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We pride ourselves on having the most honest, reliable and quality cleaners in the area. We spend a huge amount of time vetting all our cleaners to ensure that they reach our high standards. They are all police checked, reference checked and interviewed in their own homes.


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12 September 2019

Friendly Owner and Staff, feel happy to be letting them into my home which has put me at ease


We started running Time For You Blackburn & Clitheroe this year. Time For You ltd cleans over 30000 homes a week and has been running for 20 years. It is a market leader in terms of residential cleaning.

We have started very successfully and already have a bank of cleaners and clients. We are lucky that we are with Time For You as it is so professionally run. That is why it is so successful, simple as that.

No we don't unless the customer requests it. The advantage of using the householder's equipment is that it is theirs. The house smells how they want it to after a clean. The products are the householder's products. Therefore they are not cheap, bulk bought cleaning products.
The householder's vacuum cleaner has not cleaned 5 houses already that morning. It will not carry germs from those 5 houses into the customer’s house either.

Mainly watching the business grow. I am a big believer in you get out what you put in. It works well because the cleaners are honest, reliable people. Therefore customers are happy with the product.

We have been able to help many elderly people who are very proud people. They are at a time in their lives when cleaning has become difficult. However there independence is very important to them. I have enjoyed finding the right kind of cleaner for these people as it appears to make a real difference to their lives.

I have always wanted my own business. We had a couple of cleaners in our house who were not a huge success. I thought to myself, I could organise things better than this. The key is getting the right cleaners. If that works everything else falls into place.

We are a family run business. I like to think that we are very approachable, good communicators and really want to deliver a good service. We realise that not all people are looking for the same clean. Therefore we meet you, get to understand the kind of cleaner you are looking for and then match your needs to the cleaners that we work with.

Also you get £2million pounds of insurance covering the clean.
The cleaners are fully vetted
Reference checked
Police checked.