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Gary Allen

30 July 2018

Moira and Moby have been long time friends and she is amazing with him. I don’t whose smile is bigger - his or hers when they are together.


Juliette Hopkins

30 July 2018

Moira of Toby Trails Walks takes my two babies Hannah Banana and CoCo Loco for lovely long walks in the woods. Hannah is very nervous and skittish and CoCo thinks he a big, brace wolf (he is a six pound, long-haired chihuahua) but she manages them both very well. They always come back with big smiles on their faces! More...


Ana E Rivera Moreno

30 July 2018

Everything Moira do have a purpose. Is a women with a great heart. Is amazing to see how much enthusiasm she showed when she talk about their dogs. In reality those dogs are the ones looking for a home. She dedicate time and effort to make every moment count in the life of these dogs. She understand their language, and cares about them. I can assure you that your loving dogs will be in great hands. She will make the walk a great experience for them and, they will be moving their tails as soon as they see her again. More...