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I offer In-Home Personal Training coming to your home with all the equipment to get you into shape. If you choose to train in a gym setting I am affiliated with a gym as well. I not only help you reach your fitness goals with workout plans but also nutrition.


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Tara P.

5 June 2017

Kris is simply the best.  I've been an athlete and fitness junkie my whole life - soccer, capoeira, triathlons etc. By the time I met Kris I was no longer interested in exercising for the joy of it I wanted to look amazing, I wanted abs. :) I had worked with a trainer at Equinox for over a year, 3x a week and saw no change in my body comp and I hated the workouts. They had me running endless stairs and rowing and even with all of that I had no definition or tone or shape. I was slim with no real muscle or as Kris would say "skinny fat".  I told Kris I don't care how you do it but if I am going to spend the time, money and energy I want to see results. I didn't realize what I was unleashing.Kris came into our first session on a mission. And, to be honest I wasn't ready for it or maybe I just didn't believe it was possible. I said, "Slow your roll Kris I am not trying to get jacked I just want to look not soft." After three months of managing her expectations and doing about 30% of her program, I began to see results and decided to turn over the reigns to Kris entirely. She had me start drinking a gallon of water, kept a food journal (for years I was terrified of anything white - fries, rice, flour). I tried to tell her that I am Puertorican. I have an heroic metabolism. She didn't care about my stinking excuses. After a month I pretty much was on my way to being jacked.  My body at 37 was better than when I was 24 and doing triathlons and bootcamps. I had abs. I had caps. I had no back fat. Everything was lifted. Mind you, Kris should come with a warning label. Don't break open lest you are ready to unleash the awesomeness. We worked together 3x a week for almost three years and I was in the best shape of my life. She is also really kind and funny and can help anyone get into shape. I referred Kris to my least athletically motivated friend who wanted to get ready for her wedding. In 90 days Kris helped her lose 20+ lbs. Part of Kris's gift is her ability to stand for your potential and your goals no matter where you are starting and when all you want to do is eat french fries. I love you Kris. Thank you!! More...


L A.

28 September 2011

I contacted Kris because I needed to lose weight. I met with her and she gave me an eating plan - where I am now eating more than I have in years - and have lost 20+ pounds in 2 months. She works with you to help you reach your fitness goals. She goes above and beyond giving attention to every detail, she is professional and caring and knows what she is doing. I highly recommend Kris. More...

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I tailor your program to your unique individual needs.

To get the best body of your dreams take a lifestyle change with both proper nutrition and fitness . It is being held accountable to someone other than yourself to keep you on the correct track to reaching the body of your dreams.

I enjoy helping people get into the best shape of their lives. There is nothing like seeing a client reach goals that they set.

I always wanted to help people achieve health and well being. There is nothing like helping clients break through challenges (goals) that we set together.

I have over 10+ years experience in the Health and Fitness Industry. I am fully qualified and ready to help you reach realistic goals in health and fitness and general well being.
With flexible programs for fat loss, muscle tone or body building, general fitness, strength, core stability or simple healthy living, you can work out when ever you like, one-on-one, with a partner or in a small group.