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Top Fitness

Nottingham, Nottinghamshire/ Derbyshire


Top Fitness

Nottingham, Nottinghamshire/ Derbyshire



I offer personal training and sports massage in the east Midlands area.

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Alice Law

20 May 2017

Had an amazing massage and had great advice for stretches to help with my lower back. Felt so relaxed


Babita Wakelin

28 March 2017

I've collected a fantastic range of gym t-shirts over the years. There was a pattern - I'd want to get fit or lose weight so I'd join a gym, get the freebies and deligently go for the first month. Then I'd get bored, keep paying my monthly membership for a year and then leave.

That was until I met Adam.

I've now been exercising for the past 15 months and not stopped. I'm finally getting fit, have lost weight and feel really good about myself.

His secret is that he keeps things interesting and motivates me to keep going. When I get bored he changes the routine.

If like me you've struggled to carry on at impersonal gyms, if you've want to get fit there's nothing better than a personal trainer to help you achieve that.

It's worked for me. And is continuing to do so.


Making sessions as varied and as fun as possible. Adding in games and fun sessions to keep clients motivated

Nutrition and exercise together. Hard work and dedication. The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary

Helping people achieve their goals, working woth a wide range of individuals

I will make sessions fun and varied. No two sessions will be the same