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Walton-on-Thames, Surrey

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Walton-on-Thames, Surrey



I have recently returned from living and working in NYC and now serving from a private training studio in Weybridge and Rosewood Hotel, central London.

I have a wealth of experience from many different clienteles from housewives to businessmen/women and Navy SEALS to Supermodels.


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Irene Arias

30 December 2018

Meeting Xander was a very humbling and self discovery experience. Since I never had worked with a trainer before, I had conditioned myself to exert myself in every exhausting way possible with hardcore Boot Camp classes and HIIT drills. Always hitting a plateau or even worse, walking away with an injury; I decided to research for a trainer to see what was it that I was missing and this is how I came across Xander.He helped me mentally get out of that "beast workout" thinking and really educated me on the fundamentals of proper form and what muscles to incorporate. As a woman, Xander also nurtured the attainability of becoming stronger with purposeful weight training.Xander coaches you not only in the gym but also outside the gym with nutrition, podcast recommendations and fitness gear suggestions. Working with him I was surpassing my previous form of training and finally crushing milestones. He not only gave me the building blocks I now carry into my current workouts but he also became a great confidant. He taught me the value of being accountable for my actions and to train smarter not harder. Xander even encouraged me to enjoy life & food without beating myself up. I highly recommend Xander as your personal trainer who will get you to where you want to be and also invest alongside in your journey. More...


Ethan Waxman

30 October 2018

Xander is an excellent trainer. He doesn't just push you hard like other trainers, but rather teaches you to train smarter. He's incredibly knowledgeable about all types physical training. More...


geoff howell

30 October 2018

In the many years of working with trainers, i would say in contrast to Xander, that they were all good in getting me in shape, to some degree, but also made me feel somewhat dependent on them, as every workout was unique and complicated, and i could never hope to replicate what they were having me do. As a result i would be lost in the gym when training on my own. Xander’s whole philosophy is training his clients to be self sufficient, and to teach each one a program that works best for them. As he so beautifully says “ tightening what’s loose, and loosening what’s tight” Naturally, training with him is ideal, as he is there to fine-tune, adjust to perfection, and, most importantly, continuing his strategy to up the level of difficulty! My very favorite thing about training with Xander was his generosity of spirit. It is exactly the kind of, well, kindness that i find most suits my willingness to perform. I am 62, just recently vegan, have spent a lifetime in pursuit of physical fitness, only to be plagued with a number of challenges in the past few years. Aches, pains, the kinds of things that wear you down and have you thinking that this is the way it is going to be. I found Xander had the perfect way of hearing how i was feeling, knew all the solutions to work around what was ailing me, pushed juuuust enough to get results, but not hard enough to get me frustrated by what i couldn’t do. Magically, within weeks, i was doing thirty of things that i could barely do one of at the onset. That kind of measurable improvement for me in such a short amount of time is kind of miraculous. Working out with Xander is perfect for people that are motivated, people that want to “bring it” no matter where they’re at, for people that like to work out with someone who is passionate about helping others, who is intelligent and happy to share his philosophy about life, fitness, diet..all in an articulate way, for people that appreciate patience with their weaknesses, and respond well to careful prodding to get those weaknesses turned into strengths. I could feel it happening. He is blessed with a great ease in his physicality that can only inspire his clients to improve, and move with grace, comfort and strength as he does. More...


Steven Ladd

30 October 2018

Training with Xander is a powerful way to understand the way movement and mindfulness can transform the way you look and live.


Ellis Partridge

2 October 2018

One of the most knowledgeable trainers I know. Has an amazing and unique approach to health and fitness. Can’t wait to learn more.


nick white

30 September 2018

Fantastic! Great attention to detail with all aspects. Actually provided a complete and easy understanding as to why the exercises were relevant. I never felt like I was being guidied in the wrong direction. An big step up in my personal training experiences. More...


Arturo Pagan

30 September 2018

Xander is an excellent trainer! He takes the time to get to know his clients - needs, aspirations, schedules, motivation - and uses this to deliver a training programme that can be easily done at the gym, at home, or while travelling. He checks in with clients regularly - which helps keep us motivated. He also explains what each exercise does, what the correct form is and this importance of this, and variations of the exercises in case of any injuries. I still follow the advice he provided on nutrition, workouts while on the road, and exercises for my bad back and these have become part of my daily routine. I really appreciate his approach, knowledge, and willingness to work with you to achieve greatness. More...


Bobby Richardson

30 September 2018

I have been a very active member of the fitness community for the past 10+ years and have met, worked with and been trained by many personal trainers. I recently had the pleasure of meeting and training with Xander, and I have never worked with anyone of his caliber. He is more knowledgeable, passionate and helpful than anyone I have ever experienced. He cared to ask about my personal fitness goals, whether I've had any prior or current injuries and ensured to develop and tailor a very specific program for my needs. I highly recommend training with Xander. Simply put, you are wasting your time and money by training with anyone else. He is truly a role model for the industry. More...


Richard A. Schwartz

30 September 2018

Xander is by far the best personal trainer I’ve ever worked with, and he has profoundly changed my life. Following his custom training programs and nutrition guidance, I lost 75 lbs. (before and after pics below) and I’m now in my best physical shape and health in decades. For me, Xander’s approach makes all the difference: I learned from him that I can reap all the benefits from strength training (and cardio), while still enjoying myself, and without being miserable and in pain during and after workouts (as I was with other trainers). When I met Xander, I couldn’t climb a flight of stairs without getting winded, and now I’m skiing, hiking in the mountains, and distance running and cycling. Xander is also a great guy – smart, funny, interesting (he's led a fascinating life) and personable, and his enthusiasm for life and his passion for training are infectious. More...

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There's a famous saying in the fitness industry " If you ain't assessin' you're guessin' "It goes without saying that my first encounter with every client is to gather as much information as possible. From the way you move to your eating and sleeping habits, I consider the bigger picture and find the sticking points that prevent you from reaching your goals.

Patience. Persistence. Make changes that you can stick to. If it's not sustainable I don't see the value in it.
Accepting that it's ok to seek help from an expert - as you may well do in most other aspects of your life.
You don't need to quit pizza, wine and chocolate. You don't need to do burpees and crossfit. You don't need to loathe the gym.

I love the gratification from people when I help change their lives. The relationships I build along the way and the problem solving aspect of building a lifestyle using the science I continue to learn.

I learned that the standard of Personal Training in commercial gyms is well below what it ought to be. This is mainly because the business model is set for the gym to absorb as much of the profit as possible. In light of this, commercial gyms cannot afford good Personal Training staff - A tip for those seeking training!

I have a simple and approachable outlook to strength training with health in mind. I coach rather than shout, so you'll learn and become self sufficient in the gym.



Expert Personal Training in Weybridge.

Expert Personal Training at Rosweood Hotel, Holborn, London.