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We are a cleaning business and clean anything dose not matter how big we will clean it and get it right for you all the time.please get in touch with us to get your clean booked in. We clean we also clean carpets and sofas and we buffers to clean those hard floors.

We have all our own cleaning stuff as I know some cleaners dont have 07494045181


Deep cleans
End of tenancy
carpets clean with deep clean
and anything else needing done
One off clean
And fortnightly


Emma ( owner )

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Touched by Angels Reviews

Touched by Angels Reviews

Review of Touched by Angels by Stacy
5 17/03/2019 Stacy

Emma cleaned my oven and did a deep clean on my barthroom she cleaned well here I would not even think to clean she did outstanding job. And I am getting her back every two weeks. Thank you emma on time and good price.

Review of Touched by Angels by Graham Taylor
4 16/03/2019 Graham Taylor

Quick availability, on time and efficient.

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Review of Touched by Angels by Steven
5 15/03/2019 Steven

Emma did amazingly well in our end of tenancy she cleaned all the windows doors heater all that she said in her text message she is so friendly and work was carried out at a high standard I will in touch again thank you emma 💯 happy

Review of Touched by Angels by Gordon Dickson
5 07/03/2019 Gordon Dickson

Emma came to our flat today to give it a final sparkle before we gave up the tenancy. She was on time and works very hard and is very thourgh in her work. Oven, fridge and freezer all cleaned and looking as new and carpets shampooed. This was a 5 star job and wouldn’t think twice about getting her again.
Thank you Emma for saving me hours of work

Review of Touched by Angels by Maria McParland
1 05/03/2019 Maria McParland

Paid for an oven clean and they didn’t clean the door. Also paid for a kitchen clean and they didn’t clean the cupboards or the splash screen behind the cooker. Raised the price by 50% when they arrived because of spots of mould and dog hair.

Overall would not recommend these cleaners.

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Touched by Angels replied:
Hi Maria you ask for a end of tenancy clean and we did that for you There was mould in all the rooms. We have before and after photos it said on my page that we charge extra for pet hair and( mould dew to heath and safety. ) I am sorry that you think is was not done. I have sent you message la but you have not reply back. All end of tenancy clean are starting from £150 We would of come back but never got a reply back To our messages 4x thanks. Touched by a angels
Review of Touched by Angels by Stephen
5 03/03/2019 Stephen

Emma came to my flat today for an end of tenancy deep clean. Communication to book was great, very quick to establish contact and make arrangements at short notice.
Flat was cleaned to the standard I expected and wanted, saving us time to sort out our new house without worrying about what we left behind. The flat cleaned was a large 3 bedroom flat with 2 bathrooms. Everything was cleaned from cupboards to mirrors to Windows. She even took the glass door off the oven to give it a proper clean.
Very happy with the service and Emma was on time, completed the job quickly and was very friendly.
A happy customer!

Review of Touched by Angels by Ashley
5 03/03/2019 Ashley

Amazing job emma went above and beyond on Tuesday she did everything I ask and more I have booked her in every week she is very friendly and has all her own cleaning products. Will be telling friends and family. Thanks you emma.

Review of Touched by Angels by Ruth Aboh
4 24/02/2019 Ruth Aboh

They did a very good job though there are things I would have appreciated done that were left undone.
However, I would probably use them again.

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Review of Touched by Angels by jacqueline
1 23/02/2019 jacqueline

Forgot to add that in the process of supposedly cleaning the kitchen, Emma reorganised it to the way she thought it was more practical - in that straightening up she left no less the than FOUR aerosol tins right under the boiler. Not only a useless cleaner but downright dangerous. The living room was left looking 'pretty' but I found ball pool balls behind an easy to move table.... Have to agree with Loui's review in August of 2018, Emma seems very accident prone and often forgets broken knee and ankle. I have given her several chances to redeem herself but she always comes up with an excuse. Ended up paying £595 for a quote of £250. Trading Standards has got to be my next port of call. Can't even keep her lies straight. Luckily all her contacts have been recorded.

Review of Touched by Angels by Jacqueline
1 23/02/2019 Jacqueline

If you are looking for a 'deep clean' I suggest you look at the website for the list of what is included. It is more or less a list of what is not done. A short example is moving around the dirt on the bedroom window and breaking the bed. She took the same amount 3 times for cleaning the oven which has still not been done. Two weeks ago she 'forgot' she had she had to have surgery on her knee that same day. It was rearranged for today and she had 'forgotten' to mention to mention that she had broken her foot two weeks ago. Seems to forget the injuries she has sustained. I have sent several texts which have only received vague replies. So far I can ascertain Emma is a con merchant and I wouldn't touch her with someone else's barge pole. No doubt she will request that this negative review be taken down. I don't imagine that I will ever see the £345 she took but please please don't consider using her. She will say that she would prefer that this is dealt with privately. I've tried that without success. In general - don't touch her. She couldn't clean an already clean whiteboard. I seem to have paid for a multitude of 'smoke breaks'

Review of Touched by Angels by Kerry
5 19/02/2019 Kerry

Amazing job emma did one big clean rip all the carpets out took it to the tip and did a full deep clean as well as oven took 3 days as it was a huge job well woth the price and she has all her own stuff and peace of mind she is insured as wel. Thank you emma.

Review of Touched by Angels by Mrs Dey
5 10/02/2019 Mrs Dey

Emma and her team can put to clean all my carpets,oven and sofa is she one of the friendly parson and she knows how to treat her customers. She went above what we have ask her team to do. I have seen what others have left for a review but. But emma is so far the one will trust we have ask her to do 2x a week clean for my family she has our house key. I will be letting my family and friends know about emma and her team. Thank you emma. MRS Dey (Amy)

Review of Touched by Angels by Valerie
1 10/02/2019 Valerie


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Touched by Angels replied:
Hi I am sorry you are not happy we have not got any message from you. About the clean. Or to when you was looking to have the clean done. We do give receipt at all Customers that request one. We have no qwest from you to clean thanks there is a cleaning business called emma’s cleaning think you got mix up.
Review of Touched by Angels by Patricia Spence
5 04/02/2019 Patricia Spence

I"m delighted with Touch by Angels. They did a 1st visit and cleaned my oven this in itself was a days work but it was clean and sparkling. they also changed my bed washed my windows then also managed to clean my bathroom. they also pollished and vacumed the full house. I"m very happy because I have a disability I do require help and im satisfied with Touch by Angels

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Review of Touched by Angels by Ashley
5 08/01/2019 Ashley

Amazing work from touched by angels I had work done on my house and they came to clean everything oven fridge carpets let everyone know I am so happy for helping a small business emma and her team are one in a million. So friendly and she went out her way for us. Thanks emma and team.

Review of Touched by Angels by Martin
5 27/12/2018 Martin

Excellent service, oven is like new.

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Review of Touched by Angels by Wilson
5 19/12/2018 Wilson

Took on contract at very short notice. House was spotless when they left. Would highly recommend them.

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Touched by Angels replied:
Hi thank you window for the good review. Anytime please get in touch. Thanks emma
Review of Touched by Angels by Charlie
2 17/12/2018 Charlie

Late to arrive and early to leave. One of the rooms was left completely uncleaned. The rest were clearly quickly brushed over rather than thoroughly cleaned (e.g. dust still on furniture, window sills and seats, streaks left on windows). I'm providing 2 stars rather than 1 because she did offer to come back to finish things off when I complained, but unfortunately there wasn't time before my tenants moved in, so had to offer them a discount.

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Touched by Angels replied:
Hi Charlie I we was late dew to a car crash I am sorry cleaning is not the easiest job and we all miss things. I really would of come back. To fix anything we may of missed. And we would of made time. Once again I am sorry. Thanks emma
Review of Touched by Angels by Dina Hesham
1 16/12/2018 Dina Hesham

Scammer completely ruined everything she opened perfume gifts and threw expensive brand apparel with trash and I am practicing my legal rights against her

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Touched by Angels replied:
Hi Dina I am sorry but what is going on what happens I am not sure what is wrong please tell me. I think you will need to get in touch with me privetely please befor you put reviews up befor we sort it all out putting reviews up with out getting in touch with me first.
Review of Touched by Angels by Dina hesham
1 16/12/2018 Dina hesham


Basically I wanted her to pick up the rubbish in bin bags and told her not to touch my clothes, she assured me she can ALSO put my clothes in separate bags.. today i am opening those bags found SO many expensive stuff missing, louis vuitton bags, gucci shoes, gucci watches etc.. I FOUND THEM ALONG WITH MY CLOTHES IN THE RUBBISH BAG and they are all drenched in sauce and rotten water from vegetables and smell terrible!!! I am honestly so regretful i had to open all rubbish bags and found in each one so many expensive apparel thrown and now my room is extremely messy I paid her 600 GBP ONLY TO MAKE IT WORSE AND NOW I AM REQUESTING A REFUND BEFORE I PRACTICE MY LEGAL RIGHTS I HAVE VIDEOS RECORDED.

Touched by Angels replied:
If we could put out pic up to show before and after places have been cleaned. I would And not happy with the review benig put up with out getting in touch first to sort it out. We have never and will never throw things away that did not need to be. We are not it any way or form a scammer. We have not blocked or ran away from you. We are registered and insured. The place for the student flat you was in. Was bad and have never come a cross anything like that before I was shocked. We do about best to clean. But thank you for the feed back I wish I could explain more but it’s hard to oven message when ur voice can’t be heard. All the best. I hanks.
Review of Touched by Angels by Christina lamond
5 14/12/2018 Christina lamond

Lovey kind team! Great job my oven is cleaner than when I bought it! I will be recommending to friends and definitely use them again! Thank u 😘

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Review of Touched by Angels by Dina Hesham
5 12/12/2018 Dina Hesham

Emma was responsive, on time, quick and did wonders. The studio was so messy and dirty, my feet dissolved it was that bad and Emma took a few hours to make it as clean as the student accommodation gave it to me very sparkly and shiny and smells amazing. Only thing I was uoset about is I mentioned how I specifically cared for taking bin bags out to the rubbish room at my student accommodation but to be fair Emma had no idea where that was, other than that I am so pleased and have to mention the moment I walked in to my room I cried tears of happiness, literally. Emma is quick, efficient, INCREDIBLY neat, and two words to describe her are EXTREMELY Professional. I honestly can't thank you enough Emma. Best,d

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Touched by Angels replied:
Wow thank you so much sorry we wcould not find the bins. We try to take stress off any of our customers. Anytime you need us please keep in touch.
Review of Touched by Angels by Emily Kirkley
3 24/11/2018 Emily Kirkley

Emma was very friendly and quick to reply to messages. Clean was ok, although only took 2 hours for a 2 bed flat, and our landlord found a couple of unclean areas in the kitchen and dusty furniture. We did go round and re-clean everything after Emma’s visit as there was a lot of pet hair remaining on carpets and behind all furniture, but overall think she did an adequate job and we were happy. With retrospect £150 seemed very expensive for 2 hours though. Would have been more satisfied if we had known beforehand that it would only be 2 hours, or if price was cheaper.

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Touched by Angels replied:
Hi email.

Thank you for the feed back. I am sorry about the dog hair but we did try to get them all but dog hair is hard to get all. And I have a dyson for that. As the the £150. Not everyone knows but we as business have to pay to send all customers a reply back and cost £8 to £50 just to sent one reply back to you I have my cleaning products oven clean £35 /£60 petrol my time it dose all add up. I am a very friendly kind hearted and go out my way for everything I wish you told me as we always come back to end of tenancy clean to fix what we have missed. Thanks emma xx
Review of Touched by Angels by mara
1 17/11/2018 mara

Incredibly awful, Emma left everything dirty and then lied about it saying she cleaned. It was obvious she never. I had to clean everything myself because it was an end of tenancy.

She arrived 45 minutes late because she didn't look the address properly. She came with her kids and I gave them tea cakes, then I found the wrappers in the sofa. When I tried to ask her for my money back she was super rude, saying she got a fine for texting me while driving and it was my fault (?).

She kept giving excuses, like saying she never agreed to clean kitchen tops (what kind of cleaning service doesn't clean that?). But oven was dirty full of crumbs, freezer was completely dirty, she never touched it, same with the hob. Floors were stained, everything was a disaster.

I can't believe she scammed me like that, made me feel like an idiot.

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Touched by Angels replied:
Hi we sorry you was not happy we did clean every ask and we took all photos befor and after the clean. We said we don’t work weekend I. Any way but we made a plan to fit you In dew to not having childminder over weekend I find it very RUDE AND INAPPROPRIATE to mention my kids as they are unde age. I am sure they did not mean to leave any rudish behind dew to ur very rude message while I was driving got a fine. And I said we could come back at a time but we could jot cane back I. That day of clean. We said to you the any problems from letting agent then we would of fix any thing but all work was done. All the best we are in no way scammers we are a registered and insured sole trader with staff members. Thanks.
Review of Touched by Angels by Maureen Duff
4 12/11/2018 Maureen Duff

Efficient end of tenancy cleaning, arrived on time with all cleaning materials. Good prompt communication. Competitively priced.

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Review of Touched by Angels by Tom Gillespie
5 05/11/2018 Tom Gillespie

Emma was quick to respond to my inquiry and was able to offer me the quick service that I needed. She kept in touch throughout the process sending pictures of the DEEP oven clean required with a successful outcome. Very pleased with both quality of work and customer service. Invoice and receipt emailed to me on completion. I can definitely recommend Emma if you want a fast, friendly and efficient service.

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Review of Touched by Angels by DAVID murray
5 25/10/2018 DAVID murray

Emma,was very prompt at responding to my initial enquiery ...and had the sense to follow it up with s courtesy call a few days later.
She turned up early and straight away you could tell that the job was going to be carried out in a very thorough way..and that indeed proved to be the case.
She was indeed thorough,calm,polite and a joy to deal with.
I have told Emma that I would definitely both use her again and recommend her company to anyone who was looking for her services in the future,as,by booking her you are gusteteed an excellent service .

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Touched by Angels replied:
Wow thank you so much DAVID for the amazing review please any time u have anything clean please keep in touch and it was a pleasure helping you clean rental property thanks emma
Review of Touched by Angels by Sarah Hunter
5 22/10/2018 Sarah Hunter

Emma was very fast to respond to my inquiry and was able to offer me a time to come out to do an end of tenancy clean within a couple of days. She arrived on time with her own supplies and did a fantastic job at cleaning the flat. Very pleased with the service Emma provided. I would definitely recommend Emma if you want a fast, friendly and efficient service

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Review of Touched by Angels by Lorraine Scott
5 08/10/2018 Lorraine Scott

Very flexible and prompt service- Emma happy to rearrange end of tenancy clean at short notice, and went out of her way to collect keys. Prompt reply to my original request and great communication throughout- will definitely be calling on the Angel’s services again.

Review of Touched by Angels by Robin Jeffrey
5 03/10/2018 Robin Jeffrey

Great service, flat cleaned thoroughly.

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Review of Touched by Angels by Angie
5 01/10/2018 Angie

100% satisfied...
Work was done in half the time I expected and to a high standard.
Friendly, reliable and professional.
Thank you Emma xx

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Touched by Angels replied:
Thank you Angie was so nice to have you as a customer any time please get in touch xxx
Review of Touched by Angels by Sach
1 27/09/2018 Sach

Hired for an end of tenancy clean last month. Doing the review as just got my (deducted)deposit which reminded me to leave a review. Initially promised would manage with just one person (herself) and as long as it takes. On encouragement agreed to bring in a second person and and then complained of the time it was taking. Did complete some things pointed out but somewhat reluctantly. Did not keep her promise of coming back to clean up any issues pointed out by landlord/estate agent.
Stopped communicating altogether , which reflects poorly on this company. Ended up paying 40 % extra ontop as a result. This all after I kept my word to give her the job to do , even though landlords preferred cleaning company became available and at a cheaper rate. How can one give others a chance on your website Bark, if such things happen with no accountability? Cannot recommend as a result.

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Touched by Angels replied:
We was waiting to come back but never got any pic to what we missed really sorry
Review of Touched by Angels by Sam McKissock
5 27/09/2018 Sam McKissock

Very good and definitely recommend

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Review of Touched by Angels by Andromeda
5 26/09/2018 Andromeda

Emma was fantastic! She really was an angel just when we needed one.

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Touched by Angels replied:
Wow thanks you x anytime please let us know again and we will sprinkle our angels dust again.
Review of Touched by Angels by Luciano & Darren
1 19/09/2018 Luciano & Darren

Absolutely horrible service provided by Emma and her crew. We should have known better than to use her twice. First time they had to come back due to the very bad job they did. We said, why not another chance? Again, very bad job done on an end of tenancy clean. We will end up paying twice for a full clean due to the extremely unprofessional approach Emma and her crew took to this. Will never use again and would not recommend. Pay a little more for a better professional service elsewhere.

Review of Touched by Angels by Pam Gaston
5 18/09/2018 Pam Gaston

Excellent service, super fast same day turnaround & good value. Would recommend

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Review of Touched by Angels by Martin
5 16/09/2018 Martin

Emma did a fantastic job on my oven. Oven now looks like it's a new oven and saved me having to but a new one. 10/10 highly recommend this service.

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Review of Touched by Angels by Peggy
5 14/09/2018 Peggy

Deep clean carried out today after building work done in our house, carpets cleaned and all plaster dust removed and all cleaned, very pleased, thank you

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Review of Touched by Angels by Muzza
5 09/09/2018 Muzza

Emma showed on up over the weekend on very short notice with all of her own cleaning supplies. I left them in the apartment for the next 3 hours and when I returned it was shining and spotless! Would definitely make use of their service in the future!

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Review of Touched by Angels by Mark Croft
1 03/09/2018 Mark Croft

Having paid for a one off deep clean it was a shame to find that a book case and some windows hadn't been cleaned at all, most other shelves had just been cleaned around things on them, it looked good till you went to the edges, even the show screen wass only clean from 1/4 way from the bottom.

The communication was great before the clean even said if i have missed anything let me know and as i am local i will come and sort then radio silence.

Its a shame i had wanted this to be a good job so that it would help the argument to use a cleaner more often that is certainly not what has happened here.

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Touched by Angels replied:
Hi mark I am so sorry. We will come back and fix it we did not get a message from you saying to come back. Please get in touch to fix them. But a 1 star is not good we are not that bad. 3 or a 4 they are little things that can be missed by anyone. Please get in touch to rebook in to fit them thanks
Review of Touched by Angels by Kris Sommerville
1 17/08/2018 Kris Sommerville

Disgusted came 30
Mins late stayed 2 hours amd took £150 quick hover and dust and she was done! Not the deep clean all day service I was told I would get! Emma seemed nice enough but her work ethic is shocking and I had to point out things she missed . I would avoid this company and they want in and out fast and make excuses to get away or not do what they should be doing! A reluctant 1*

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Review of Touched by Angels by Stacy
5 15/08/2018 Stacy

Just finished having my home deep cleaned with a oven clean as well I am so happy with emma she has come a long way with her business and now I can cook and see how clean my home is for my family thank you so much I will be telling people about you. X

Review of Touched by Angels by Louise
5 14/08/2018 Louise

Amazing company reply to my add on 3 mins and cleaned my 4 bedroom house and oven and carpets. And the girls know what they are doing they had all they own cleaning products that was a peace of mind for me. So happy with touch by angels. Thanks you emma u did a amazing job.

Review of Touched by Angels by Valerie
5 12/08/2018 Valerie


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Touched by Angels replied:
Wow thank you val. x please tell your friends and family and we will give a free clean to your kitchen and oven. X anytime
Review of Touched by Angels by Pauline
1 05/08/2018 Pauline

Arrived with her 2 children and stayed 3 hr which worked out at £57 / hr. Not till she was gone did I notice stuff not cleaned. Now having to get another company to come in and do the deep clean this will end with me having paid in full for 2 cleans £290.

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Review of Touched by Angels by Louis
1 01/08/2018 Louis

Couldn’t clean a white board. Nice people but their heart isn’t in it. Could have cleaned to the standard myself. I was told they would give a deep clean all over the flat to ensure I get my deposit back. When my landlord visited he genuinely didn’t believe I’d had cleaners in. Cleaners said they’d come back and then all of a sudden the owner had “broke her ankle” and couldn’t make it. Didn’t keep their word and broke their integrity. Didn’t produce a receipt. STAY AWAY.

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Review of Touched by Angels by Lisa
1 06/07/2018 Lisa

STAY AWAY! DO NOT HIRE!! Emma approached me approx 8 weeks ago to offer to clean my home. It was great to begin with but it didn’t last long. Emma started cancelling appointments without prior notice and also didn’t do the full required cleans but still charged me for the full price. One particular day she didn’t turn up at all and was very rude and unprofessional about it when I approached her. I’ve now cancelled the clean 4 weeks ago and now I am struggling to get my house key back after multiple requests to send it back or drop it off. I have now had to get the police involved and an incident case created as she has in effect stolen my Key as she refused to drop it off or send it in the post. Very unprofessional and disappointed that this didn’t work out. Do not hire this so called business! Awful service!

Review of Touched by Angels by Gladys Crozier
1 04/07/2018 Gladys Crozier

Disappointing. Cleaning was not to a satisfactory standard.
Job was rushed with areas missed or poorly cleaned. Would not recommend.

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Touched by Angels replied:
You went to all rooms point out what we missed and we did them not a lot we missed but we did it.
Review of Touched by Angels by Anaam
5 21/06/2018 Anaam

Fast response for every question and make the appointment easily

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Review of Touched by Angels by Sanketa
1 30/05/2018 Sanketa

Do not hire! Wasted my time and money by stating it was a “deep clean” and only dusted and hoovered (not even thoroughly!) Highly misleading - really angry and disappointed.

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Review of Touched by Angels by Sanketa
1 30/05/2018 Sanketa

Do not hire this cieaner - she was late, rude and did a really rubbish job. Barely cleaned anywhere thoroughly - basically ripped me off by stating it was a “deep clean” and did 2 hours of hoovering and wiping windows - that’s it! So angry.

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Touched by Angels replied:
Thansk for your review. As u know we was not late fee to me showing you the times by text. You wanted us to clean mouldy bags that we can not clean dew to our own health and safety and it’s not rude saying to a customer it’s bad to have that we clean everything you ask. And did not let us finished a room. We did our best to make sure the clean was right but we are sorry that you was not happy we have slots of happy customers and do try to please thanks again.
Review of Touched by Angels by Jo Howie
5 14/05/2018 Jo Howie

Emma cleaned my oven today . Made a great job of it and quick too .

Touched by Angels replied:
Thank you. Happy cooking. X
Review of Touched by Angels by Tori
5 07/05/2018 Tori

Fantastic service, punctual, professional, and very friendly. Emma did an amazing job of our flat and was so quick with the work.

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Review of Touched by Angels by Bill Swanston
4 21/04/2018 Bill Swanston

Very efficient and friendly service. Good job done. Would recommend.

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Review of Touched by Angels by Christine
1 20/04/2018 Christine

They weren't very professional cleaners they didn't clean very well and missed cobwebs at high cleaning and corners on skirting not washed shower head and around the shower, windows were very streaky even when she did them 6times still the same !not using them again !

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Review of Touched by Angels by Jacqui Martin
4 13/04/2018 Jacqui Martin

Emma turned up on time and she and her colleague did a good job. Would be happy to use her again.

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Touched by Angels replied:
Wow thank you so much please let us know anytime and we will be glad to help you again x
Review of Touched by Angels by Nikolaos Timpelis
4 29/03/2018 Nikolaos Timpelis

Got contavted by pro within 3days of bark. Will have the first clean done next week - fingers crossed I won't have to look for another one

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Touched by Angels replied:
Hi nick as we have cleaned your home not and we will be doing this on a weekly clean we must of done something right. What a loving clean home you will have now. Thank you for letting us clean for you. Emma
Review of Touched by Angels by Lisa
5 24/03/2018 Lisa

Emma contacted me after I was looking for a weekly cleaning service for our family home as we just don’t get the time. Emma is great, very professional, always on time and great at cleaning, I love coming home on my cleaning days to a lovely fresh smelling home. Would highly recommend!

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Touched by Angels replied:
Thank you lisa so much for the nice review. We do what we are told and Beyond.
Review of Touched by Angels by David
2 23/03/2018 David

I am sorry to say this company mucks you about they change your cleaning days and even after getting your key for access they can’t agreetocleaning days and if the kids are off from schools she brings them to your house if you have a nice drive get her to park on road as her car leaks oil on drive

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Touched by Angels replied:
Sorry David but deal with it. As my car dose not and my kids don’t cone with me as we have not cleaned for you. Thanks
Review of Touched by Angels by Scott Davies
5 22/03/2018 Scott Davies

Very prompt response & professional discussion addressed my issue for clearance and clean with a substantial job currently being undertaken, thanks Emma

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Touched by Angels replied:
Thanks you Scott for letting us help your family in the hard time. We have so much fun lol cleaning the house.
Review of Touched by Angels by Valarie McColl
5 05/02/2018 Valarie McColl

Very quick response. Really understanding lady. Very professional

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Touched by Angels replied:
Wow thank you we always do our best for our new customers
Review of Touched by Angels by Tony
1 04/02/2018 Tony

A dreadful experience. Emma was unprofessional, unreliable and has failed to provide the agreed refund for a wholly unacceptable and unsatisfactory job.
I would not recommend at all.
Furthermore, she requests deletion of every negative review on here so you are not seeing the truth.

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Review of Touched by Angels by Bev mealyer
5 02/02/2018 Bev mealyer

Touch by angels were brilliant . Great service , turned up on time , worked hard , very polite and fab job

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Review of Touched by Angels by laura thomson
5 18/01/2018 laura thomson

Only one clean so far, but what a positive first impression! Emma did everything I asked - and much more besides. Frankly I don't know how she did it in the time available. How lovely to come home to such a spotlessly clean house. Thank you!

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Review of Touched by Angels by Snaddon
2 09/01/2018 Snaddon

Pleasant personality. Unfortunately left all my windows streaky and tiled and wooden floors sticky and did not complete the requests to clean mirrors picture frames etc.
Sorry wouldn’t use again

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Review of Touched by Angels by Bill Dell
5 07/01/2018 Bill Dell

She was very good and efficient. A pleasure.

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Review of Touched by Angels by helen watt
1 31/12/2017 helen watt

tried to use this person but they did not turn up so had to do the job myself
not good when in the middle of a house move

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Touched by Angels replied:
Please can you get in touch with me This is not what our service is about. I am sorry 07494045181
Review of Touched by Angels by christine stewart
1 17/12/2017 christine stewart

Very disappointed, supposed to be a deep clean it wasn’t even a proper clean. Mirrors and windows not properly cleaned, dusting not done, floors not washed, I could go on and on. One bedroom and en suite not even touched but still took the full payment I had left. Definitely wouldn’t use again.
Only left one star as it wouldn’t let me leave none.

Used this pro
Review of Touched by Angels by Marion Morris
5 01/12/2017 Marion Morris

Touch by Angels is a fantastic company Emma is just great she is very efficient , knows her job, brings her own products , is very pleasant , takes direction and is very discreet A total professional and I look forward to working with her ..

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Review of Touched by Angels by Belinda
5 28/11/2017 Belinda

Very happy with the work carried out by touch by angels, the place was absolutely spotless! Thanks so much!

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Review of Touched by Angels by Wheeler
5 19/11/2017 Wheeler

Amazing work thank you touch by angels the work was carried out at a high standard. Thank you

Review of Touched by Angels by Craig Mckendrick
3 17/11/2017 Craig Mckendrick

Not a professional oven cleaner

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Touched by Angels replied:
Hi Craig I am sorry you feel that way but we have not cleaned ur oven. I think you mistaken me with someone else. Thanks

Touched by Angels

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Touched by Angels Q&A

Touched by Angels Q&A

How long have you been in business?

I have been cleaning for 5 year now going on 6 I have also work at the gorge hotel on a island as well at the hotels my family also had a B&B and help out where I can and I love what I do leaving my customers home smell nice and looking clean.

Do you bring your own equipment and supplies?

Yes I have all my own cleaning stuff and we are insured. And it’s only one face you will see at all cleans unlike others cleaners.

What do you love most about your job?

Meeting new customers and making there homes clean and smelling nice. We won’t leave till our customers are happy.
At every business one will always have customers not happy we always do our best and give 100% but we will always get unhappy customers

What inspired you to start your own business?

I love being my own boss and helping others. And love what I do.
T@C Cancellation with in 2 days
of clean please. As no refound will be made back.

Why should our clients choose you?

We are always on time and we make sure our job is done befor we leave the customers home.

Services provided by Touched by Angels

Touched by Angels Services


We clean carpets and sofas as well.

Deep cleans

End of Tenacy

End of Tenacy

Owner selling or tent left or hording prices are discussed at time of booking

Oven cleaning

We clean hob oven and glass door

  • 111 hires on
  • 3 minutes average response time

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