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TLJ Professional Services Inc

Hercules, California, Contra Costa

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TLJ Professional Services Inc

Hercules, California, Contra Costa

1 hire on Bark


At TLJ Professional Services, Inc., we're committed to helping individuals and businesses with tax preparation, contract accounting, corporate accounting, business bookkeeping, corporate financial statements, and other financial needs.

​If you’re looking for high quality and personal service, you’ve come to the right place.


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Anesha S

13 July 2019

Where do we start; if this site would have offered ten stars , we’d have given it to her. Our appointment was for taxes (Back taxes ergg)... For anyone who has this type of issue, it’s just flat out scary and can make for sleepless nights. ***** was so enormously helpful, insightful, knowledgeable of all things taxes and life. We truly felt like we were in a life class and in a good way. We had coffee and conversation, who can say that they have done that with their tax person. We absolutely fell in love with her humor and her candor. She’s just an all around good person . If you have any tax needs or just tax questions, please give ***** **** ***** a call. You’ll be glad you did, I know we are. More...


Anesha S.

2 July 2019

I am absolutely shocked and not in a good way, that I am the first person to give this wonderful person a review. In full disclosure, our tax situation is an absolute hot mess. We hadn't filed, we owed , and we "were" definitely scared, and that is an understatement. However Ms. Tracy contacted us immediately, she then went through everything and I mean EVERYTHING in great detail and while she was driving! She put us at ease, and gave us great guidance going forward. Did I fail to mention that we were also going tax deferred for five years just to survive in the Bay Area. She also gave us information about the how to and the what to do regarding filing are taxes WITHOUT going tax deferred anymore. Information that I have NEVER been given before.... which again is why I went tax deferred in the first place, just to survive in the Bay Area. Again, ALL of this, while driving!!!We are in business with Tracy for the long haul. I work for California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation and have been for 21 years. I will be letting ALL of my staff know about her. She's honest and sincere and trustworthy. Give her a call with your tax needs, she'll put you at ease. She sure did that for us.Our names are Anesha and David, and we're with her.Thank you More...



31 May 2019

The work was great Tracy Jones was great. She did an excellent job. Thank you

Thank you Mrs. Phyllis. It was my pleasure to give you exactly what you needed.


Karyn Linder-Trussell

31 May 2019

Tracy is one very sharp and cutting edge business professional. I'm excited to support her on new endeavor.


Phyllis D

29 May 2019

I thought ***** ***** was great she was very professional, accurate and managed her time well, she gave us exactly what we needed.***** was willing to go above and beyond to make sure all the paperwork was in order and I really needed that kind of professionalism at that time it was crucial. we were having issues with keeping our receipts and business in order when dealing with my husband's Mother's estate. Thank you More...


Shryl A

25 September 2018

I have been a client for 7 plus years. In my experience TLJ Professional Services is just that, always professional, timely, customer friendly, and thorough. There have been times, that in my haste, I have forgotten to send necessary documents to complete my taxes, TLJ Professional Services will send a friendly reminder of what is needed. When I've had questions, I've always received a prompt response and a complete explanation. I will continue to utilize TLJ Professional Services, Inc. and would highly recommend others to do so also. More...


Veronica Davis

30 August 2018

I have always been pleased with the service I received. However, *** ***** professionalism and ability to get to the bottom of the situation quickly exceeded my expectations.


Angela L. Howard

30 August 2018

It's been a joy and learning process to work with ***** from TLJ Professional Services. She's handled out taxes for the last four years and have provided us with professional and expert advice.



30 August 2018

I have been working with TLJ Professional for multiple years. The services I receive are outstanding. ****** goes above and beyond in making sure I leave with all my questions answered and then some. She makes me comfortable in knowing that everything I share with her remains confidential and that she is looking out for my best interest always. I highly recommend TLJ Professional Services! More...


We offer a variety of business services including:
- Financial statement preparation
- Bank reconciliations
- General ledger reconciliations
- Billing & receivables services
- Business support services
- Business financial services
- Bookkeeping services
- Bill paying services
- Accounting services
- Budgeting assistance
- QuickBooks/System implementation/set up
- Business coaching
- Business formation services (Packages Basic, Deluxe, Complete)
**We specialize in accounting system implementation consulting for Accounts Payable systems**

We've been preparing tax returns since 1987 years for individual returns and since 2010 for corporate returns. We are an IRS Registered Tax Return Preparer (RTRP) & CA CTEC. Tax preparation services include:
- Tax return e-filing services
- Tax preparation services – Individual & Corporate

The financial position of your business is vital in making important decisions, like expansion, cost allocations, production, etc. Hiring a great accounting professional ensures the accuracy of your financial position and records. In turn can save you lots of money on time and taxes.

What I love most about being the CEO of TLJ Professional Services, Inc. is being able to customize my services to fit the needs of the client. I offer an array of business services that can meet the needs of businesses big and small.

I started my business to supplement my income back in 2003, which started with tax services. Being a business professional, I saw the growing population of entrepreneurs, who are good at what they do, but may not be so good at managing their books. I've expanded my services over the years to address the growing needs of entrepreneurs and to provide services after tax season,

Clients should choose me because I offer a variety of skills and services for their business, as well as customized packages for their services needs. My services come with education, experience, professionalism, and most importantly, I go above and beyond my service offerings.