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Weight Loss, Stretch Therapy, Nutrition Education, Sports Specific Training, Conditioning, Physiotherapy, Weight/Power Lifting, Crossfit, Circuit Training, Disability Training


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It is very important and the most complex component of Health and Fitness. It also becomes the most important component as one ages for general health and wellness.

Assess and analyze past and present practices. Determine which practices have been working if any and those that require introduction or modification. Educate clients with basic information without over whelming pertaining to the main components of fitness and development. Formalize a plan and specific approach and schedule that is achievable and effective and execute. Monitor execution and make modifications where necessary.

Planning, Consistency, Motivation, Scheduling, Proper Diet, Not over indulging, Identifying Strengths and Weaknesses, Ample Rest, Proper Water intake, Balanced Nutrition and Research and Development in Health and Fitness.

Working with people and improving their overall health and level of fitness. Help Build a clients mental and physical state which directly improves overall quality of life.

Had been employed by many organizations over the years and felt undervalued and under utilized. The main inspiration was based on enabling my full potential within my industry.

My ability to psychologically profile any client and determine the appropriate approach to achieve their goals.