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Tribune Training Academy

Long Island City, NY


Tribune Training Academy

Long Island City, NY


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Manuel Uzhca

23 October 2019

Although there are many places where you can obtain your OSHA card for free, I am here recommending people that this is the right place for you. Obviously, this recommendation is for people who have opportunity to pay for it. My name is Manuel Uzhca. A few weeks ago I got an offer from this school. The original price was 380 but they do have a especial offer from 250,00. Call them and find out about this package and go for it. They are very diligent couple who are extremely polite. They also call out students who are not paying attention to the class in order to explain how dangerous is to get to construction work place. My especial thanks for both of you and I am so happy for your comprehensive lesson. More...


Florian Gjoni

26 September 2019

Just the best ,,,you can learn somthing



28 August 2019

Took my 10 hour here got to tell you the instructors are helpful easy going .. they just get it both of them


Mark L.

5 August 2019

I received my Security Guard Certificates and license from this academy, the Instructor is good and makes sure to help the students through, if there are any issues, he's more than willing to help out and guide along the way, and the price is very good compared to other places I've searched. Definitely, if you are looking to become a security guard, this is the place to go! More...


Lefty 100

28 February 2019

Of all the training centers I could have went to I gotta say I am very lucky to have gone to Tribune. They were very kind and thorough. My instructor had extensive knowledge of the construction industry and the standard set fourth by OSHA. At the end of every class I left confident I had all the information I need to pass the test. They also have an easy schedule to accommodate people who work during the day and can’t make the 10AM class. I’ll be going back to take my defensive driving class. They also have programs for security and flagging. Thank you MD and Akhi. More...


Montea Smalls

29 January 2019

Instructors are very knowledgeable


Marlon Hudson

30 December 2018

Wonderful Osha class


Nikash Pargoo

29 May 2018

The best Osha class..