdom



Trouver Partners is a marketing professional within the Listed Corporate Bond arena across a variety of markets including Family Offices, Regulated Companies and Metal and Mining sectors.

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15 November 2019

Good stock listed options and professionalism- other companies could take learn a thing or two from them. Can get quite busy being honest but appear to value customers.

4 June 2019

Happy to advise recommendation.

6 January 2019

Top rating from the Brooks Family, sincerely- R.J.B.

30 December 2018

Our preferred vendor. Recommend.

10 December 2018

8.5/10 overall. (Could give higher but nothing and nobody is perfect!)

21 July 2018

Serious stroke of luck finding trouver when we did and everything worked as intended so happy to review and recommend.

25 June 2018

We've just moved here from back home States & it's been a godsend working with these guys on some ace ideas which even Lenita loved . .. after careful revision ;). Grateful for all your help going beyond the scope again & again sticking by us when i'm sure at points you were zonked & wanted to bail. Enjoy the wine :)) More...

1 June 2018

Trouver Partners do everything very clearly and mannerly with attentive about details and focus as per my requirements. So i will highly recommend it to anyone.

25 May 2018

correspondence and support very good. gentle suggestion of more eco and green products? premium bonds for years have been lifeless so hoping what we have found through twp does better

11 May 2018

Only one of the products suited me but it seems like a good shout and easy to deal with so we'll see!

11 May 2018

Great services provided by Trouver Partners , very easy to deal with and quick no messing about. Everything sorted within a day would highly recommend...

29 April 2018

overall good service

29 April 2018

Really nice guys and more importantly, solid introduction to some impressive bonds that otherwise would have most likely not come across

22 April 2018

They do not try to be something they are not but do what they do very well indeed I must say. Different to my Financial advisors but this is what I quite warm to. Honesty is everything in what can be a murky world and my wife and I have noted a number of times how agreeable the overall journey has been. More than happy to continue to recommend,as we have already to friends. More...

24 March 2018

My experience dealing with TWP was outstanding. As a first time bond investor I felt a little tentative, yet, with the reassurance and the correct level of guidance I felt confident that I could make an investment that I was comfortable with. High praise should be given to Daniel, who was knowledgeable and always available to advise when needed. I would be happy to use Trouver wealth partners again for future investment decisions. More...

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