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Johannesburg, South Africa

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Johannesburg, South Africa



We specialize in all aspects of proper land and tree care utilizing the safest, most advanced and environmentally sound methods available in the industry. Our goal is to provide you with professional tree felling, trimming, prunning, stump removal services and outstanding customer satisfaction.


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20 May 2019

They did an immaculate job when they removed a big wattle tree in my yard. They were on time and very professional.

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The successfully controlled risks associated with the work and happy appreciative customers!

The love and passion of immaculate landscape as well as taking part in infrastructural development.

We are experts who are safety conscious both for our team and clients' property and loved ones


We cut down trees because either it is dead or dying from a disease, there is need for more sunlight or its roots are damaging surrounding structures. We take pride in our work and strive to give you the best possible customer experience.The most important factor is that you are happy with the job. We treat every job like it’s our own property and take pride in our work.

Our tree trimming service decreases wind resistance in storms, allowing more sunlight to reach the landscape below, and helps open up views on your property.Tree trimming is accomplished by crown cleaning, crown elevation and selective pruning.

We control the shape of the tree, through crown thinning and reduction which is essential for making an ideal shape for the tree and to increase air circulation and sunlight on the inside of the tree. This prevents the development of disease and increases production of flowers and fruit.

We remove any tree that's occupying the land meant for new structural development or farming

We remove tree stumps by either poisoning or up-rooting them from the ground completely. If need be we also grind them to the required depth.