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Flora Whitmarsh

17 December 2017

Toosdee is very professional and reliable. She has done several haircuts for me and dyed my hair. She always does a good job and gives good advice.


bear buns

30 August 2017

Happy with Toodsee. Reliable and she has sorted my hair horror out. I am going to book her for the 4th time now. Cesira


Marie Pimentel

3 April 2017

Just wanted to leave a comment... to say that Toosdee is by far the best hairdresser I have had and trust me I have been to a few to sort out my very 'challenging hair' and she has been the only one to leave it looking beautiful and also making me feel amazing... not many hairdressers have had that impact on me. I would highly recommend her as she can do pretty much anything to leave you feeling gorgeous. Now Dunia Hussa, I think you have the wrong lady here or you simply are feeling a little sorry for yourself and feel the need to leave a disgraceful and clearly FALSE comments. More...


Toosdee Rudkin

3 March 2017

The post by Alma Marshall is false & is Dunia Hussaini who lives in Kingston & has posted negative posts on other sites because I could not change the appointment time she wanted to an earlier one which was for a wedding after I had already taken appointments & she was told this!
Reported once again.


hayleyben heming

15 February 2017

Would recommend Toosdee to anyone very kind and friendly done a good job on my hair thank you.


Fiona Cuskelly

29 July 2015

I have been using Toosdee for around 4 years now, I highly recommend her to anyone and have done so to all my friends. She is great value for money, very good at both colour and cut and it is great having the luxury of being able to stay in your own home to get your hair done! Fiona Cuskelly

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