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WALKS-Your pup will get a 15-20 minute walk on their favorite route. They also get fed, if need be, and fresh water. I also show them love and care with lost of hugs and kisses and some play time. Visits usually last 30-45 minutes depending on the dogs needs.


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William Kleiber

5 August 2019

Tami. Was a very nice person she got along very well with my do,and took great care of him over the weekend I would definitely recommend her to anybody. Thank you again


Marisa Hoff

28 March 2019

We have used TLC services for almost two weeks now! We love the care our dogs are receiving!! The visit recaps and photos are always fun to look forward to! I highly recommend this service!


Robert Province

11 March 2019

responsible and love pets

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I love the time i get to spend with different types of animals. I love animals, big or small. If the world was more like them it would be a better place!!

It all started when a neighbor of mine was planning a trip to, I believe, Mexico but had no one to watch her cat. He was an orange and white fat cat. He kinda reminded me of Garfield. Well, as she was talking to my Mom I said to her, I’ll do it!! She asked me “do what?” I responded with “I’ll watch your cat. Does he eat lasagna like Garfield too?!?” She laughed and that's when my sitting skills began. Of course she explained to me what he ate, how much and when. I watched him for a week that time and every other time her and her husband went away. It was convient for them as we lived in the same building and on the same floor. It showed me responsibility at a young age and I felt good because I had a job. Of course my parents watched my money for me and helped me open a bank account and helped me with important life skills with money at a young age. Since then I had a part time job with pet sitting. I have watched friends pets and families fur babies through out the years and now to spread my services to YOU!!! I have 2 fur babies of my own, Frankie and Charlie. They are the two in the cover photo. I love them very much, and will care for yours as I do mine. With all the TLC and affection they can get.

Clients should choose me because I'm FABULOUS!!! LOL Because i really care. I take the time in our meet and greet to understand your pets needs and to make sure they feel comfortable with me there. I LISTEN!!! I know a lot of people just "yes" and "OK" their clients but don't really listen to what they are explaining. I do! I also make sure YOU feel comfortable with me as well. Heck, i wouldn't leave my dogs with just anybody, and neither should you.