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my name is Daniel Toal, a young entrepreneur from Ireland with 4 years experience in sales and marketing.

My passion and mission is to help businesses hit new heights by using my knowlegde I've gained over the years on how to implement a solid social media strategy.


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Ben Mulligan

3 June 2019

Daniel is very knowledgeable and I'd highly recommend using his services


Lachlan Thompson

16 May 2019

Incredible service! Provides in depth knowledge and I cant recommend enough!


Loukas Hambi

13 May 2019

Great service and highly effective.


Ahmed Gulled

6 May 2019

Very professional and highly effective service. Excellent results achieved, would recommend 10/10


Alex Cooper

5 May 2019

Daniel really knows his stuff!! His results speak for themselves, would recommend Toal's to anyone


Livhuwani Tshikhudo

4 May 2019

Dan and his team are brilliant at what they do. I am very pleased with my results. I highly recommend!!


Chris Bishop

4 May 2019

Daniel really knows his stuff when it comes to marketing. He has provided me with a reliable and professional service, and most importantly he has produced excellent results for me! I would highly encourage anyone to work with Daniel and his team! More...


Rob White

4 May 2019

Daniel is fantastic. Incredibly knowledgable on all things social media and highly recommend to anyone.


Josh Lockerby

3 May 2019

Very professional service and an all-round fantastic working experience with Toal's Media. Recommended!


Harry Brown

3 May 2019

Daniel has helped my business massively. With his knowledge of marketing, my ROI has increased dramatically! Thank you, Daniel and his team at Toals Media


Cristi Ionut

3 May 2019

I am a perfectionist and, as a business owner, it’s difficult to let go and allow someone else to do my marketing, but I’m so glad I did!!! I have more clients than I can handle now and my appointments are packed! The ROI is better than I ever expected, so I just signed a 1 year contract without thinking twice. I would definitely recommend ToalsMedia ! More...


Vernini Vig

3 May 2019

I can highly recommend working with Dan, his social media industry knowledge is indepth, the Ad strategies have enabled my business to reach new hights. Thank you Dan


Kelly Renee

3 May 2019

I was skeptical at first but Daniel proved me wrong. My ROI is incredible and now I have more clients than appointment slots. I’m going to be hiring again because I’m that busy. Can’t recommend Toal's Media enough!! More...

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The best thing about my job is that I can help businesses hit their goals which is truly fulfilling.

I always had a entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for business. Before I started Toal's Media I was very fortunate to have 4 years experience in a sales and marketing company, I was always the first one in the office and one of the last few to leave because I truly enjoyed learning about business and making progress.

2017 I started learning about Facebook and Instagram Ads out of interest. I took two different in depth courses on Facebook and Instagram Ads and I have been keeping up to date with all the latest strategies ever since to help businesses that don't have time.

- We offer a bespoke service that fits your needs specifically, we don't believe in one size fits all because every business is different.

- What makes us stand out the most is that we are extremely confident in our service we actually have a money back guarantee if we don't make your business a ROI from Ad spend.