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North Evanston, Illinois

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Tomate Fresh Kitchen

North Evanston, Illinois


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Dilty D.

18 October 2019

Fair price and friendly stuff . But they should make their gorditas lil bit bigger bcuz it's literally tacos size . Otherwise everything is good . I wanna try horchatas next time


Marina N.

19 September 2019

Fresh, delicious, Mexican food! I love Tomate! I'm a Mexican food lover and v. picky when it comes to Mexican food, but this place is so delicious!


Madi G.

30 August 2019

Amazing steak tacos!! I loooove mexican food and this place is one of my favs!


Senay K.

27 August 2019

Best burritos of my life. Carne asada is absolutely divine. The meat, the colored rice, non-refried beans, onions and cilantro. I crave this place and could eat it every single day. $6.50 for the burrito. -1 star for the fact that the ratio of rice/beans to meat is high. AKA there's a lot of rice/beans and never enough meat. The last 7 times I've come here I have ordered extra meat which is $2 extra. AVOID the tacos at all cost. I remember getting the salmon once and it was old...like it had been sitting there for a while, hard and dry. Ridiculously overpriced to top it off. Chicken tinga quesadilla is delicious and melt in your mouth. Really small though. Like a snack, very thin, not stuffed at all. $5.50 if I remember correctly. Horchata is good, not great, I usually skip it because of the price ($3.50). Stick to the staples at Tomate. Burritos only imo. Tip: you can always ask for spicy salsa and ask for grilled habaneros in your burritos. They may or may not charge you extra for the latter (sometimes they do, sometimes they don't for me, I think it's like 0.75 cent charge?). More...


Melanie R.

17 August 2019

Stopped in for lunch after reading the reviews on Yelp. I had one pork pastor taco and one sweet potato taco. Husband had the steak burrito. We also got a small side (it's more of a garnish) of guacamole. Unfortunately, we didn't know this place wasn't dine-in. There were a couple of tables and chairs outside but they were taken. So we sat at a table outside of the coffee shop next door. Glad they didn't chase us away. ;-) Food was fantastic all around. Tacos were only $3 each and stuffed with filling. These are not skimpy tacos. The guacamole was fantastic. There's something in it I can't put my finger on...some kind of spice. Whatever it is, it's different and good. More...


Adam A.

16 August 2019

Went here as a student. Continue to come here as a graduate. Listen, it is standard good fare. You cannot go wrong. If you grow up on this then you will appreciate it more. Come check them out.


Ella T.

12 August 2019

Amazing Pibil tacos! No indoor seating, but plenty of outdoor space when it's nice outside. The food is delicious and authentic. Everything on the menu is affordable. I recommend it to all my friends. More...


Nina V.

12 July 2019

Good, conveniently located, cheap. All-around, perfect to satisfy your Mexican food craving. Plus the staff is always super friendly!


Malavika Menon

15 June 2019

Yummy yum yum. That's what I'd call the quesadillas here. This was my very first time trying the dish and boy was I in for a treat. My personal favourite was the mushroom one, although the chicken had been quite tasty as well. What a lovely place to get a quick take away from! Northwestern students are a lucky bunch indeed. More...


Steph V.

2 June 2019

My absolute favorite burrito in the area. I can always count on my dinner or lunch run to Tomate to turn my day around! The staff is always super friendly and hardworking! Their ingredients are high quality, the horchata and Jamaica water are delicious, and I love the super clean open kitchen. Their green salsa is to die for! Loyal to Tomate. More...


Jeff R.

28 May 2019

Ordered Tacos for my class to be delivered during class.  Arrived exactly on time, each taco was identified for content so distribution was easy.  I ate a chicken (brilliant) and the Fish with Pineapple (superb).  The tab was $66.00 for 22 tacos.  A class of satisfied students and one super satisfied instructor.  Great working with them as always.  It is a can't miss place. More...


Julia A.

17 May 2019

Best Mexican I've had in a while. Cheap, fresh, delicious. Get the Carne Asada Gordita!


Alicia W.

5 May 2019

Ordered from here last week for the first time and I must say those tacos were the best tacos I've had EVER in the states!!!!! They're on the same level of tacos from when I was in Mexico last year!  This is a must stop and next week I must stop to get more More...


Janet A.

1 May 2019

phenomenal!!!  So fresh and delicious.  LOVE THIS PLACE!Try the pineapple/mint/jalapeno water.   amazing.


Jack F.

18 April 2019

A fantastic restaurant! The service is incredibly fast and the food is incredible. I would highly recommend the Al Pastor burrito, but I have heard that essentially everything on the menu is worth a try. It is the perfect place to get a quick, delicious meal. It would be great if they stayed open past 5pm, but it is a great place to get lunch as well.The cashier is super nice too! An all around great experience. More...


Sonia Szawdyn

8 April 2019

Best burrito on this planet. They also always deliver before the scheduled delivery time. LOVE IT!


Adriana Merlos

8 April 2019

Best food in town
Live, Love ,Eat
Eat ,Love, Repeat


Bryan Dean Wilson

8 April 2019

Some of the best tasting food I ever had. Absolutely delicious.


Kaitlin Shedd

8 April 2019

Really incredible food and even better service. Would give 6 stars if I could.


Katherine Jackson

8 April 2019

Be sure to eat here, you'll be happy! Try cochinita pibil, chicken tinga & any veggie tacos! Staff is so nice, too


Olga Kornfeld

8 April 2019

Tried every veggie taco on the menu, and all of them were phenomenal! This place is a "hidden treasure".


Mary Lewis

8 April 2019

We love Tania's empanadas on Saturday mornings at the farmers market, so we're really happy to try her other delicious creations as well. Her olive-oil cake w/ berries is great! Who knew she was a pastry chef as well? More...


David Roberts

8 April 2019

Tomate catered the Roberts Architects and Construction Team monthly lunch meeting. Awesome tacos, burritos. The sweet potato taco was incredible too. Delivery right to our office was on time, hot and fresh.
Everybody wants our next lunch meeting catered by Tomate again. Thx to Kat for finding Evanston's new go to eatery.


Glenn Fields

8 April 2019

The food on offer here is a work of art. Thoughtfully paired ingredients which accent one another perfectly to make a meal that you will be talking about, thinking about, dreaming about; until the next time you make it by Tomate Fresh Kitchen!! I truly cannot praise them enough! More...


Emilie L.

1 April 2019

This is my go-to lunch spot! Honestly you can't go wrong - everything here is delicious. The store is small, so plan on carrying out. I would also recommend ordering ahead of time by phone or through grub hub. This way you can avoid a wait. More...


Noah C.

7 March 2019

I'm from California and got to admit this is damn good Mexican food. and great prices too. Definitely going back for more!


Ezen C.

2 March 2019

Just as delicious and fresh as everyone says they are. Their menu board has huge font, so you don't have to squint! Others weren't kidding when they said that there is zero seating available, literally no dining in option. There's a small board that hangs out of the wall where you might be able to stand and eat, but even that space is crazy cramped. We ended up eating in the backseat of our car. All items came with salsa, which was nice to have! We got...chicken tinga quesadilla: perfect balance of cheese to meat and not greasy carne asada burrito: not the best burrito I ever had, but definitely tasty and packed with rice and beanspotato & spicy queso empanada: nicely baked, but kinda pricey for the small sizepineapple+mint+habanero drink: must get! More...


Keya A.

27 February 2019

Tomate is SUCH a gem in Evanston, especially for Northwestern students that crave incredible Mexican food. Living near downtown Evanston, walking to Tomate is quite the trek but it's always worth it. I can't say enough positive things about this little shop. I also didn't know that it's a woman-owned shop until today, which makes me even more excited to stop by as much as possible (and so should you!) :)There's a lot to order on the menu, and each item has its own incredible and unique flavor. My favorite is definitely the chicken tinga burrito, and I always add cheese and guac! The menu items come with what's described, so you need to make sure to add cheese, guacamole, sour cream, or anything else that you'd like into your burrito for a small extra cost. They also give you a container of salsa with your order!While it's not a sit down place, and there's only barely enough room for the line (which is usually out the door during lunch time), they do have outdoor seating when the weather is warmer. Just be aware that this seating fills up really quickly as well. The line does get super long during lunch time, but it moves really quickly and it's worth the wait. The staff there are so kind and do such an incredible job keeping the line moving.For the price, which is comparable to Chipotle, you're getting so much more in quality. If you're up north on campus for classes, you need to give this place a try. Coffee Lab is right next door so it's a great way to take a quick break to grab a meal and do some work. You won't be disappointed stopping by if you're in the mood for some great Mexican food. More...


Wyvetta Zarate

8 February 2019

We had the salmon tacos, chicken tinga, and plantains.... DELICIOUS!


Jeanne Kerl

1 February 2019

Yum! Great food & flavors are robust! Try it out


Lauren P.

26 January 2019

Grilled Chicken or Sweet Potato Burrito with Cotija Cheese. Also the horchata and add guacamole as you please. This place is a woman-owned and operated local business! They are the sweetest people and put out good, fresh, and cheap food~ please choose this place over Chipotle! Additionally, I have ordered catering for student events three times. They've always been punctual and accurate with their orders and even once offered to drive me to the drop-off location. More...


Allison L.

20 December 2018

HOLY HOLY HOLY FREAKING FRIJOLES. If Yelp allowed me to give 6 stars to one restaurant, this one would be it. This is the best place for Mexican food in Evanston. Maybe even Illinois. Okay I'm just kidding on the second part, but it doesn't change the fact that Tomate has changed my life (and saved me from certain starvation many many time as a Northwestern student). I didn't discover Tomate until junior year of college, where my apartment happened to be located really close to the store. It's one of the very few restaurants located on the north side of campus, so for us students that lived north, it was the most convenient food option. The store itself is small, you order at the counter and wait to get your food. It could get cramped and hot in there at times, especially in the summer. The wait is normally not that bad, except for peak meal hours- 12pm-1:30pm, and 5pm-close. For around $7, you can get a burrito- my favorite is the carne Asada. It comes with grilled sweet onions, steak, tomato rice, and black beans. The meat is seasoned to perfection and cut up in small cubes, and there is the perfect amount of each. You can also customize the burrito too at no additional charge. Also, the burrito is pretty big so for me it can usually last me 1.5 to 2 meals.I've also tried the grilled chicken burrito and the horchata. The grilled chicken is well seasoned and the horchata is nice and cinnamon-y. After the first time, I started coming here every time I didn't have time to make food, which was every other week. I ended up loving Tomate so much, I catered it, as part of my student group events. It was always the most popular food option, and everybody in my student group loved it too. On top of the food being delicious, the customer service is amazing too. Not only do the workers try their best to keep the line moving, the owner of the restaurant is so nice! One time, I forgot to include the tax exempt number on one of my catered orders, and the Tomate owner was able to adjust my total right away once we entered in the tax id number. This is some top notch quality service. Tomate is undoubtedly my favorite restaurant in Evanston, for the value, the food, and the customer service. And, I guess, for the nostalgia factor because it reminds me of my student days. Even though I've graduated, I still find myself craving Tomate from time to time. The coolest thing is that there's nothin fancy about it-- there's no exotic spices or rare seafood or anything like that-- only good, old, down to earth, authentic Mexican food that everyone should try. I already can't wait till the next time I'll be able to come back here! More...


Pamela C.

3 December 2018

Highkey very good. I love the gorditas. Everything is delicious, I would recommend. And it's so amazing that it's a female run local business! The store is so cute too!! The location on Noyes is super convenient esp for NU kids living up north More...


Briquelle B.

13 November 2018

Stopped by this spot before a doctors appointment here in Evanston.  It's small spot reminiscent of a downtown joint where you walk in, order your food and walk out.  There's no room for seating so this is definitely a takeout spot.  Delicious chicken empanada, cheese quesadilla and veggie tamale. Great service too! More...


Amy H.

1 October 2018

Tomate is one of the best food options for Northwestern folks that spend a lot of time on north campus. It sure has saved me numerous times during my undergrad years from the horrors of gruesome school cafeteria food. Tomate's business revolves around take-out and delivery. The place has no tables inside, and just a couple of tables outside you could sit at if the weather permits it. It is a very popular spot for students, so you can expect a long line at lunch and dinner hours. Although it may take a while to order, the food has come out fairly quickly for all of my previous visits. I always order a burrito, and one burrito always fills my belly up to the brim. Portion size has never been a problem for me. And all of the burritos I have gotten to try are delicious. Some of my recommendations include the carne asada, chicken tinga, al pastor, and tilapia burritos. Being a near-carnivore, I was really surprised at how good the fish (tilapia) burrito was. And I LOVE how they prepare their chips; they're thick, fried to perfection, and taste homemade. If you're putting down a big order with a bunch of people, chips & salsa, chips & guac, or nachos might be a great add-on to your meal. More...


Vijeta G.

30 September 2018

Amazing quesedillas and burritos.. loved the food and service, inspight of being so busy thry were extremely efficient and polite. Reasonable too!


Jonathan H.

25 September 2018

Note: This review is as a Northwestern alum, but the sentiment should apply to everyone.This restaurant is the savior of north campus.  South campus may have access to an entire, multifarious city center, but all I need is this restaurant (and Al's).First, the experience: There is not seating indoors, and only a couple chairs outside when the weather permits.  Do not let this deter you.  When you walk in, Polo may be the one greeting you: he is exactly what you want in an owner in the midwest, and he will treat you kindly if you treat him so.  He and I had many conversations, brief and incredibly pleasant, during my pickups.  Second, the food: The food is delicious: the fish is great though sweet, and I prefer it without pineapples.  The carnitas is a fan favorite and the meat is unbelievably tender.  My favorite is the Yucca with Chimichuri. Though be warned, you will probably need the sauce they give you for the burrito, as they are relatively plain without it.  The red is the spicier of the two, and I prefer the green, though they are both good.  Moreover, the best things on the menu may not be the burritos.  Their guacamole is delicious, well seasoned and tastefully spicy, and the gorditas!  Very solid all around, though the tacos are probably not worth it in the light of the other items.Third, the price: Very modest for a restaurant of its quality.  You can get a meal for a good deal under 10 dollars, even with a drink.All in all, a very solid restaurant, and a Northwestern and Evanston staple.  Worth a trip. More...


Anna O.

5 September 2018

Incredible restaurant! The staff are so incredibly friendly and they have amazing food - plus their catering is great.


Rich H.

20 August 2018

One of our favorite Mexican places. One of the few burritos that my wife loves. Kids love the rice. Owners are great. Call ahead and ask what the empanadas of the day are. They rotate them, and they always keep them fresh, meaning once they're gone they're gone. More...


Vivian X.

17 August 2018

my mouth is watering as i'm writing this review. tomate is deliciously vegan friendly. i was very surprised to see that they offered tons of unique flavors and blends of plant-based ingredients, in addition to their innovative, but still traditional meat-based dishes. best of all, the menu changes every so often! right now, looking at the menu, i can see that there is the sweet potato with carrots, cauliflower, and charred corn,  yucca with chimichurri, caramelized onions and charred poblano, black beans, tofu, made into tacos/burritos. but i remember eating a delicious mushroom burrito from here once! -1 star for sometimes too hard rice that is uncooked to one degree :-( and closes too early! sometimes i want tomate after 5pm... i mean always... More...


Charles T.

4 August 2018

Authentic Mexican cuisine made while you wait.  There is strictly a togo place.  The nacho salad was crispy with just the right amount of cheese, pico de Gallo, and black beans.


Lexy P.

21 July 2018

My absolute favorite spot in Evanston. Lived right around the corner from Tomate for 2 years while I was at Northwestern, and this place was a STAPLE in my diet. I'm not a vegetarian, but my go-to was the mushroom burrito with the spicy hab salsa. You also can't go wrong with the carne asada burrito. They are SO friendly here, always smiling -- a restaurant has never felt more like home. I just graduated and moved away, but my Tomate cravings have definitely not received the message. More...


Nick H.

20 July 2018

Tomate Fresh is one of my favorite and probably my most frequented place in Evanston! Amazing, authentic Mexican food


Celena C.

6 July 2018

Tomate Fresh Kitchen is the Latina mother who makes sure that your stomach is bursting like a five year old's balloon at his birthday. Tomate is the leprechaun that everyone swears exists and then you don't believe it until you see it. Actually, I'm not too keen on how I came up with that metaphor but it seems fitting to the circumstances. Carne asada burrito, complete with succulent onions and cilantro, I will be waiting overseas (in the Bay Area) until you come back home. If this place ever gets shut down, I will be in full protesting mood. More...


LInda M.

23 June 2018

Lucky to snag an outside table our first time.  The place is just a counter but putting out some very good food.  Best part is the lovely vegetarian and vegan options---Thank you!!


Jane H.

19 June 2018

Yum yum yum!  This is a place I could eat from every day and never get tired of it.  So happy to have a great spot like this nearby :)


Anne D.

14 June 2018

Tomate is consistent-- I love their burritos and they are a reasonable price (about 6.50 a piece). Their ingredients are always fresh, and the tortillas are fantastic. The tacos and empanadas are very good as well. The service is always friendly and fast. One time they forgot my empanadas in a large delivery order and they apologized and told me to stop by later that day. They gave me my forgotten empanadas and a couple extra as an apology-- they were delicious. My one wish is that when they fill the burritos they spread the filling a little more evenly throughout-- it sounds silly, but sometimes I'll get one piece of tofu (in the case of a tofu burrito) at the top of my burrito, and all the rest at the very bottom. Doesn't happen all the time, and it isn't that big of a deal; but it would be my one request. Love this place and highly recommend! Just try to go when the NU undergrads aren't swarming it. More...


Kat B.

7 June 2018

Always fresh and tasty tacos and burritos. Amazing flavors in food and so tasteful. I order mostly to have it delivered. Delivery is always super fast. Never had better tacos nowhere. Best in area! More...


Lucious Cap

1 June 2018

Love the Chicken Tinga tacos! Delicious!


Denise D.

27 May 2018

I ordered the tinga quesadilla and it was great, though a little messy. Also, there was a little piece of chicken bone in there that I luckily found before choking or breaking a tooth on it. But I enjoyed my quesadilla so much that I'm giving this five stars. That's how good it was. I will go back. I will bring co-workers with me. Service is fast and friendly, and the menu is varied with plenty of vegetarian options.I believe Yelpers are right on this place-- a great quick lunch spot near Northwestern's campus. More...


Lauren D.

12 May 2018

Hands-down best Mexican/Latin American food in Evanston. There is a ton of variety on the menu and everything is super fresh. The staff is incredibly nice and care so much about their small business. My go-to order is the chicken tinga burrito. It's delicious, filling, and feels healthier than getting a burrito at Chipotle. There is no indoor seating, so order online for pickup or order in the store and eat at the tables outside or in a park nearby. Great place for a quick lunch! I wish they were open later for dinner! More...


Chris H.

16 April 2018

Best Mexican food around. Very fresh and tasty, especially the burritos. Completely different from the greasy Mexican places most of us are used to around Chicago, yet comparably cheap and fast. Many options for fillings including great vegetarian choices. Interesting flavor combinations that go beyond the typical carne asada, carnitas, al pastor, and chicken. Busy at lunch but worth the wait. More...


Julia F.

11 April 2018

This is my new favorite local burrito/taco place. I'm vegetarian & they have a few different veggie options which is so awesome. Food is seriously so delicious & fresh, so glad we discovered this place! More...


Manny L.

9 April 2018

Tomato fresh is like jimmy johns(but good food)in Evanston, if you want some good Mexican food that can be delivered through Uber eats at a low cost, Tomato Fresh is the way to go. I order once a week from this place at least, their asada steak burrito is delicious. I'm Mexican and have high expectations for my burrito, the asada,beans, and rice hit the spot. I highly recommend this food for anyone that is looking for some authentic Mexican food. Best food you can order when you're hungry and need it delivered under 30min. More...


Milan S.

6 April 2018

This shit is sooooo good. And the horchata. OMG! I literally want a hose from tomate to my house so i can drink that stuff, its so tasty and crisp and refreshing. And the burrito...let me just say, if you try carne asada, you wont be disappointed. Ask for the "fonzi treatment", its noyes' best kept secret. More...


Marissa M.

24 March 2018

Words can't adequately describe what Tomate means to Evanston and the northwestern community, but it is my duty to try. Tomate changed my life. College can be a scary time--changing bodies, new hometown, new life. Tomate is a welcoming spot for new students, and stays a homebase over the next 4 years. Tomate is more than just excellent food--Tomate is home. Tomate is love, Tomate is life. But seriously, the food here is mad good. If you're Evanston it's a must try. More...


Varun C.

23 March 2018

I usually get the sweet potato burrito. As stated by others, the quantity of the filling (sweet potato for me) is less and burrito is mostly stuffed with rice and beans. The flavour is what brings me back. My favourite burrito place in Evanston (MUCH better than Chipotle IMO). The ingredients taste fresh. I could eat it everyday!Update :I change my rating to 5 stars just because the service is so good. They're always nice and smiling. More...


natasha d.

21 March 2018

This is my new favorite place! The sweet potato burrito is soooo good! The grilled chicken taco is another favorite. My only wish is that is salted their chips. Everything is fresh and it's very affordable. More...


Oliver S.

18 January 2018

Delicious burritos - I only wish they were open later! Such good quality and great customer service.


Kevin N.

18 January 2018

Stopped by here for some takeout as we were craving some authentic Mexican food. This is a busy and popping location in Evanston and I was told it was great so I gave it a shot.ATMOSPHERE/ARCHITECTURE: 6/10Small, cramped place, clearly made for takeout only, but it still was a bit claustrophobic especially if it were to become very busy. I like how everything on the menu was pretty clear though and most of the food was up front.SERVICE : 8/10Fast service that was above average. We came in 20 minutes before closing and they got our order out really very quickly. They were also very nice.FOOD: 7/10We ordered barbacoa, carnitas and tilapia tacos, a carne asada burrito and horchata to give a wide range to try. Barbacoa Taco - This was pretty good. I think the meat was kind of on the blander side but overall the taco was enjoyable.Tilapia Taco - I liked this one a lot. Fish tacos are something that isn't always done right, but when it is, it is a dream. I'd say these were above average.Carnitas Taco - The best of the bunch in my opinion. The carnitas were flavorful and melded well with the taco. I'd go for this again if I came back.Carne Asada Burrito - I wasn't too impressed with the burrito. Overall, it was average, but the meat in it was very good. I'd say carne asada is better than barbacoa.Horchata - Standard cinnamon dairy drink I believe. It was good, but slightly on the sweeter side. I liked it though.PROBABILITY OF RETURN: 8/10I'd be inclined to come back here to try some more things. Not the best Mexican I have ever had but definitely a more authentic experience that's hard to find elsewhere.TO EAT OR NOT TO EAT: Worth a shot.OVERALL: 7/10 More...


David W.

5 January 2018

Not the most filling meal for the price, but some of the best tacos you're going to get in Evanston. The next best thing Rocky's, but have fun driving 20+ minutes each way or waiting 90 minutes for delivery. This is like a cleaner and fresher 'Rocky's Jr' in my mind. More...


Nancy J.

26 December 2017

Menu looks great and hope to come another time but they are closed for the holidays 12/20/17 to 1/7/18. Al's Deli next door is open.


Logan E.

24 November 2017

Cramped, but impeccable Mexican food. Best burritos I've ever tasted. Expect a line if you go around lunch, but well worth the relatively short wait. Super convenient location near campus and the L too! More...


Josh K.

22 October 2017

Easily some of Evanston's finest food. We do large group orders all the time and after a mixup with dietary restrictions they were incredibly accommodating and helpful. Excellent food made and served by lovely lovely people. More...


Kaya W.

18 October 2017

Absolutely delicious! I took a bite right away and didn't stop to take a pic! I had the chicken tinga burrito and added cheese and sliced avocado. Fresh and seasoned perfectly! Can't wait to try the rest of their menu! More...


Christina K.

17 October 2017

Nice small cozy place for takeout only. I always get the sweet potato burrito with chicken.It really punches flavor and heat. Their tacos are good too, a little smaller than most taco joints but once again packs bold flavors. Their empanadas are wonderful as well, try them before they sellout!However, they charge too much for their guacamole. I know Avocados are in high demand but it's crazy and it's not the best. I was also tempted to try their nachos but they melt their cheese in the microwave, no thanks.I like my cheese the traditional already melted velvety texture. In all,  great place for a quick bite. More...


Emily D.

16 October 2017

Probably the best Mexican Food I've ever had. SO many great vegetarian options (I love the sweet potato or the black bean and queso, but there's probably 4 other options too!). The chips are also great. The flavors are so authentic and it tastes so fresh. Cheaper and FAR better than Chipotle! No places to sit, but super fast service even when there's a long line. More...


Brent B.

11 October 2017

A good variety of choices and everything tasted fantastic. Service was friendly and efficient. I recommend and will return.


Fahad S.

4 October 2017

Steak tacos were delicious. Super moist and full of flavor. Burritos were ok because the rice inside tasted like it was two days old. Tamales were also ok and the reason why, they had a bitter aftertaste. More...


Ashlyn B.

25 September 2017

This is the best burrito in Evanston. I always get the chicken tinga and it is incredibly fresh and delicious. The low price point is another thing to be happy about. The service is fast, reliable, and the people who work there are always welcoming. More...


Manuel A.

20 September 2017

Excellent food and drinks! The pibil tacos are amazing! Highly recommend stopping by and having a taste of Mexico.A little pricey though but it was worth it for an eventual meal.


Tiffany Z.

17 September 2017

Still one of my favorite places to grab lunch in Evanston! Tomate's burritos are my comfort food during exams. I've taken friends and family here, and they seem to have something on the menu for everyone. Their catering selection is delicious as well. More...


Erin J.

9 September 2017

I LOVE so much of the food from Tomate.  They always follow the special instructions in our orders, and the food is delivered hot.  Our favorites are the sweet potato and the chicken tinga burritos.  However, we most recently ordered two lunch salads, and they weren't edible. The lettuce was wilted and rotted to the point that the salads stunk when we opened them. We were starving and fresh back from vacation, so we had no food in the house -- so we scraped the toppings off, tossed the lettuce, and ate the toppings with some tortilla chips we had around the house. More...


Andrea D.

12 August 2017

Good food, but the burritos have way too much rice in them and the chicken is a bit dry, but some of their other burritos are quite good. The tacos are good and very filling. I have had their tamales, arepas and empanadas, but I think the burritos and tacos are the better choices. More...


Rahul R.

25 July 2017

I literally cannot give this anything less than 5 stars. The food is delicious. Perhaps not as cheap or tasty as the most authentic Mexican food I've had in San Diego, but for Chicago? You won't get anything better, especially at this price. The portions are enormous -- big enough to the point where I can barely finish a burrito (but I still do -- they don't call me "Bottomless Stomach" for no reason :D )Tomate's location in Evanston is more out-of-the-way than you'd expect -- it's closest to the Noyes stop (about 200 feet away). As my sister goes there weekly, she reports that there's almost always a line. When I went, there was a line of 3 people ahead of me, and the guy behind wanted Tomate so badly that he brought his laundry with him. Yeah, it's that good.I went with the vegetarian burrito and a side of chips and guacamole. As I mentioned earlier, the burrito was extraordinary. I could've entered a food coma right then and there, but forced myself to stay awake so that we could watch Logan in the theaters (#EndOfAnEra #ICried). I didn't finish the chips at the time, so it became a great post-movie dessert.11/10 people recommend coming here for lunch or dinner, whenever you can get the time (perhaps while doing laundry?). You can't go wrong with your choice, but you should get a taste of the chips and guacamole. I'm visiting my sis in Chicago in a few weeks, and Tomate is already on my short list of eateries to hit (Hakka Bakka Kati Rolls being another)! See ya'll there! More...


Kris A.

6 July 2017

One of the best Mexican/ Caribbean influenced restaurants in Evanston. I usually get the chicken burrito and the plaintains. Both are delicious and you get huge portions. I've eaten here since the restaurant opened and they continue to bring the consistency of good, fresh food. Support this business... you will not be disappointed. Tip: there is usually a line during peak meal times so I recommend ordering in advance and picking up. Also there is no indoor seating and very limited outside seating so don't plan to sit down and eat. Metered parking nearby. More...


So N.

25 June 2017

Great delivery and great food! Sent it to a friend when they weren't feeling well and it cheered the right up.


Martin M.

21 June 2017

Been eating here 3-1/2 years and this is STILL some of the best food I've ever eaten. Never had anything that wasn't excellent and fresh. Today I had a couple of tacos al pastor and it was like eating a little bit of heaven. More...


Guillermo T.

21 June 2017

Best Mexican I've ever had. I always go for the Al Pastor Burrito, but I've tried Carne Asada too and it's rich in flavor. The atmosphere is great, and the guy is very friendly. More...


Christian S.

19 June 2017

Regularly order from here, favorite burrito would have to be the cochinita pibil. They put a lot of time into preparing their meats and you can taste it in their food. They have good portions but don't include guac in their order unless you request it. Regardless its a pretty good deal. Their horchata is somewhere in between central american (thinner) and mexican (thicker) and a little on the sweet side but complements tacos/burritos well. The salsas are really flavorful and not very spicy so the flavors of the other ingredients are not drowned out. More...


Jake T.

13 June 2017

Great food, low prices, friendly and fast staff. I've only had the burritos here, but I've tried all of them and there's not one that disappointed - plus, there's tons of (really tasty) vegetarian options. Note: walk-up ordering only


Marshall A.

1 May 2017

End up going to Tomate at least once a week. Authentic, affordable burritos that are delicious. Right off the Noyes CTA stop.


Natasha B.

28 April 2017

This place is delicious! i am vegetarian, and the black bean and cheese taco was more than enough food for me. I only wish the guac and chips were less expensive, but it's definitely well worth the walk from the new Kellogg building.


Hong L.

21 April 2017

Burritos are the best value! Only for take out. For hungry college students, the burritos are very filling. My favorite are chicken tinga and barbacoa. The chicken tinga is a little spicier than the regular chicken burrito and I think it has a lot more flavor. The barbacoa is really succulent with potatoes that have soaked up a lot of flavor from the stew. The salsas are great too, so ask for extras because one cup isn't enough to last with a whole burrito. Since there's no seating at all, you can only take it to go. And during lunch rush is can get really cramped and uncomfortable inside. The tacos seem overpriced but if you have the money to spend, they're worth it. More...


Charlie B.

15 April 2017

I really love this place.  It is our go-to Mexican take out.  I usually get the carne asada burrito and guacamole.  Almost everything is a bit spicy but that's how I like it.


Evan C.

19 March 2017

Best carne asada burrito in Evanston and possibly in the Midwest!(disclaimer: I haven't tried them all)FOOD: 4 starsI could eat a CARNE ASADA BURRITO everyday. Their RED SALSA is smooth, flavorful, and mild. There's also something about their TORTILLAS. They're light and even have a hint of sweetness to them. To me, tortillas were always just a vessel for the contents of the burrito. But here, for the first time, I look forward to the tortilla. Delicious!I can't give them five stars because the other things I've tried have been ok. Their chicken burrito isn't that flavorful (especially when compared to flavor of the carne asada) and the fish taco was also ok. I'm also not big on their Mayan style GUACAMOLE, though I understand it's just a different style and not necessarily poorly made. To me it just tastes like avocado paste instead of the deep, varied flavors of Mexican style guacamole. Their HORCHATA is also on point, but not the best I've had. Their STRAWBERRY WATERMELON AGUA FRESCA was fantastic, but they change agua frescas daily so you'd have to call to see what they have that day. Also, prices overall are reasonable. $6.50 for a meaty burrito is a steal. It's cheaper than Chipotle and the ingredients are so much better, as are the flavors I would argue. $3 for a good sized taco is on the higher side but fair. $8 for chips and guacamole is definitely a ripoff, I don't care how much avocados cost. But everything else seems fair to me. SERVICE: 3.5 starsThis is definitely a take-out place. I always opt to order on the phone ahead of time because there's almost always a line of 4-5 people and there's really no good place to wait, especially on a cold day. But they've never done me wrong. Food's always ready when I finally make my way to the counter. Sometimes they don't pick up when I call, but they're a busy place and there's only one guy taking orders. AMBIANCE: 3.5 starsNothing special here, but it's cool to see the employees work and make the food. I know the owners (a husband and wife) are real latinos and that gives me a lot of confidence that what I'm getting is authentic. I am so happy to have found a place that serves authentic carne asada burritos. If my wife liked latin food then I'd probably do take-out from here almost every week! More...


Ashley H.

11 March 2017

Walked into Tomate with a friend on a whim after a study date after we decided we were hungry and there was an option for tacos nearby. We were very pleasantly surprised! The space is small and the standing area to eat is right by the cashier. We decided to stay in and eat since it was cold out today and felt like we got in the way occasionally, but we tried letting the other customers squeeze by us.The staff is sweet, very friendly and welcoming. The food is great and not pricey at all. They've got vegetarian options, which was perfect for us. I had the fish taco, grilled onion taco, and sweet potato taco. Our tacos were $3 to $4 each (my friend got a special for a dollar extra - salmon taco). The horchata was good, too.We'll definitely be returning here again, but maybe we'll just order to-go and find some place to settle before chowing down. More...


Alex C.

1 March 2017

Best burritos in Evanston! Better than Chipotle by far AND cheaper! Also their salsa is delicious and perfectly spicy


Michael F.

1 March 2017

Tomate is really good for Evanston. Don't anticipate it to be as great as your Mexican places in the south and west, but it's very affordable and authentic.


Carolann P.

16 February 2017

Tomate is right around the corner from me and I love getting it for lunch. I always get the panko-habanero crusted tilapia burrito and it's always delicious. I usually get it to-go since it's just a corridor where you order with a couple of tables outside. The line can get long around lunchtime, so I'd recommend calling in with your order in advance or ordering through Grubhub. The same people are usually working there (I think it's family owned) and they're very friendly! More...


Ryan W.

25 January 2017

In my opinion, significantly better burritos than Chipotle or Qdoba. Ingredients tasted very fresh, and the food seems to be more authentic than any fast food Mexican place. The burrito you get probably won't be quite as big as a Chipotle one, there's no room in the store to sit, but service is very quick. If you're looking for a quick lunch in Evanston this is a great option. More...


Tiffany D.

10 December 2016

The best street tacos around. I go out of my way to go there for tacos.... carnitas, chicken, you name it they are all great! Always a line so call ahead and do takeout if you are in a rush. Great folks behind the counter alongside the great food! More...


Bethany A.

14 November 2016

I can't believe I lived for nearly four years without discovering Tomate! It's a family-run Mexican restaurant with very little seating and a tiny corridor for orders. It's definitely one of those "to-go" places if you're looking for something fast and delicious.I decided to try their chicken burrito, which came with salsa. It was super delicious and packed with a ton of flavor! My only gripe is that I wish my burrito had a little more roasted corn in it. Tomate's burritos aren't rivaling Chipotle's anytime soon in terms of size, but they are extremely tasty. I can't wait to come back and try some of the other things on the menu!Service was fast and when I went, a bunch of students were there trying to grab dinner. Prices are extremely student-friendly as well! More...


Ben K.

2 November 2016

Fantastic food, full of flavor, friendliest staff. Reliable happy place to get great food made with good ingredients.


Steve D.

17 October 2016

great food, nice complex flavors & made w/ love..


Frankie H.

1 October 2016

These are the nicest people around! They make wonderful and creative food that is inexpensive and delicious. I really like the sweet potato gorditas. Also their burritos are very filling and you have a lot of choices for what type of veggies and meats. I would suggest ordering on grubhub if it's at a meal time because their lines can get pretty long. More...


Tom N.

29 September 2016

Yes. I am a fan. The food is phenomenally prepared. Very tasty. We had a chicken torta and some tacos. Very fresh, very well seasoned. Great little walk-up joint for Mexican. Best Mexican food I've had in Evanston. More...


Joyce L.

19 September 2016

This is absolutely the best taqueria I have ever been to. The modest title "taqueria" doesn't do justice to the gourmet combinations and flavors you can get here. My son, a NU student, had raved about the place, and on my first visit I had their basic grilled chicken taco and a salsa verde chicken tamale. Both were simply outstanding. I hope they move to a bigger location with seating soon. More...


Sandy O.

8 September 2016

BESTBest burritos, best empanadas, best service. The waters are delicious, and at this point I couldn't tell you how many times I've gotten catering from them.


Tom S.

3 September 2016

Excellent quality and flavor. Less expensive than chipotle, but a larger variety of food and proteins. Carne asada burrito is legit.


Eric M.

22 August 2016

Simply amazing. Authentic, fresh Mexican, with incredibly reasonable prices. No seating space within restaurant, but you'll have a nice view if you sit on the benches outside.


Richard C.

6 August 2016

Good and tasty - very fresh. Loved it. I had a couple of tacos and my boy had a burrito. Both excellent


Sunny K.

23 July 2016

I visited their stand at the downtown Evanston farmers market and their empanadas are delicious! Flaky and buttery crust with hearty goodness on the inside. Can't do any better than this!


Nathan L.

18 July 2016

I'm used to $2 tacos instead of $3 but it's a delicious, family owned Mexican restaurant on Noyes street. Though the restaurant itself offers no seating for dining, they've recently added a bench and a few chairs outside to accomodate as best as they can (the restaurant is tiny: there is only a small corridor for customers to enter, order, and wait. This restaurant is one of those small local farmers market restaurants where the food turns out to be extremely well made and authentically Mexican. The owner and the staff are all extremely friendly and courteous, I'm so glad to have this restaurant in Evanston! It's incredibly convenient for students that live on the North side of Northwestern University campus in the Ridge/Notes area to grab some affordable, tasty Mexican food. I often order ahead on Yelp at the end of class before I go home and, by the time I get to the restaurant, I have a nice burrito waiting to be eaten. They also have delivery on Grubhub and Postmates for you South campus kids!!! More...


Aza Q.

4 July 2016

The best Tamales in the city!  I'm not a vegetarian but omg the vege tamales are amazing!  Stuffed with tomato, corn and peppers with the perfect amount of spicy. Amazing!!  Try the chicken mole tameles too!  Good people, good food and good prices. Don't miss out and do go to their farmers market stand on Sunday's at the glenwood market in Rogers park too! More...


Karen Q.

19 June 2016

Tomate has always been here for me when I need it the most. When things are looking down, a burrito from Tomate will almost certainly put a smile on my face. Whether it's after a grueling midterm exam (or before, in premature celebration) or right before a flight, Tomate delivers. In my opinion, I would say that the burritos are the only item on the menu worth getting. In the past, I have tried their tacos, but the size of their tacos is extremely small so I feel you would end up spending a lot more before you are full.Now their burritos, on the other hand, are decently sized. Compared to Chipotle's, I would say that Tomate's burritos are not as "brick-like" but they are quite large. Almost all of the meats I have tried have been fantastic but I would have to say that my favorite is definitely the carne asada.I have been here so much already that the people at Tomate know my face pretty well. They are all very nice and friendly which is another reason why this place is so great. I know that I will visit this place a good number of times more before I finally graduate from college. More...


Erika W.

13 June 2016

My advice to you is customize your burrito/taco.  Cheese, mixed greens,guac,etc...off the menu is just beans rice and meat.


Hayden Sharma

7 June 2016

Best of Evanston - al pastor and chicken tinga burritos are fantastic


Kevin H.

1 June 2016

Overall great experience. Very friendly and courteous employees serving authentic Mexican food. Was my first time here and I will definitely come back.Would recommend the Al Pastor burrito. It does have a lot of rice in it, so if you don't like rice ask for "less rice."  Chips and guacamole were okay, but nothing special. You will get plenty of chips though, if you are wondering why it's $8 on the menu. More...


Lalitha A.

27 May 2016

Alright, I must say, by far the best chicken burrito I've had hands down! Moist and flavorful, filled with a delicious combination of black beans, rice and cilantro.  I had the chicken tinga burrito and my husband had the caramelized onion/poblano pepper burrito - he said it was his favorite veggie burrito. This place is small and unassuming, basically with a kitchen/grill and counter but maybe that's why they can concentrate on the food! Fresh ingredients, friendly staff and great food, can't go wrong! I'll be back to try their carne asada burrito next. More...


Jack D.

8 May 2016

Tomate is some of the best Mexican food I've ever had. Strongly reccomend the al pastor burrito or any of the tacos. Evanston is blessed.


David R.

7 May 2016

Emphasis on the "kitchen"--there are zero seats, so this is takeout only.  In fact, if more than three customers are in line to order or pick up their food, they will get to know each other more intimately than they may have wanted.  But, it's a small price to pay.  Most of the tacos are good.  I'd say that by the end of the day (they close at 6 most days), some of their fillings and toppings have been in the warmer a little too long.  But, if the textures are less than ideal, the flavors are really solid.  The carne asada is particularly tasty, especially paired up with the red salsa.  I would get that one again and again. More...


Bridget G.

29 April 2016

Excellent food, great prices.  Also, the owner, Tania, is one of the nicest people I've had the pleasure of talking to.


Maggie H.

25 April 2016

I think I've finally figured out my order: Al Pastor burrito with less rice and a side of avocado.Notes to self: Don't get sucked in by promises of steak with the carne asada - it's not as good as the al pastor.Do order a side of avocado instead of guacamole, because the guacamole will likely end up on one end of the burrito only and no one likes that.Always ask for LESS RICE. Always ask for extra salsa.I've also tried the quinoa salad but didn't like it as much as the burrito. More...


Vivien H.

12 April 2016

I love their food! My favorites are duck confit  tacos (so juicy!) and ground beef empanada! They always run out sadly because they're too popular. I highly recommend visiting this taco shop. The owner and staff are very friendly and welcoming as well. More...


Ryan B.

11 April 2016

I live a few blocks away and this place is an Evanston necessity. They have affordable and big portions as well as a huge menu of authentic Mexican food. The owners are super friendly and the service is great.My favorite is the grilled queso black bean burrito as I am a vegetarian and it fills me up. More...


Mike L.

5 April 2016

Love this spot. Lived on Ridge and Noyes so I would eat there regularly. Family run and very friendly. The fish is fantastic.


S W.

16 March 2016

Delicious super fresh food. Lovely staff. Never disappointed. Really can't recommend this place highly enough. Only down side is no dine-in options.


Kelly T.

10 March 2016

I checked this place out after reading all the great Yelp reviews.   I thought the steak taco had good flavor and was nicely filled with meat, although there were some "chewy" pieces.  My complaint is the cost of the upcharge to add avocado, cheese, and sourcream, which turns out to more than half the price of the taco itself.  I understand charging a customer more for these things but when each add on costs .50- .75, your taco just got really expensive.  Some taco places charge .25 for cheese and sour cream and .50 for avocado, which  I think is more reasonable... or a flat .75 "with the works".  The fist taco was the only real disappointment.  It really had no taste.  The shredded chicken was great and so was the sweet potato.  Really good flavor combinations.  Note:  these are smaller sized tacos then the neighborhood taqueria, but it does seem like the ingredients are to a higher standard.  There is plenty of street parking, service was fast/courteous and I appreciated the extra red/green sauce minus charge.  We will be back to try some more of the veggie options.  I do wish they offered a side of refried beans, or other side options.  I definitely would have ordered that. More...


Lena B.

9 March 2016

The food is amazing and about a third of the menu is veggie, so this is an office friendly lunch option. I usually get a few tacos and an empanada and I haven't had anything that's not great. There is no indoor seating, but the food is served quickly and there are benches on the sidewalk and across the street at the park. More...


Ann V.

22 February 2016

Picked up lunch from there recently. What a great find!! Thanks Yelp community!! My friend and I both had the carne asada taco and el pastor taco, and we got an order of guacamole. All of it was delish! The meats were very tasty. And the guacamole was creamy, flavorful, with a hint of spice, which is perfect for me because I don't like too much spice. Will def be going there again when I crave Mexican. The only disappointment was, that even though they had tamales on the menu, they did not have any available. Maybe next time! More...


Patty H.

7 January 2016

We've ordered delivery a few times and haven't been disappointed yet! It's clear that this local business specializes in takeout (no eat in option), because their food arrives in great condition - well packaged and still warm - something I've noticed a few competitors struggle with. I ordered the chicken tinga burrito. The portion was large with plenty of chicken, and the price was low. :)My vegan and veggie friends - I noticed a ton of options for you, too! More...


Matt R.

5 January 2016

Tomate is a must-eat for just about anyone, at any time. This place represents some of the best traditional mexican burritos you can get. One warning: takeout only. There is no sitdown. They do deliver, and they switch delivery apps fairly often. I think I've ordered on doordash, eat24, and grubhub from them.Enough about the basics. Let's get down to the history and the important stuff. The owner started out selling her tamales at the Evanston farmer's markets - the winter and the summer one. Every time she would sell them she would sell out consistently. This was not an accident - considering how good they are, if you came near the later half of the farmers market you would basically miss your opportunity to get them. There are a number of vegetarian friendly burrito, tamale and taco options - as well as plenty of meat options as well.Eventually, the owner opened her own takeout location, which appears to be constantly busy. The burritos themselves are a great value and a good size, as well as having a variety of unique/nonstandard options. Among options that have consistently been awesome are the yucca burrito and the grilled cheese burrito. Salads are awesome and so are the tacos. You can't go wrong with the choices here, just order what fits your preference. Do order here. Do pickup from here. You won't regret it. For people who have kids there is a park nearby (1min walking) for them to play in warmer weather scenarios. More...


Chris V.

9 December 2015

Best tacos I have had in a long time. I get the carne asada and the meat is tender, juicy and slightly tangy...an excellent marinade. Their hours are a bit all over the place, particularly if they are doing catering that day, but the service is good and the food is fantastic. More...


Steph H.

12 November 2015

I loved the sweet potato taco. It was flavorful and I would definitely order it again. The tilapia taco was pretty good. I would have liked less breading on the fish, more spice and a little lemon. My food was ready fairly quickly but at peak lunch times the wait is longer and there is no place to wait. Despite the small space and lack of seating, it is worth stopping by because the food is great. More...


Diana A.

4 November 2015

The real deal sort of burritos that tastes like real food. I recommend any of the burritos, especially carne asada or al pastor. They move fast too!


Lenora D.

29 October 2015

Best Empanadas and tamales!!!  First tried them at the Rogers Park Farmers Market and fell in love with the quality ingredients and flavor combinations.  Best Empanadas -  crispy outside and packed with flavor inside.  Every one I've had has made me smile (I suggest buying a few to freeze and reheat for a treat later).  My new favorite is the roasted squash, goat cheese and cranberry - perfect balance of sweet & savory.  I love the meat ones (chorizo and pork) and especially like all the different vegetable ones - they just know how to pair vegetables, meat and spices perfectly.Fabulous Tamales - bigger than i'm used to - one is perfect for me with a side salad for lunch or dinner.  The first time I tried Tomate at the farmers market, I had their garden vegetable tamale and ate it standing in the sun on a summer day and might have even yummed out loud.  Turned out to be a great summer breakfast.  I've since tried the chicken salsa verde which is delish and their chicken mole -wow, best mole I've had in years.  Now that the farmers markets are over, I'm glad I can still get my Empanada and Tamale fix. More...


Sheila R.

28 October 2015

Tania did catering for our party and it was wonderful. Well packaged, fresh, a lot of variety. Good bang for the buck. Enjoyed by all


William R.

22 October 2015

The best burrito in Evanston, and far more flavorful and authentic than Chipotle. Simply can't beat the value relative to such a high quality of food.Most importantly, Tomate is a delightful family-joint run by very nice people. It remains an Evanston gem. More...


Joanna W.

20 October 2015

Everyone I know has been talking about how good tomate is so my expectation was quite high. For $3 a taco, it's definitely more expensive than almost all the taco places you can find in LA, but it's considered average or even cheap in Chicago. What I liked-Their al pastor and carne asada is really good. Al pastor is heavily favored and carne asada is tender. They gave you ALOT of meat in a taco so you could argue that for $3 it's not bad at all. Also the people who work there are really friendly. What I think they're missing-They should have a bar of condiments: different kind of salsas, chopped onions, lemon, cilantro, etc. I felt like my taco could use more chopped onions (they use sweet onions, by the way, so it wasn't spicy at all). Will definitely come back if I crave tacos. More...


Sybil M.

17 October 2015

This place is awesome in the most unassuming way!  First off, they really tend to their customers. It's a tight space that fills up quickly but they make sure they take your order asap. And despite how busy it can get, they are so patient and focused. The woman I believe to be the owner never raised her voice to get the NWU pre-game crowd's attention. Her right-hand man took time to answer questions -  never rushing, though it was so busy.Now the food - fresh and flavorful. There are so many great vegetarian options. The quesadillas were great. The tacos - absolutely fantastic!  I had mine with beans and queso. And the empenadas were so deliciously artisan. To top it off, I had their fresh hibiscus with orange, which also did not fail to please. I did not plan to stop here today, but I would definitely drive back from Chicago taste this fresh, humble, homemade food again! More...


Amol S.

13 October 2015

Phenomenal food with distinct flavors in all of their dishes. I live close by to this place and while the dishes are a little different than the traditional tex-Mex food marketed as Mexican, you will not regret eating at this place


Kimberly F.

17 September 2015

So delicious. Expertly crafted tacos of all varieties- vegan,veggie, and even some for the Meat-ers. We tried yucca tacos, carne asade tacos and burrito , and pork burrito w salsa verde. All were delicious. Clean and fresh tasting. Unique. Filling. Inexpensive. Perfect. We love guacamole and bought a side to share amongst the 5 of us. Our three year old ate straight out of the container- skipped his second taco entirely. Next time we're in the 'hood, we'll DEFINITELY return. More...


Alejandro Azocar

6 September 2015

I got a beef taco and a beef, bean, and plantain empanada and they were both great. The taco was packed with meat. I will be eating here again!


Abby M.

5 September 2015

Tanya was such a pleasure to work with! I catered in from Tomate Fresh for a work event and everybody raved. Tanya was so accommodating and made sure to prepare dishes to meet everyone's dietary needs, which included vegan and vegetarian diets. As a non-profit, a fancy lunch spread is not usually in the budget but Tanya made sure there was enough food for everyone at a price we could afford! Thanks again to the Tomate Fresh crew; I look forward to having you back. More...


Sara S.

3 September 2015

I kept walking by this place for the longest time, all because I once had a ground beef empanada from them at the farmers' market that I didn't think was all that great. I was missing out.Let me just say that we are really, really lucky to have this place in Evanston, a town with many mediocre and some downright awful food establishments. Tomate is reasonably-priced, the food is good and authentic, and they even take online orders (the restaurant can get very busy during the lunch rush, so online orders speed the process considerably).The only downsides are a) their hours can change without much notice, as they are also a catering company, b) there is nowhere to sit in the restaurant and it's standing room only when you order during crowded times and c) they don't update what it is possible to order, so you might order something online that they don't actually have in the restaurant once you arrive.Let's hope they'll be around for a long while. More...


Shahna R.

28 August 2015

Tomate has delicious Mexican food with popping flavors. All of the food is made fresh to order and is very authentic. Definitely the best that Evanston has to offer. A bit expensive for what it is, but if the Northwestern kids have the cash, good for the owner! Tamales were not on the chalkboard, but the staff was happy to make a few for us upon request. Staff is incredibly friendly and warm, but slooowwww. Food and staff are 5-star - Tomate just needs some streamlining of order taking, accepting payment, etc. More...


Kai H.

26 August 2015

Delicious burritos and tacos at reasonable prices! For lunch, they get pickup orders done at lightning speed. I put an order in online and it was ready within 15 minutes. Ordering at the counter can take a while if there's a line but you can't beat the quality anywhere in Evanston. More...


Eugene W.

10 August 2015

I love Tomate Fresh! It's extremely affordable, and they sell gorditas, tacos, or burritos. I've tried most of the meats they offer, and I can't really pick a favorite. You really can't go wrong with any of them. The gorditas, tacos, and burritos are all great. One burrito is $6.50, and it's pretty filling, so that counts for a cheap lunch. My favorite meats are carne asada (beef) and carnitas (pork) BY FAR. The rest of the meats are good, but they don't come close to these two. I haven't tried the vegetarian options yet, but I intend to eventually.Service is great! Everyone is really friendly. This is nothing other than a take-out place, though. There are no seats in the restaurant, and there is very limited place to even line up to place your order. They DO deliver, though!Their horchatas are good. Their empanadas are on the expensive side ($4 for a tiny amount of food), so I would not recommend these as much. More...


Katie H.

31 July 2015

Small shop with no seating, but the food is absolutely delicious! I've tried all their vegetarian options, plus the horchata and guacamole. Yum!


Carlos B.

9 July 2015

Best Tacos in Evanston. Seriously!


Daniel R.

24 June 2015

Tomate Fresh is hands down the best restaurant in Evanston, and probably the best restaurant I have been to in my 4 years as a student at Northwestern. I have tried almost everything on their menu, and they excel at everything. I am a red blooded carnivore, but their vegetarian options more than amazing and I get them as often as the carne asada (which is unreal). Not only is their service a notch above anything else, but Tanya and the crew are among the friendliest people I have ever met. 2 years running and they know my lunch routine down to a pat, and always have a smile for everyone who comes by. I have also gotten a few large parties catered by them, they are as good with groups of 300 as with single orders.All in all, my favorite restaurant I have ever been to! More...


Robyn K.

23 June 2015

Delicious!!!! Had plantains, grilled chicken burrito and some empanadas. Yeah I was hungry! The owner is very nice. Street parking. No sit down just pick up. Really liked the food. They do deliver in the area. More...



9 June 2015

My first experience with Tomate was a catered event. It was so scrumptious that I couldn't wait to enjoy it again. We recently ordered delivery because it closes on the early end for dinner. The tacos were delicious as the tortillas and other ingredients were so fresh. We look forward to ordering again and trying some of their interesting varieties. We will hold off on the $8 guac. Instead we'll hit Whole Foods for their $8 guac that's 3 times the size and tastes better. More...


Ceyda E.

24 May 2015

Has the most creative menu! I had the most delicious burritos in my life here (vegetarian), and their empanadas are great, too. Their store hours are limited, so be sure to double check if they're open. And if they are, definitely go! More...


Siva N.

22 April 2015

This place is close to my campus. The food is good and cheap. There is no place to sit. Just walk-in, order and walkout. $3 tacos and $6 burritos. I tried the chicken taco and chicken gordita the last time I went. The food feels authentic. Only downside is that they close early. Would be really nice if they were open a little late for dinner time. More...


Calin D.

21 April 2015

Takeout and delivery only, this little establishment is true to its farmers market roots. Excellent daily choices are to be found on the board above the kitchen, where you can watch a gigantic burrito being assembled. Bottled sodas and containers of yummy sauces for home made tortilla chips round out the order nicely. If you are looking to find good street tacos, look no further, Tomate does it right. More...


Aalap H.

7 April 2015

Too damn good. The staff are very welcoming and friendly and the food is amazing. Best Mexican place in Evanston


Oscar C.

28 March 2015

My wife ordered their food through grub hub and had it delivered to the house. We tried a few burritos, empanadas and tacos. Wow the food was amazing. Very flavorful. It is pretty obvious whoever opened this restaurant really cars about food. On par with wholly frijoles. 5 stars all the way. More...


Marisa W.

26 March 2015

This place hits the spot and it really is fresh. The staff is warm and friendly as well. The other reviewers cover the menu quite well so I'm just here to add my praise for this tasty place in my neighborhood!


Daniel C.

15 December 2014

love this place; really chill employees and nice burritos for decent prices. Only room for improvement would be keeping things in stock; they tend to run out of popular items relatively early in the day. More...


Chris T.

5 December 2014

Stuff runs out early in the day. For example, I've never gotten to sample the empanadas! But everything is really tasty and freshly prepared. The gorditas are very satisfying. The tacos are not too shabby either. Highly worth a try. Just do it before 6 pm. More...


Chris L.

10 November 2014

This restaurant doesn't have seating, so you will have to find some place to eat. That said, the food is so good! I've had the nachos, tacos, and burritos, and they're all delicious. I like that you can see all the food being prepared right in front of you. The staff is also friendly. More...


Kumar J.

12 September 2014

Great food and good variety with some solid veggie options. I'm a lover of empanadas and this place does a good job, not the best I've ever had but I keep coming back so they must be doing something right!Order for lunch or an early dinner its all good. Portions are a little on the small size but get a few different things and it works outs. More...


Sarah S.

10 August 2014

I just moved over to this area of Evanston and heard such great things about this place, I had to try it for myself!First, the restaurant is incredibly small. There is no place to sit. But the food outweighed the size of the restaurant!I had the Cochinita Pibil Burrito and it was absolutely amazing! I was stuffed after I ate, and you can't beat that price!!I will definitely be coming back here!! More...


Steve A.

12 July 2014

Wow, authentic hole-in-the-wall Mexican food in Evanston! The way I measure the authenticity of a Mexican place is by the quality of the al Pastor Pork, and this was terrific.Despite the seeming complexity of the online menu, it's really quite straightforward: you can get a taco, gordita, burrito or empanada, and have it filled with pastor, carne asada, fish, caramelized onion/charred poblanos, or a few other variations. I tried several possibilities. The fish taco was small, garnished with diced pineapple, and the least expensive item. The gordita al pastor was generously stuffed with pastor, plus, oddly, some black beans. The burrito with caramelized onions and charred poblanos was huge, and although twice the cost of the taco about five times as much food. All three items were delicious.Everything is prepared to order, so it is fresh and HOT.Don't even think of eating here. Seriously, there is room inside the door for about six people to stand in line and order. No tables inside or out. Ordering online for delivery is probably the best approach. More...


Camille H.

27 June 2014

Love this place! Evanston needed a great burrito place, and this restaurant is perfect. Try the veggie black bean burrito!


Alice K.

15 June 2014

Tomate is a take-out/delivery place conveniently by the Noyes CTA stop. The food is excellent and it is one of my favorite spots in Evanston. The first few times I went there I was so amazed, I could not stop thinking about when I could get my next fix. The items are very fairly priced. The $6 burritos are a great deal - they're cheaper, taste better, and have more meat than burritos at Chipotle. The $3 tacos are comparable in size to other taco joints. The staff is friendly and service is usually quick. There have been a few times when I've had to wait about 10 minutes, but it's usually much less. There is no seating, but if you're looking to sit down to eat, there's a park across the street with some benches. Note that the operating hours  listed on the Yelp page seem incorrect, so it's worth calling to check if they're open. More...


Lisa H.

10 May 2014

If you're looking for wonderful Mexican fast food (tacos, burritos, gorditas and empanadas) and a really talented owner behind the operation, go visit Tania and her crew at Tomate. There's no seating and you'll often encounter a little line, but it moves fast and Tania oversees every detail. Salsa and Tres Leches cake are terrific too, and she caters! A great local family business -- you've GOT to try it. More...


steve l.

26 April 2014

Delicious, complex  flavors.  High quality ingredients.  Everything we've had has been excellent, especially the pork and potato/cauliflower veggie filling.  We've had them cater a party and it was fantastic.  Yea, they might run out of a few things but you know it is fresh and it gives you an opportunity to try something new. More...


Jarrod G.

9 April 2014

Tomate is a welcome addition to our Noyes St. community!  The food is fresh, delicious; a comfort-food staple for me.  The staff is friendly- Tanya and her crew have done an excellent job working through growing pains (some of the earlier reviews commented that the restaurant ran out of food on certain visits) and I'm sure they will be around for a long time to come.  Others on this site have complained that the food is too pricey... eh, maybe.  I feel that the product- locally grown ingredients, everything (that I'm aware of) made from scratch- is worth the price.  If you want a 99 cent taco, the Bell is a few blocks away.  Go to Tomate if you want a fresh and delicious meal! More...


Rosemary Cole Nielsen

1 April 2014

Love the gorditas, Tania-thanks for a delicious lunch today, warms the heart & soul and filled my tummy with goodness!!


J G.

25 March 2014

A friend and I were out looking for the restaurant next door to Tomate's, but they were closed. Their loss, our win. We walked into Tomate's and walked out with empanadas and flan. Everything was fresh, the empanadas baked, not fried. I really enjoyed the black bean and portabella empanada and my friend, who loves a good flan, gave the flan two thumbs up. Will definitely be returning! More...


Rachel T.

22 March 2014

I don't leave many reviews on Yelp, but this restaurant is good enough to log in and review. It's my go-to for Friday or Saturday night delivery. The food is incredibly fresh and the flavor combinations are unique and delicious. I will never be able to eat Chipotle again. Everything I've ordered has been excellent, so I can't recommend anything in particular. The empanadas are amazing. The crust is thicker than most empanadas I've tried - I'm particularly fond of the chorizo and black bean combo. More...


Laura D.

14 March 2014

Yum. Yum. Extra yum.Especially the empanadas.


K J.

18 February 2014

Yum!  Best tacos in Evanston. Chicken tinga, so good. I wish this place was around when I was vegetarian, because they have such flavorful veg tacos--the carmelized onion & roasted poblano tacos are a must have.  If you r hungry for take- out lunch,  stop @ Tomate Fresh! More...


Jason O.

31 January 2014

It warms my heart that I have such a fantastic place in my neighborhood. I've tried taco's (pibil, tilapia, and the al pastor). Tania and staff are super friendly and the flavors are outstanding! More...


Luke S.

23 January 2014

Tomate has some of the freshest Mexican food that I've ever had. Their flavors are off the hook!  The owner, Tania, has an outstanding staff that knows exactly how to make delicious Mexican food. I've yet to try the tacos or empanadas, but their burritos are huge and fairly priced at $6. One of my colleagues got the tacos and he loved them. The one that jumped out to me was the habanero panko crusted tilapia. Don't tell Rollin to Go, but I might have a new regular lunch spot on Noyes. This is a very welcome addition to the neighborhood. More...


Ryan R.

19 January 2014

First and foremost, the food is delicious! The creative and (as far as I know) authentic menu, and the flavors are unique. The Gordita I ordered, with tofu and black beans was absolutely fantastic. My friend said that the burrito was one of the best he has had, and that the beef empanada was very flavorful. There is nowhere to sit down, but the space is colorful and uncluttered. Not the perfect winter spot. It seemed like the delivery service has not been perfected, and because it went through the front end, there was some overlap in service between waiting customers and phone customers. There was a lot of work for not many people, and not much space...So if you're in a rush, this might not be the place for you. More...


am k.

4 January 2014

This new little Latin America cuisine take-out joint is a gem of the most delicious kind. It was recommended to me by a friend in the know when I was looking for catering for our New Year's Eve party. Tania, the store owner with her husband, delivered and set up the food herself. We offered our guests a taco bar with all the trimmings and some of her fab empanadas. Our guests raved about the food. Tania uses her Guatemalan roots to inspire her cuisine. This makes for a wonderful and oh-so tasty spin on the usual Mexican fare. She uses only fresh ingredients. You can just taste the fresh oregano in her awesome guacamole. Dreaming of Tomate as I write this... More...


Scott S.

3 January 2014

I tried this place for the first time today; I had the panko habanero crusted tilapia taco, the conchita pibil taco, and the carne asada taco, as well as the black beans.  The steak and conchita pibil were outstanding.  The fish taco was just OK -- but I should know better after being disappointed any time I order a fish taco in Chicago.  The black beans could use a little more flavor, but I liked the texture, which was like refried beans.  They do delivery now, so we will definitely be ordering from here again. More...


Angela C.

11 December 2013

I tried the carne asada burrito ($6), cochinita pibil burrito ($6), chicken tinga gordita ($4), and chorizo empanada ($3). All the fillings had great flavor, and the salsa verde that came with the burritos was excellent. The flavor alone deserves 5 stars.I'm giving this place 4 stars because of their odd pricing system. The burrito is easily 5x more food than the empanada and 2x more food than the gordita. It'd make more sense if they sold the empanadas as multiples, say 3 for $6.That said, while the burrito is the best deal in terms of quantity of food obtained for your money, it's also more than half rice and beans. I prefer the burritos they have at Aguas Tortas -- more meat, and instead of rice they have lettuce.There are no seats in this place, although there is a very narrow counter along the wall at which you could theoretically stand and eat, but I imagine doing that would be difficult when there's a line of people. It's more practical to get take-out from this place and go somewhere else to eat. More...


Tian Y.

21 November 2013

I came one afternoon for a late lunch when it was freezing, and I liked the food here enough the first time that I came again 2 days later, which is pretty rare for me. But after coming twice, I think they've got some kinks to work out still. 3.5 stars for now.Price. Can add up to be an expensive lunch, but once in a while it's worth it. The best bang for your buck in my opinion is definitely the gorditas.  I think they taste the best, with the thick corn shell that doesnt get soggy the minute the foil wraps (the tacos do), and for $1 more than the tacos you get rice and beans. Burritos look like they have more meat (and probably rice and bean too), but for $6 it's nothing close to the size of a filling Chipotle burrito. I wish they gave a little more than just a tiny sprinkle of onion and cilantro for burritos, too.Service is super friendly. Everyone is helpful, confirms accuracy of big orders, and works hard to fill orders. I was offered samples of meats that I was unsure of, too.Food. It's great. All the meats I've tried are very aromatic, with beautiful bold blend of spices and a nice kick to most of them. Can't go wrong with carne asada or al pastor. More importantly, they're all distinct and unique. I also love that their beans are cooked through and seasoned, and their rice is fresh and nice too. I tried a chorizo empanada and found it a bit too dry though. Looking forward to trying more.Speaking of trying more things, it's a bit frustrating now that I can't because they're always out! I'm so curious about their cochinita pibil, but it's always been out twice, once it was just starting to be cooked again after running out. I hope that as they learn what to expect for lunch services, they'll keep things constantly available and learn anticipate when they need to cook more of something :/The lunch line is not nearly as bad as it looks. It's out the door because the indoor area is small, but I think it's probably 10 minutes max if you're at the door - certainly faster than Al's next door. Right now they are working very efficiently, but sometimes I think saying, "oh we're out of ___" and having to repeat to every customer what they do have, and waiting for the person to decide can slow them down. I wish they'd update their kitchen board daily/whenever something runs out if it's going to be a common thing.So food, awesome. The growing pains, totally understandable, but I'm going to reserve 1.5 stars until further improvement. Such a nice option to have on Noyes, definitely going to be coming here regularly in the next year. More...


Jaclyn R.

13 November 2013

So I had a credit from this place because I tried to order for delivery before but I guess I called their first day open so they were really busy and long story short I wasn't able to order that day. The owner was notified from grub hub about what happened and she generously gave me a $10 credit for the next time. The next time came around and I wanted to try a little bit of  everything so I ordered a taco al pastor, a habanero crusted tiplapia gordita, and a ropa vieja empanada; It was a lot of food but I was super excited to try it. So The food arrived and the delivery person seemed confused and a little rude he basically gave me the bag and said this is for you...i guess.  The empanada was my favorite from what I ordered the dough was kind of sweet and the meat was delish the green salsa it came with complemented it  perfectly; the taco was also good but it was just a taco, the gordita wasn't as good as I hoped. The fish was overcooked and lacked flavor I did like the pineapple and Cuban beans in it but that's about it. I would order from Tomate fresh again but only for empanadas & maybe ill try another taco. More...


Michelle Higgins

10 November 2013

My coworkers and I at The Actors Gymnasium LOVE Tomate. I'm pretty sure at least two of us have eaten there every work day since it opened.


Mr. F.

9 November 2013

Had a cochinita pibil burrito and chorizo empanada. Empanada was decent, but the burrito was quite good. They didn't give me any cups of salsa (but I guess I also forgot to ask? some combination of both). Could have used some salsa; I hear theirs has nice flavor. Overall, a nice, better, local, cheaper substitute for Chipotle, and closer for me distance wise!They seem to still be figuring some things out (how much food to make, how to manage many orders simulatenously). There was a slight delay in getting my food today, but that's no problem. They'll figure it out, and hopefully they'll last a while at Noyes. I like the food a lot!Burritos are well priced at $6. The tacos do seem a tad pricy at $3. The empanadas are priced okay at $3 as well. More...


Jill S.

6 November 2013

Fantastic!  Tanya and her staff serve the freshest ingredients with a smile.I have only experienced their vegetarian fare so far: the veggie burrito was phenomenal packed with a rice/black bean base then adding a sweet potato, cauliflower and roasted corn filling with onion and cilantro, YUM!  Today I am enjoying the panko habanero crusted tilapia w/ pineapple mojo tacos and the cauliflower empanada also very good.  The salsa verde that comes w/each dish is the best I have ever had..and I eat a ton of Latin food.You may say it is pricey to that I say wake up...its HOMEMADE!! More...


Madison G.

5 November 2013

So glad this place opened up. There is very little genuine latin cuisine in Evanston, and Tomate Fresh Kitchen is easily the best. Not only are their ingredients super fresh, but they are very creative - sweet potato salad, plantains galore, and swiss chard. This place is truly gourmet, but at a reasonable price. Also, the empanadas are fantastic, and the chicken perfectly marinated. I love it. Also Tania, the owner, is the sweetest. More...


Jane W.

4 November 2013

Saw this place on the "new businesses" section on my Yelp home-page, and I knew I had to visit. Not a huge fan of Mexican food, but I love trying new, local places. Went in for lunch. First thing I noticed (to my disappointment) was that there are no places to sit. There are small countertops that you could stand and eat at, but the restaurant itself is so tiny that if you go at a busy time, good luck eating without having people bump into you. Owner was friendly and she was glad to answer my questions. I ordered the fried tilapia burrito while my friend ordered the carne asada burrito with chips and guac. I had originally planned on eating my meal in the restaurant, but due to the unexpected seating situation, I had to make the 20 minute walk back home before I could start eating. Therefore my fried tilapia had already gotten soggy, and my burrito wasn't hot. However, I could still tell that the flavors were solid - the pineapple mojo added a nice tanginess to my burrito. One thing that really impressed me about the meal, however, was the chips and guac. You get a generous portion of both for $8 (more than enough for two people to share), and the guac was great - had a slight tangy, citrusy flavor that's really addicting. I'm actually NOT a fan of guac (yes, kill me), but I couldn't stop eating it!Prices are very reasonable. $6 for a burrito, $3 for most tacos, and $4 for gorditas. More...


Anjie Hosley

2 November 2013

This is my amazing empanadas lady, Tania!


Kyle H.

30 October 2013

Reasonably priced, close to campus, fast service, and delicious! I had the spicy pork burrito and a chorizo and black bean empanada, which were both great. The salsa was a little bland for my taste, but I give it a pass since Noyes street was in some serious need for some Mexican food. More...


Ryan P.

30 October 2013

Really fantastic addition to the Noyes area, I had the spicy pork burrito (Cochito pipil? Or something close) and it was super tasty and had a lot of kick. I've been getting empanadas from the owner in RP for a while now and I'm happy to see she finally opened a brick and mortar store More...


Mary L.

30 October 2013

Love it! The sign in front says "gourmet street food", and it is. The menu lets you choose just one taco (or empanada, burrito...), or an entire meal, from salad to dessert. The mixed greens with lots of sweet potatoes, roasted corn, carrots, cauliflower and peppers was quite an unexpected surprise-- like no carryout salad I've had; I'm ordering that one again. The duck taco I had was meaty, tasty, and nicely flavored with a just-right spicey sauce that really warms your tastebuds! I didn't try the tres leches cake (yet). There is a cute story board in the window, written by chef Tania's son, reporting on her award winning chili. It doesn't seem to be on the menu yet, but I'm hoping it will be soon. More...

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