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Colin Oake -Oake Wealth

29 May 2018

Very hip and modern facility with great people. Was given a great tour of the office with my web design appointment. A millennial's dream job. What you might expect if walking into a micro version of Google. Service was top notch with professional design report. Great place for a comprehensive, full service, professional web build. More...


Vijay Vir Singh Pantlia

23 April 2018

If I get opportunity I will surely work in this organization.


Fareed Quraishi

29 May 2017

Incredible marketing firm. Delivers quality and on time.


Eric Frans

16 March 2017

The caliber of the work is only surpassed by the caliber of the people!


Mark Fielding

16 March 2017

I have an amazing job (@PALReadingServices), and I absolutely LOVE my office and my boss. But being at the Treefrog offices for their course on Social Media made me wish I could work there as well. What an amazing group of people and a wonderful place to be! They're all incredibly welcoming and the energy in their office is captivating. Oh...and about the social media course...I was completely engaged at every moment, and eager to arrive every morning. The information and tools I took away with me have been incredibly helpful in establishing and expanding PAL-Reading Services' online presence, and all of my fears and resistance to social media just melted away. And on top of all that, for months after the course was completed, the support and encouragement I've gotten (and continue to get) from the Treefrog family is second to none. Thanks for everything guys! More...


Patrick Voo

1 September 2016

Our team had a fantastic time working with Laurie, Stephanie and Jackie as they shared their experiences, insights and even personal stories with us ... all while moving us further ahead in terms of our understanding of and appreciation for social media marketing! More...


Linda J. Vodden Hauley

18 July 2014

@thinktreefrog Inspirational workshop yesterday!

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