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Tom Cunningham Fitness

Nottingham, Nottinghamshire

2 hires on Bark
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Tom Cunningham Fitness

Nottingham, Nottinghamshire

2 hires on Bark


I have now stopped using bark, but you can still catch me on 07917848194 to book in a free 30 Minute Taster.

Find me at H3 gym Nottingham ?

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2 July 2019

Brilliant personal trainer. He has increased my self confidence, helped me with bad eating habits and not given up on me when ive wanted to give up on myself.



12 June 2019

Tom is fabulous, really listens to what I’m trying to achieve and makes me want to work hard for it! Nice varied workouts and have signed up for the long run

Thanks for the review, keep up the good work in training . If you get 5 minutes a review on my Google page would be super awesome too!



7 April 2019

First class PT he goes above and beyond would never contemplate going back to a Normal gym. 121 private PT sessions provides comfort and the ability to accomplish so much more. Tom doesn’t just stay professional during sessions but helps professionally keep you on track outside of sessions via social media and more. Providing nutrition help and guidance to keep you on track and motivated . He’s flexiable, reliable
And truley knowledgable. Highly recommend, once you take the leap for private PT you won’t go back. Tom has helped me loose 1st in 4 weeks

You have done so well so far jade losing over 30lbs and still going! Thanks for this awesome review!



7 April 2019

Amazing PT with lots of knowledge.

Thanks for the review! Always good to know I can provide a premium service.


Mohsin Qayyum

1 November 2018

Trained with tom for 4-6 months last year, he’s an excellent PT, helped me recover from ACL surgery in time for the cricket season

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Truth is you have been lied to, losing weight takes effort but give me 7 weeks and we can change everything.

Each approach you have taken has damaged your metabolism, causing metabolic syndrome x. You need to fix this.

Join me and my no bullshit approach to getting you fit. Support, motivation and guidance come with the package!

I work on self belief, mindset, battling cravings, stress, gut health through exercise and food to ensure success.

The truth is that you need a tailored plan to get results.

Remember there is never a one size fits all approach, so if you're following a cookie cutter programme it won't work.

Time is short and you need to take action so what are you waiting for?

Tom Cunningham Fitness Lean Secrets -

1. 12 Hour fasting period
2. Identifying Bad Habits , making new ones to replace the old ones with.
3. Exercise 3-5 times per week including at least 2 days of weight training.
4. Focus on putting the right food in your mouth - At TCF you learn what and how.
5. Implement a strategic weight training plan, LEARN HOW TO LIFT.
6. SMART Cardio
7. Plans that take into account BMR , TDEE, NEAT, EE (Key metabolic terms and create an anabolic training environment )
8. Have clear goals on what you want.
9. Schedule your appointment with Tom Cunningham Fitness and check us out on social media!
10. Putting your goals off will only make you feel worse down the line.

I've helped people change their lives all over Nottingham, seeing my clients change, grow and overcome obstacles to learn exercises, build new habits and make lifelong changes to their lives that last, improving fitness, body image and quality of life in all areas.

I have been inspired over the past 7+ years of working face to face with clients, helping them on their journeys, my career started out in Fitness First when I was 18, I have since then worked across performance facilities, commercial gyms and now have moved into a spacious studio that is designed to help you get results in a private setting, I've been impacting peoples lives for a long time and I love it!

I thrive off seeing people break down barriers, change, grow and reach new heights. I want you to be the next one who succeeds on your fitness journey!

It's not just a training session it's an experience and we're with you every step of the way!


60 Min Personal Training Tailored Lifestyle Plan Nutritional Guidelines (Plan creation options available) Fat Loss Weight Training Cardio Training