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Frances Sun

18 April 2019

Tim and His team represented my case a few years ago and led to a speedy, hassle free, fair and just solution. I found it fun and educational to work with him on my case. He raises the bar for legal professionals.For employment law, if you choose Tim, you are in safe hands.I reconnected with Tim for a coffee when I worked in London for an assignment recently. This is a very delayed feedback, which I should have done years ago when my case was closed. But it is never too late to correct. Tim, thanks for the teaching. More...


Kyle McAlpine

19 November 2018

Tim and Julia were incredibly supportive and helpful throughout my case. I'd recommend them to anyone going through anything employment law related.


Charlie R

20 October 2018

Helped my colleague beginning of the year, an excellent team especially Tess and Ellie who were the key solicitor/people and I recommend to anyone as both really thorough and engaging. The paralegal staff were ok but seemed very junior and a bit unfriendly. But I was impressed overall and I would recommend to anyone More...



18 May 2017

Tim Johnson Law did a wonderful job representing me,guiding me and supporting me through the whole process.They are passionate about pursuing justice and « the expert » in the field of discrimination in the workplace.Their expertise ,commitment, perseverance and kindness have truly impressed me.I can not recommend and thank them enough for their excellent work. More...


Chris Day

18 May 2017

Tim Johnson/ Law take time and care to understand their clients. Combine this with their understanding of the law and powerful documents and the ideas then follow. In my case this meant them spotting a statutory basis for an ET claim and then an appeal to the Court of Appeal to protect or establish whistleblowing protection for 54,000 junior doctors. Their actions will benefit patients also. I and many of my junior doctor colleagues are so grateful to this firm.Dr Chris Day More...


Benny B

18 May 2017

I enthusiastically recommend Tim Johnsons/ Law firm . After my initial dismissal ( I believed this to be unfair) I approached them and met them in person. Mr. Johnsons, Ellie and Tess were very easy to talk to. This was a good sign and I knew straight away that I have someone who would be on my side. This was very reassuring.Tess ( solicitor) and Ellie ( paralegal) were dealing with my case . Both very energetic, reliable and focused ladies. Thanks to them I got reinstated back and was able to go back to normal daily life. Seldom have I been able to recommend someone without reservation but I would definitely give them my highest recommendations...Big big thank you to Tess and EllieFrom Arben B. More...


A Google User

13 January 2011

Tim Johnson Law have helped me greatly with my problems at work. Without them I would have not known what to do. I would recommend them to anyone who is having problems with discrimination at work or is in the middle of a dispute.

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