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Tinker' Reviews

Tinker' Reviews

Review of Tinker' by Jennifer Orlowsky Bryant
5 Jennifer Orlowsky Bryant

Wow, such a great movie. Going to see it again tomorrow.

Review of Tinker' by Lee Miller
5 Lee Miller

We saw Tinker at Reedy Reels @ the Gunter Theater in Greenville last night. It is an awesome film with local ties. Good family movie with a great story. Highly recommend it!

Review of Tinker' by Kathy Ares
5 Kathy Ares

Absolutely loved the movie! Heartwarming family friendly movie. Absolutely should be on your must see list!

Review of Tinker' by Christopher David Knox
5 Christopher David Knox

Truly amazing and awe aspiring. I was fascinated on how the young boy was inspired to help in creating something amazing. I want to be that young man.

Review of Tinker' by Chris Zahn Garcia
5 Chris Zahn Garcia

I loved this movie. Get you at any age. The conflict, the concern, the love. It's all there.

Review of Tinker' by Valerie L Morey
5 Valerie L Morey

I have seen it 2 times and it touches every emotion you have a great flim.Everyone involved did a outstanding job.

Review of Tinker' by Donna Hoke
5 Donna Hoke

This was such an awesome movie. It's great to have a family friendly movie. Hope to buy when released on DVD so i can watch over and over again.

Review of Tinker' by Elissa Robison
5 Elissa Robison

Already know it’s good,can’t wait to see it!! #TinkerOn

Review of Tinker' by Katie Smith
5 Katie Smith

Tinker shows us that a movie doesn't need car chases, sex, trashy language, and all the other Hollywood cliches to tell a good story. It needs heart. And Tinker has that. The dialogue was well-written, so down to earth....and the characters very real. Loved the actor interaction. So genuine....they definitely had the audience engaged! It was beautifully done, loved seeing all the Alabama countryside on film. Great job to all involved, hope your hard work continues to pay off! #tinkeron

Review of Tinker' by Stephen B Seager
5 Stephen B Seager

I saw "Tinker" at the recent Sutter Creek Int Film Festival in California. It was the hit of the festival. It was the best film I have ever seen at a film festival. The acting was superior especially young Colton Crawford whose performance was the backbone of the production. Flawless direction. Seamless edits. Terrific sound and effects. A wonderful script. You will see this film one day come Oscar time. Done miss "Tinker". I didn't. I even bought the director lunch!

Review of Tinker' by Ann Ryce
5 Ann Ryce

#Tinker is a truly amazing and touching film. There are just so many emotions displayed throughout it. I knew it was going to be good, but good doesn't begin to describe it. #Tinker is one of those few movies you can watch over and over. I can't wait till it comes to a theater so I can take my whole family to see it! It's a great family film. These words just can't describe #Tinker so I'll just say WOW THAT WAS AMAZING! #TinkerOn

Review of Tinker' by Lisa King
5 Lisa King

This is a truly original and unique film. The production is first rate starting with the cinematography and carrying through to the acting and editing. You will have hope swell in your heart as you finish watching. Watch as many times as you can as there are subtle things that run throughout that ties everything together. I am eternally grateful I saw this in a theater, but can't wait to buy the DVD so I can share it with family. Great movie to continually introduce to each new generation.

Review of Tinker' by Meg Hammond Clemons
5 Meg Hammond Clemons

Finally got to see the movie "Tinker"�I've been waiting for this day with great expectation and I'm here to say it was all that and more!��� I didn't want it to end!!! It was great to be able to go to the movies with my children and grandchildren and not worry about an unexpected, inappropriate scene or word being thrown in there!���

Review of Tinker' by Chalyce Macoskey
5 Chalyce Macoskey

I have been blessed to see this film four times and it still makes me emotional. The cinematography is breathtaking. It is thought provoking on a soul level that stays with you for days after. Tinker is the awakening that is much needed in the world right now. Sat Nam and Wahe Guru

Review of Tinker' by Tracey Antoline
5 Tracey Antoline

This movie was Amazing! We got to see it by chance and so glad we did. It's a solid movie with layers upon layers, emotions and characters, so many aspects that fit perfectly together into one! Also with different personal journeys & beliefs that are offensive to no one with an ultimate message in it all, to be a person that helps others, no matter what. Do the right thing. I will own a copy of this movie! Great job to all who had part in the making, you're hard work paid off!

Review of Tinker' by Richard Schulman
5 Richard Schulman

Tinker was brilliant, insightful, beautifully filmed, and touched my heart and soul in a deep way. Reflecting upon my experience of the film, Tinker left me feeling similarly to what I felt after seeing ET in it's expressing a sweet, tender, spirt, while providing a message of a better future if we open our minds and hearts to it. It's perhaps the first metaphysical family film and all in all, a gorgeous and wondrous film. Loved it.

Review of Tinker' by Mary E. Brewer
5 Mary E. Brewer

So happy to see this wonderful movie up there on the big screen!
Well worth the wait! If you want non-stop action, blow-ups, gun fights,
This is not the movie for you.
If you want a very intelligent, interesting, touching film that the whole
family can watch together.. TINKER is the one you want!!
Won't give any spoilers.. This one you have to see for yourself! :)

Review of Tinker' by Sandy Bambrick Holt
5 Sandy Bambrick Holt

Amazing. I saw Tinker a few weeks ago in Maryland. This movie is full of layers and gives you so much to think about. The personalities of the characters, science, religion, belief in other humans, human interactions, and more. The main storyline is supplemented by the smaller character ones, and that gave each character a real voice in the overall story. I really can't wait until I can see it again and really process everything that goes on.

I heard about this movie because Christian Kane was in it, but the more I saw of the trailers and heard about how Tinker came to be in existence, the more I wanted to see if for the story. So glad I did. If you have the opportunity to see it, I definitely recommend it.

Review of Tinker' by Holly Herpich Bencaz
5 Holly Herpich Bencaz

Amazing family friendly film! I was glued to my seat throughout this entire movie! Can't wait to own it so I can watch it over and over again!! Excellent work Tom!!!

Review of Tinker' by Charity Owensby
5 Charity Owensby

First I would like to preface this with the fact that I watched this movie solely because Christian Kane is in it, but I went in with an open mind and no expectations.
Christian, of course, was excellent in the role of Boudreux, Grady's handy but mostly quiet best friend. Though the part was small Christian easily conveyed the intensity and dedication of the character in his relationship with Grady.
Clayne Crawford turned in a remarkable performance as Grady Lee Jr. Quiet, withdrawn, quite possibly a bit autistic, and utterly brilliant. This is a very different type if role for Crawford, and to say he nailed it is an understatement.
The true standout of this film is certainly Colt Crawford, son of Clayne, making his acting debut as Grady's nephew Kai. The characters of Grady and Kai are so intricately interwoven that they are nearly the same character in many ways. I'm sure that their real life relationship made it less difficult, the performance was so seamless that it is a true testament to Colt's natural acting talent.
The story itself I found to be an easily digestible level of an extremely complex concept. While it is true that there are indepth questions that I would've enjoyed seeing explained, I believe that Sonny & Tom made the right choice in keeping the overall story a bit more simplified thus making the film enjoyable for the whole family. Each character has their own journey to travel, and they have the chance to get where they're going by the end of the film. I was also impressed by the film's ability to deal with conflicting subjects and ideals; science, science fiction, agnostic, christian all without belittling the value of each.
Overall this is a solid film that I believe would be an enjoyable watch for virtually everyone.


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