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Alison Wood

9 July 2019

I recently finished the 6 week Freestyle Improvers course. The small group lessons were excellent and enjoyable. Before and after video analysis very useful. Specific things to work on every week and with one to one email advice if needed between lessons. Thank you Sorrel you made a big difference to my swimming! More...


Sarah Marsland Leach

2 July 2019

Really enjoyed the 3 week course. the group was really mixed but you didn't feel under pressure to go to far out of comfort zone.


Paul Gibbon

30 June 2019

Ive just finished the Freestyle Improvers course and can’t recommend it enough. The course covers everything you need to know and there’s no doubt I’m a much better swimmer than 6 weeks ago! Sorrel was a brilliant coach, offered expert advice and kept it light hearted! Great experience all round - now need to sign up for my next course! More...


Timothy Dry

30 June 2019

I took part in a GoTri event at Milton Park and must say it was excellent value and good fun too.


Helen Holden

30 June 2019

Great first timer experience. Everything well organised. Will definitely “Tri” another event with them. Relaxed atmosphere was great for beginners.


Nick Harrison

28 May 2019

I’ve just completed the pre-Blenheim open water course with Ali and the team and what a fantastic bunch they are. This is my first triathlon and while I have experience on the bike and with running, open water swimming is completely new to me. The course is well structured and accommodating and I’ve seen improvements in my technique week on week. I know I’ll feel more confident lining up in the water at the weekend. I’d highly recommend the course and will book others with them in future. Thanks again. More...


Jo Miller

22 May 2019

I can't quite believe how much guidance we had in 3 open water sessions. I was very unconfident in the water, and the tips and coaching have left me feeling confident and excited about my event!


Elaine Croft

1 May 2019

I cannot recommend TriSwim Coaching enough. Having had a terrible start to swimming lessons as a child I came back to swimming in my late 30s with a view to learning to swim properly and learning to ENJOY IT! I initially signed up for the beginners Freestyle 6 week course with PJ and she was incredible! Just the right level of fun and banter but also challenging and pushing us to get better and better each week. She was able to explain in easy to understand ways and use a variety of teaching approaches to really make the knowledge stick! From about half way through the beginners course I signed up for the improvers sessions with Annie starting straight afterwards and she too has been absolutely incredible! From the first session with the filming (using the underwater Go Pro camera) I have been able to build on PJs foundation and am now looking forward to getting out on the open water for yet another course!To say that I used to hate even doing 2 or 3 lengths of breastroke in my local pool before starting with TriSwim, the difference has been incredible!Thank you for all your input and see you at the lake! More...


rob hawthorne

1 May 2019

Milton Tri 28 April 2019.
Excellent event, well organised, good fun. will be back to do more


Clare Wilkinson

30 March 2019

Just finished doing the Freestyle Beginners Course with PJ. Absolutely recommend it, really supportive group environment and have learnt so much. Am moving onto the Freestyle Improver Course now and can't wait to build on the skills I have already learnt. More...


Alun Griffiths

30 March 2019

Just finished the beginners freestyle course. 6 weeks ago I could barely swim 25m freestyle without gasping for breath and now that seems like a breeze. There's a long way to go but I now have a solid foundation to (hopefully!) make further progress. PJ was a wonderfully patient, kind and supportive teacher so massive thanks to her. Would definitely recommend this course to anyone (at any age!) wanting to learn to swim freestyle More...


Gillian Rice

31 October 2018

Having competed in the 2017 ITU Age Group Standard Distance Triathlon World Championships in Rotterdam (age 60-64 female category) I decided to switch my focus to open water swim events for 2018. Annie created a personalised training plan which I followed for 5 months, and I found this structured approach to my training very useful. It helped me to improve my endurance so I could increase my competitive swim distance from 1.5 to 6km, and with Annie's encouragement I learned that I could turn my arms over faster which definitely improved my speed! The sessions in the training plan had plenty of variety and Annie was always very positive and responded quickly if I had any questions about the plan. I also had a couple of video analysis sessions with Annie which helped me to see which areas of my stroke technique needed attention.My two 'A' races this season were both 6km sea swims - one in Spain , the other in Italy. I came in the top 3 in my age group for both races and my average pace in the second race had increased by 7 secs/100m so I was clearly improving as the season progressed! Many thanks Annie for being a great coach and helping me on my journey to become a better swimmer! More...


Samantha Vistuer BSc (Hons), MChS, HPC Registered

31 October 2018

Finding this course really useful, PJ always asking if we are happy with the lesson. Lots of encouragement, a good breakdown of the stroke and reasons why, Set homework (well training info for during the week), only 6 in this lesson group. Really enjoying it would highly recommend this course. Looking at booking their open water swim course for Blenheim next year. Thank you More...


Phil Cox

3 July 2018

Brilliant event, I really wish I had tried this when I first started to be interested in tri. A great place to learn in a supportive environment. Would recommend it to anyone, thanks Annie an Ali! More...


Dane Jenner

25 June 2018

The June GoTri event at Milton park was my first triathlon. Annie and Ali were friendly, helpful and encouraging. The event itself was well organised and I would gladly do it again! Not as much pressure as a big event but still got the same experience without the fear of disqualification. More...


Sally Dalton

9 June 2018

Having had the crazy idea of attempting a triathlon, my friend Jill and I booked some sessions with TriSwimCoaching to overcome a few concerns about coping with the 750m ow lake swim - very different from our regular pool swimming! Last Saturday, we made it to the finish line of the Blenheim Sprint event, and the swimming went well. I can’t say Annie would have approved of every stroke, but we were happy with our swim times and even enjoyed it! Clearly the gorgeous weather helped, but mainly we’re very grateful for Annie and Ali's input in giving us the confidence and tools – thank you! I'm tempted to come back for more next year, to try to improve on my 18-mins :-) More...


Emily Roche

4 June 2018

After having a video analysis session with Annie, I managed to cut over 3 minutes off my 750m OW swim time in my next triathlon (from 18:30 mins down to 15 mins). I attribute almost all of this to the advice I gained from the video session - I will most likely be going back for more shortly! More...


Lucinda Charles

29 May 2018

Really recommend this course. You have to work hard but you learn such a lot with many different technical drills focussing on individual parts of the stroke. Annie is a great coach and gives lots of individual advice and a video view. I was very pleased with my progress. More...


Sue Milne

22 December 2017

I'd wanted to re-engage with swimming for a long time but one thing was stopping me.I had never been taught freestyle and couldn't put my head under the water so I found I got neck ache very quickly. A spur of the moment google search and bingo, a freestyle beginners course with P-J in a beautiful, low chlorine pool.Knowing nothing about it, how lucky have I been to stumble into a fantastic coaching environment being taught the Swim Smooth technique with videos to demonstrate poolside and video feedback on your own technique ( Breathing Masterclass course) with amazingly patient, encouraging and articulate coaches, truly passionate about teaching YOU.Within 2 hours I could swim half a length..I was so chuffed. I still have a lot to do ..I'm not the most natural swimmer, but I've always encountered measured advice and encouragement.Couldn't recommend enough.Ali, Annie and P-J create an inspiring, friendly environment along with lots of encouraging fellow freestylers ..all levels welcomed. More...


Matt Taylor

19 December 2017

Five star rating to the Team at Tri Swim Coaching without any hesitation !!

I have been working with Ali & Annie since 2015 and have benefited from their expertise in all aspects of the sport of triathlon.

The bespoke training plans developed for me together with the group squads have produced significant improvements in each of the three disciplines .

I have seen my individual CSS pace improve from a start point of 1:50 / 100m at my first video analysis, to a peak of 1:33/100m during this year's race season.

In addition, I have gone from completing a half marathon in 1 hr 56 mins to now running a 1hr 36 min PB .

Together with the advise on nutrition , conditioning , mental focus and tech has enabled me to put it all together and obtain in my second year of triathlon a PB in a 70.3 event of 4hr 53 mins.

A great team !!!

Matt Taylor (45)


Helen Rayner

19 December 2017

I turned up to Tri Swim Coaching a complete swimming newbie. Although I could stay afloat in the water, I couldn't manage swimming more than 4 lengths without having to stop to catch my breath. This year I swam my first 10km event in open water.

Ali and Annie don't yell incomprehensible instructions from poolside. Instead, what you get is clear guidance and plenty of contagious enthusiasm. It was their passion for swimming and my improvements that spurred me on. Initially I booked 1-2-1 coaching sessions, but as I grew in confidence and ability, I joined their squads.

If you are thinking "Are these guys any good? Do they know their stuff?" Absolutely. Get in touch and book a session. You will not regret it.

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