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Chilled and creative videography. To get a true idea of what I offer you'll need to see my work - https://tristbennett.wixsite.com/tristvideo - have a great day.


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Knowing the rules of photography and knowing when to break them.
Also, give your photo depth. have something in the foreground, subject in the mid ground and then something else in the background. Also looking for contrasting colours can make photos look amazing.

What's your story?
What's your idea?
How many videos/photos do you want?

The creativity and freedom of expression. I love creating, for someone else, something that they love.

There are no unnecessarily long and complicated processes to go through unlike corporate environments. You need an item? you buy it. You need something doing? you do it.

I should be chosen because me and my work is liked. I'm not going to tell anyone that they SHOULD choose me.