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Hypnosis / Hypnotherapy / NLP and Life Coaching (Trifecta Life Coaching)

Specialties include:
-Weight loss and overall health
-Addiction including stop smoking, drinking and gambling
-Sports Improvement
-Fears and Phobias

Trifecta Life Coaching focuses on:


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Amy Elaine Jewitt

23 July 2018

He is sent from God my anxiety use to be so bad. I often missed work now I am able to work without having a attack and my self esteem has doubled.


Windy Cantina

30 June 2018

Yeah he's ok


Ralph Cutler

5 June 2018

I came in to stop smoking and he said it would take 2 sessions. I was of course skeptical but it worked to my surprise. Can't thank you enough so now I can get my back surgery.


Charlene Kennedy

5 June 2018

Dale is such a great listener! I felt so comfortable right away. He explained the whole process really clearly and I wasn't even nervous. I felt so good when I left and it feels like good things just keep happening to me now that I know I'm in control! If you need help with anything in your life Dale is the person to do it! More...


Jackie Meldrum

26 May 2017

In addition to his amazing skill set, training, and knowledge base of Hypnotherapy, Dale is instantly calming. Deciding to make a change around the areas where we feel stuck and desperate can be very stressful. Dale's presence, humor and acceptance puts you in the perfect hands to begin your life changing journey. The way he explains the Hypnosis process is very easy to understand and will put you at ease and even get you excited for the changes to come. More...


Paul Kuthe

26 May 2017

Dale has an ability to instill a sense of calm in almost anyone. His knowledge of hypnosis, NLP, and other behavioral change techniques are outstanding. If you are looking for someone to help you through a tough time, challenging circumstances, or to form new healthy habits he is definitely worth it. More...

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