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Rachel Murray

31 January 2019

Fantastic fish supper last night - some really unique tastes and combinations. Looking forward to joining you again.


Heidi Strawson

31 January 2019

Thank you for a fabulous Middle Eastern-inspired feast last night. It was an utter treat from start to finish. Fabulous food, company and setting.


Matthew Putt

31 January 2019

Wonderful evening at the pop up fish supper, great food, great company, great atmosphere. Alistair and Gemma have created a little jewel, one of the nicest dining experiences I have had in a long time. Well done guys and can't wait to come again. More...


Cathy Koo

31 January 2019

I treated my daughters to the vegetarian / vegan evening and had an absolutely delicious meal. Not only did I make some new friends in lovely surroundings.... We didn't even fall out. A great evening was had by all, will definitely go again and would thoroughly recommend. More...


Mark El-Kadhi

31 January 2019

At the Veggie Feast the food was great and unique, from original pre-starter nibbles through mushroom-filled gougeres to a lick the bowl clean dessert. And the sitting with strangers thing? Worked fine - and of course round here there's always so many crossover friends anyway. Look forward very much to doing it again. More...


Angie Greenham

31 January 2019

Does the thought of a house supper with 30 people you've never met, hosted by a person you don't know, in the intimate confines of a candlelit dining room bring you out in a cold sweat? Yes? I commend you to suspend the jaded palate of judgement and give Totnes Pop-Ups a go. From the witty invitation to Not the Last Supper, to the warm welcome, the abundant table, the frankly astonishingly good company and the totally relaxed vibe, this is a night out to nourish the soul. I guess I should mention the food too: you'll leave with a full belly - let's just get that out of the way for starters. The glutton in you will wish you had room for a little bit more. You'll feast with your eyes and, then, most importantly, you might just rediscover a child like capacity to fall a little bit more in love with the world all over again. You'll also likely leave with a conversation that begs to be continued, you'll probably make some new friends while you're about it and the memory will likely linger long after the moment has passed. Oh. And did I mention the food? The whole shebang was finger lickingly good my friends. Gemma and Alistair are generous, thoughtful and creative hosts. The star of the show was, momentarily, their very gorgeous 7 month old daughter and they are well supported by a fab team of hosts. There is, too, something of nature as well as something from people here; so whether it's a quiet pilgrimage or a rumpus, the question I'm left pondering is whether it's contentment itself that tastes so good. Either way, forget about being socially squeamish for one night and pass it on with a dollop of love on top. More...


Malin Hosie

31 January 2019

We had a fabulous evening at ‘This little piggy’- supper club evening. Hats off to Gemma and Alistair for giving us this great dining experience in Totnes. The atmosphere was so warm and welcoming, food amazing and the setting very relaxed. Just a big dinner-party with a mixture of friends, familiar faces & new faces.
Definitely recommend! x


Lilah McLean

31 January 2019

What a fantastic experience. Food was gorgeous and atmosphere amazing. Thank you Alister and Gemma for creating something really unique in Totnes - I'm looking forward to coming back again.

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