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We know that everyone has their own motivations and approaches to training. Not everyone enjoys the process of training! Sport is a hobby apart from for the gifted few who can make a living out of it, so we need to enjoy it and need to smile! Every athlete is different and will respond to differing cues, so require alternative approaches to training. Time can be a real constraint to what you can get done in and around work or family lifestyles. We are determined to help push you toward your targets and goals in a focussed, efficient but enjoyable manner; challenging you physically and mentally.

We have a dedicated coaching team to offer varying services, as well as linking to some fantastic partners who can offer just that little bit more!

We work with all athletes - from novices and beginners to elites alike – and treat every individual as unique. After all, we all have our own demands, situations and lives to take care of outside of sport!

Offerings of video coaching for both swimming and running add a little extra - but aren't a necessity, but the main product we sell is a normal one to one swim lesson in a swimming pool (Riverside Leisure Club). My background with international swimming experience, and 16 years of coaching at all levels allows me to work with people of all abilities - and hopefully connect with people to help them understand and absorb information best.

Tri Coaching Reviews

Tri Coaching Reviews

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Tri Coaching

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Google Reviews of Tri Coaching

Google Reviews

Review of Tri Coaching by Colin Wilson
4 weeks ago

John is very detailed and helped me develop/reinvent my swimming technique, knocking loads of time / effort from my position before.

I highly recommend John for his patience and attention to detail. And most of all the lessons are fun too!

Colin Wilson
Review of Tri Coaching by Bristol Cyclist
7 months ago

John Wood has been coaching our club (North Bristol Tri) for a number of years for our swim sessions and has always been extremely helpful, supportive and knowledgable. In order to try and progress my swim further, I had a 1 on 1 endless pool session with video analysis which was absolutely superb. It was actually a complete revelation to see what I look like when swimming compared to what I think I look like. Within the session John gave me several drills to work on my kick, and I am already seeing a big improvement in my pace. I can definitely recommend having a session with John if you're looking to improve.

Bristol Cyclist
Review of Tri Coaching by Hilda-May Latham
9 months ago

I used to be a ‘same pace athlete’, but with John’s coaching I was able to reduce my training volume and increase my performance. John helped me train smarter, peak for the races and improve my running. His training plans, supportive nature and ability to motivate; helped me achieved 2 personal bests and complete my first multi-day adventure race.
I’ve really enjoyed the training and the journey with John.

Hilda-May Latham
Review of Tri Coaching by Richard Folley
1 year ago

John Wood has been my triathlon coach for around 18 months and I simply cannot recommend him highly enough. John has worked with me over that time to refine a training plan and approach which is reaping rewards. John builds a great coach-athlete relationship to a point of real understanding and is able to motivate, reassure, guide, sometimes restrain and sometimes push me all with seemingly mystical timing. Whenever I feel I need something from my coach John is there - right place, right time, right words. He has excellent technical expertise across the three disciplines of triathlon along with a wealth of knowledge and experience around general health and fitness, injury prevention, diet and not least the mental challenges of training and competing.
He has worked with me around a hectic work life which sometimes can mean very long hours and we have reached a perfect balance with training and life.
I have improved dramatically under John's guidance and intend to continue to work with him for a long as I am racing Triathlon. I am currently in the most consistent and best block of training I've ever achieved and I could not have done this without his help.
John Wood is a brilliant coach and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone.

Richard Folley
Review of Tri Coaching by Shawn Holland
1 year ago

I’m not a great swimmer having only been swimming front crawl just over a year, I’ve been working with John to help me understand the mechanics of what I should be doing and with his advice and him demonstrating the various drills my swim stroke has improved greatly. Above all this is the confidence John has given me in the water and I no longer dread swimming sessions. I would recommend John to anyone lacking confidence or wants to improve technique, it’s amazing how quickly you will feel the benefits in the water.

Shawn Holland
Review of Tri Coaching by Mark Chaplin
1 year ago

I used John to help improve my technique in preparation for the Outlaw Ironman and he very quickly helped with my confidence and I can know swim quicker with much less effort. His instructions were very clear and he also explained what I needed to change and why it would help. Very easy to communicate and book lessons. I would strongly recommend John if you would like to improve your confidence and technique.

Mark Chaplin
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Tri Coaching Location

Riverside Leisure Club, Little Stoke, Bristol BS34 6HW, UK

Tri Coaching Q&A

Tri Coaching Q&A

What do you love most about your job?

The smile that people come out of sessions with, having enjoyed and feeling like they are moving through the water easier, faster or both! The lightbulb moment is a joy to watch!

What inspired you to start your own business?

I've always coached through my life - my coach had me teaching young swimmers from the age of 15 and it's something that I have always enjoyed. Running my own business allows me to do the things I enjoy.

Why should our clients choose you?

Clients should choose the person that best suits them. It may be cost affected, but the person that listens to you and understands what you need best is the person that is going to get the best from you.
The benefit of working with me is that I offer a time tested formula to help people improve their skills, while being flexible enough to make tweaks and changes to that approach where needed.

Services provided by Tri Coaching

Tri Coaching Services

121 Swim Coaching - £40 for 45 minutes

These are sessions that can be done on a one-off basis or as a series of sessions; or as a regular check to see how techniques are improving and progressing. We run swim coaching in Bristol and around the country. Swimming efficiently is the first target; then we can look to make it faster! The main aim is to make sure everything is as high in the water as possible and minimising the resistance. There are many schools of thought, the ASA, Total Immersion, Swim Smooth – countless others. What we will look to do is help you find the way that is best for you. Sessions are £40 for 45 minutes. They are based completely around quality – so if things start to fall apart, for whatever reason we will stop. You still have my time, and we can work through things off the treadmill or out of the pool; but we won’t be encouraging bad habits!

121 Run Coaching - £40 for 45 minutes

These are sessions that can be done on a one-off basis or as a series of sessions; or as a regular check to see how techniques are improving and progressing. Running is something that is not normally taught. We just do it. However there are many things that will help make things just a little easier and/or faster. As with swimming there are many schools of thought – Chi Running, Pose Method, Barefoot Running, heel striking… As with the swimming above we will aim to help you with what works for your body and unique mechanics. Sessions are £40 for 45 minutes. They are based completely around quality – so if things start to fall apart, for whatever reason we will stop. You still have my time, and we can work through things off the treadmill or out of the pool; but we won’t be encouraging bad habits!

Video Swim Analysis - Prices start from £70

Video swim analysis isn’t a necessity for skill improvement. However it certainly is a very useful tool. One of the benefits with video swim analysis is that you can change your technique and see what you’re doing wrong in real time. It also allows you to see what you are ACTUALLY doing as opposed to what you THINK you are doing! These can be wildly different, even for experienced athletes! Video assessment allows us to target particular weaknesses in your technique; things that might be causing injury / niggles, fatigue, or just slowing you down. For swimming, our packages are as follows: Swimming – Sprint package £70 – (1 hour session, with Instant Video feedback). Swimming – Olympic package £90 – (1 hour session, with Instant Video feedback, DVD to take away). Swimming – Middle distance package £110 – (1 hour session, with Instant Video feedback, DVD to take away, Full analysis report and Swim Correction Drills). Swimming – Long distance package £130 – (as Middle distance package, with an additional 20 minute swim session for video analysis, at a later date). Video swim analysis sessions are done at the Triathlon Shop, our major partner. They have an endless pool which allows us to video swimmers essentially swimming on the spot.

Triathlon Coaching - £100/month

On-going coaching follows your season all the way through your target races from recovery, to preparation to race and back through again if that is something you are after. It is important to have an initial one-to-one consultation, as this will help determine your targets and aims, and what you want out of this relationship. The coaching process is a two way thing, and requires athlete input – and we want you to feel comfortable with the person who is going to write your programme! In an ideal world this would be in person, but is not necessary; in this digital age we can use skype or good old fashioned phone calls! You will then receive an individual training programme tailored to your ability, aims, strengths and weaknesses. This training plan will outline each individual cycle and the intentions within that; then obviously the daily sessions within each cycle. Focussed coaching means that we can look to suggest strength & conditioning elements as a holistic part of your whole schedule. This is obviously arranged around the time you have free around your lifestyle. Your programme is written on so that we can plan ahead for you – and that you can keep them abreast of how you are getting on. It is also a useful tool for yourself, to see how you progress! Communication is key to the operation, so both athlete and coach know where they stand. Most of this will be via regular e-mail, texts, phone calls and may include one-to-one consultations or training sessions (additional charges may apply). What are the benefits? Minimal thought – you know your training ahead of time, no need to plan something out. Motivational – you will have your own reasons; but a good structured plan will keep you fresh mentally Adaptability – if circumstances change (and in life they regularly do!) we can make quick alterations to your plan to help you get the best out of your time. Relationship – you know that you are getting to know someone who can get the best out of you and the time you have available.

Work history from Tri Coaching

Work History

Head Coach

Tri Coaching

Currently works here.

To August 2013.

Running swim sessions, run coaching and writing training plans for athletes of all abilities

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