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Tristan Warren Architect

San Rafael, California, Marin


Tristan Warren Architect

San Rafael, California, Marin


Tristan Warren Architect offers architectural services for residential, small commercial and hospitality projects. We start working with our clients at the conceptual level and provide services through permitting and construction to see that the initial design intent is followed through to the completion of the project.



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For us interior design is derived from the initial architectural design. It is the last layer of refinement to the living, work or hospitality spaces we design. The initial step that lead us to the interior design start with a diagram(s) of the client's program in the project site, existing building or space. From the broad overview of the diagram we then work with our clients to refine and add detail to the design, ultimately describing the project down to details.

Our firm's styles is best described as contemporary. Crafting well designed spaces that are defined by material choices that reflect our client's tastes. Our goal is to keep a simple and straightforward material palette that defines the architecture without overshadowing the spaces or the inhabitants.

Working with clients. Residential and small commercial projects give me an opportunity to work with my clients to realize their design and project goals.

The opportunity to have a job that allows me a diversity of challenges from running a business to design.

Our firm is client focused. For us each client's goals, personality and tastes help frame the initial design concept and influence the design down to the details to create a space that is unique and reflects who you are. We are there to listen to you, provide feedback and lend our professional expertise to interpret your ideas into the design of your project.