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Counseling for children, teens, adults and couples. We offer counseling for depression, stress, anxiety, past trauma, and post-traumatic stress disorder. We also work with ADHD, divorce, relationship issues and several other mental health issues.


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Elle Jay

29 May 2018

I have been seeing Tammy for about three years. She works with me post-DBT to ensure that I continue using skills. She is insightful and EXTREMELY caring. She is willing to work as a team to create goals, and follow up. More...


Maribor 70

29 May 2017

I have been very happy with my experience at TM counseling! They have been so helpful and I feel totally at ease during my sessions!!! I can't wait to see where life leads me with their help!! More...


Paul Mensink

29 May 2017

Great therapists and relaxing environment. Care a lot about customers.


Kimmy Linscott

29 May 2017

I've been a client of TM Counseling for 3 years now and I've been very happy with the services I've received, and recommend them often.


Lakisha Glover

29 May 2017

I absolutely love my therapist Tamara Mensink she's been my therapist for 3 yrs I would recommend her for all my family friends ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️?

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I love the people that pass through my office that need help, understanding and compassion.

To help others through mental issues, trauma, pain, everyday stress and to make their day and life happier and more fulfilling.

I like to hear your stories of love, passion, happiness, strengths and dreams to help you move ahead. I will help you discover deeper life lessons in the situations you have dealt with in the past, so you can let go of the patterns that have kept you from living a fulfilling life. I will also like to help you map out and trace the origin of your feelings to the source and to discover meaning and significance in past difficulties. I like to help you realize the meaning and influence behind them that still contribute to your life today.


I am a marriage and family therapist. Work on premarital counseling and counseling for relationship issues.