Tier Couture Bakery

Tier Couture Bakery

Tier Couture Bakery  locationLawrenceville, Georgia, Gwinnett

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At Tier Couture Bakery we offer quality baked goods, all created from scratch. We off customer wedding cakes, groom cakes, bridal cakes and bridal shower cakes. We also over a venue for small bridal showers.

Tier Couture Bakery  Reviews

Tier Couture Bakery Reviews

Review of Tier Couture Bakery  by C B
2 29/06/2018 C B

My mother picked up two cupcakes on her way to see me: chocolate for her and chocolate turtle for me. My cupcake was dry and tasted like it had Hershey's syrup in the center. The icing is supposed be buttercream (I think) but isn't a good rendition. My mother's cupcake was moist, at least. I won't visit and I don't recommend this place.

Review of Tier Couture Bakery  by Todd Heflin
5 03/06/2018 Todd Heflin

Excellent desserts! I had the Blondie brownie and it was so big I had to save some for later. My son had a slice of Red Velvet cake and it was quite large. He said it was very good. We will both be back for more.

Review of Tier Couture Bakery  by qrs
5 07/05/2018 qrs

The cake pops that I ordered were absolutely delicious! I had the opportunity to meet the owner and she was very nice and friendly; she warmly greeted me upon entry. That's the type of service that I expect when I patronize any business, so I'll definitely be back!!

Review of Tier Couture Bakery  by Quenita Mitchell
5 06/05/2018 Quenita Mitchell

I was able to place an order with them from Alabama for pick up in Georgia. The cake was amazing and just what I wanted. The staff was friendly and helped me every step of the way. I would definitely be visiting when I am close. their prices where reasonable and in line with other places I had shipped online.

Review of Tier Couture Bakery  by Samantha Youmans
5 02/05/2018 Samantha Youmans

I am so happy to be introduced to this new bakery not to far from my job in downtown lawerenceville. I had went in for the first time today and it was so beautiful the set up was nice also it smell so good in this bakery. This place have so much to choose from, Yes!!! they don’t just have baked goods they have ice cream and sandwiches which is great. I brought a banana pudding cupcake which wad so delicious and will be going back for another one. Also the customer service was great the young man today was so patient and respectful he was so helpful when i came in today and didn’t have a clue on which cupcake to choose. So i suggest you guys to go visit this wonderful bakery located in downtown Lawrenceville.

Review of Tier Couture Bakery  by Rob Mitchell
1 21/04/2018 Rob Mitchell

Came in on Saturday, they had a 2 for 1 special on milkshakes. Unfortunately they weren't able to make the shakes we wanted because they didn't have the ingredients for what we wanted. Doesn't make sense on 2 for 1 day. The person who brought us the shakes didn't give us napkins or anything to eat them with. We had to find straws that were too short and no spoons. My son got a Sunday and they said they ran out if ice cream. They offered soft serve and it was like warm cream. They butter pecan shake I had was good but overall the experience was not good. They need to improve or they won't be around long.

Review of Tier Couture Bakery  by Laura O'Toole
5 20/04/2018 Laura O'Toole

Probably the best cupcake I've ever had; the banana pudding flavor. Also had a ham sandwich and it was great, too; the guy behind the counter was friendly and helpful. Great place!

Review of Tier Couture Bakery  by Charmagne Johnson
5 19/04/2018 Charmagne Johnson

My experience here was one of a kind. Shaquana, the owner, was so pleasant and welcoming as soon as I walked in. Her staff were also very professional and nice. I had an idea on what I wanted and she made it a reality. I couldn't be more pleased with the service and the cake. The cake was so beautiful and tasted amazing. I also ordered a cupcake for my little girl and it was moist and full of flavor. She definitely has a customer for life now.

Review of Tier Couture Bakery  by Sandra Kobsar
5 13/04/2018 Sandra Kobsar

Apparently they have more than just cakes, cupcakes, and shakes. Just had their new menu item-chicken and waffle. Yesss Please! Two fluffy buttermilk waffles made from scratch and 6 delicious honey bbq wings. Yes I did have to wait since it was made-to-order, but well worth it I thought. Thank you!

Review of Tier Couture Bakery  by Dominique Norbeck-Amos
5 26/03/2018 Dominique Norbeck-Amos

Adorable family owned bakery. Make seriously amazing banana pudding!! Great prices.

Review of Tier Couture Bakery  by Starosha Smith
5 21/03/2018 Starosha Smith

I loved loved my experience here 5 Star A+ Service from them their customer service is awesome their cake was delicious and she captured my exact idea in my head for My cake

Review of Tier Couture Bakery  by Kandice James
2 02/03/2018 Kandice James

Maybe I came in on a bad day. The lady at the counter told us to hold on for a while because she was on her phone. We waited for a while until she came back and we ordered and she started it then came back to us saying we didn't order a flavor...we did and reminded her and she seemed to remember. We recieved our red velvet dreamshake and it was just pitiful. It looked nothing like the pictures posted. I could have gotten that same shake for cheaper at chik fi la and it would have tasted better. Not to mention it took her a whole 2 minutes or more to make it. Lots of waiting. Not intending on returning.

Review of Tier Couture Bakery  by Robert LaClare
5 02/03/2018 Robert LaClare

Awsome Enviorment Great Shakes and Baked Goods. It would be a wonderful place to plan an Ice Cream Social Party or Birthday Party. Even has room for dancing. Family Run Staff are wonderful

Review of Tier Couture Bakery  by Lorenzo Davis
5 14/02/2018 Lorenzo Davis

Very pleasant and soothing atmosphere! Definitely will be shopping here again!

Review of Tier Couture Bakery  by Kamia Elliott
3 22/01/2018 Kamia Elliott

maybe i came in on an off day. I've driven by multiple times but had never been in to buy anything. being that my sons birthday party is coming up i went in with questions about ordering a cake. unfortunately the young man behind the counter wasn't able to answer my questions and had to keep going to the back to get answers. after about the 5th question on of the ladies came from the back to assist. they couldnt locate the pricing sheets. a lady came in to order coffee and they couldnt find the menu. while ultimately i went with another bakery, i would definitely like to go back and give them another shot.

Review of Tier Couture Bakery  by Alex Barreto
5 18/01/2018 Alex Barreto

Place is welcoming and staff is friendly. I usually take walks in downtown Lawrenceville to see what’s new in the area and was happy to run into this shop. The cupcakes are nicely designed and taste good. I personally bought a cake jar but wanted to take one of everything. Lol. Especially after seeing a vanilla cake with butter cream. I have posted a pic for you to see. I have to visit soon and try their milkshakes, the cotton candy one caught my attention :)

I recommend that you visit and support this local business.

Review of Tier Couture Bakery  by raerae991999
5 23/12/2017 raerae991999

A friend of mine referred me to this bakery always telling me how authentic their recipes were. I went and was not disappointed. The cake we bought was amazing and one of the employees even let me sample one of the cupcakes before we made our decision.

Review of Tier Couture Bakery  by Holly Farrar
5 20/12/2017 Holly Farrar

Hot banana pudding in a jar!! Omgosh! 10 minutes to bake to perfection! Absolutely delicious!! Extremely nice people, going back....

Review of Tier Couture Bakery  by Jill Vega
5 31/10/2017 Jill Vega

Ordered my grandsons Birthday cake and cupcakes here. She did an AMAZING JOB. He loves PJ MASKS and She NAILED it!! The cupcakes were a hit at his school. The kids loved them. Homemade sweet and tasty. This is my bakery from now on.. Great Job and thanks again!!

Review of Tier Couture Bakery  by Amy Hollifield
5 Amy Hollifield


Review of Tier Couture Bakery  by Desiree Washington
5 Desiree Washington

Personal. Vibrant. Creative. If should feel good to get something that shows all the loved ones, your surrounded by, something special about you . . . . then eat it lol.

Review of Tier Couture Bakery  by Syllen Kelly Hill
5 Syllen Kelly Hill

Love this place! I did a last minute delivery for my husband for Veteran's Day and they were DELICIOUS!

Review of Tier Couture Bakery  by Diana Denise Neal
5 Diana Denise Neal

The Strawberry & Red Velvet melts in your mouth. Give this new Cupcake establishment a try. Great service, friendly staff.

Enjoyed �

Review of Tier Couture Bakery  by Dawn Lonczak
5 Dawn Lonczak

The warm milk chocolate brownie was delicious!

Review of Tier Couture Bakery  by Andrea Underwood McMahon
5 Andrea Underwood McMahon

The butter pecan cupcake was amazing and the staff was super sweet! Can’t wait to return for breakfast.

Review of Tier Couture Bakery  by Calvester T Rekrap
5 Calvester T Rekrap

Selfless Service
Personal Service
This sums “Tier Coutour” up!

Review of Tier Couture Bakery  by Erica Johnson
5 Erica Johnson

OMG I visited this FABULOUS chic bakery for the first time on Saturday and the Vanilla Cupcake and Cookies & Creme Cupcake were life changing! I went again today at 8 PM and they were closed but the owner was still there and she made this pregnant lady so happy!!! She allowed my hubby and I to get my craving satisfied with their homemade cupcakes. They most definitely have a repeat customer! The s'more Cupcake was EPIC!!! If you are looking for true homemade Cupcake and goodies definitely visit Tier Couture Bakery!!! You won't regret it!!!

Review of Tier Couture Bakery  by Candace Wilson Davis
5 Candace Wilson Davis

It’s an awesome bakery with such a friendly staff! You’ve got to try it���������

Review of Tier Couture Bakery  by Nakia Atwater
5 Nakia Atwater

I had the banana pudding cupcake. It was the best cupcake I ever had. I can't wait to try the other flavors. Tier Couture Bakery is amazing.

Review of Tier Couture Bakery  by Cynthia C Bell
5 Cynthia C Bell

We were so pleased with our red velvet and butter pecan cupcakes. They were absolutely delicious, made from scratch. It was difficult to say which were the best, but I'm thinking that the butter pecan is my favorite. The service was delightful and friendly. Definitely 5 star! Thanks so much. We will be back soon.

Review of Tier Couture Bakery  by Jennifer Tutt
5 Jennifer Tutt

The best banana pudding always freshly made every time. Cupcakes are to die for and don’t get me started on the breakfast sliders. The owners is so nice.

Review of Tier Couture Bakery  by Linda Tate Oliver
5 Linda Tate Oliver

Oh my goodness......I stopped in there at noon today as I had seen the article in the Gwinnett Daily Post about this place. I ended up getting a baked banana pudding, a cupcake and a muffin. I couldn't wait to try the baked banana pudding and since they make it fresh while you wait....I had to patiently wait. Needless to say.....it was NOT disappointing! It was AMAZING!! Well worth the wait for it. I will certainly be back!!

Review of Tier Couture Bakery  by Sonia Pitter
5 Sonia Pitter

My appreciation to the ladies of Tier Couture Bakery for the beautiful cake and cupcakes for my cousin's 50th. Everything was delicious and beautifully decorated. Tier offered the best price and turnaround. When I casually mentioned that the topper I ordered was not delivered, they offered to add additional decorations to the cake. The ladies are friendly, pleasant and talented. Thank you so much, I will be back.

Review of Tier Couture Bakery  by Samantha Lynn
5 Samantha Lynn

We had the most beautiful cupcakes I have ever seen. Not only did they look gorgeous but they tasted amazing! Highly recommend to friends and other members in the community!

Review of Tier Couture Bakery  by Zoe Wilks
5 Zoe Wilks

The best homemade cakes in town!!! I haven't tasted anything from here that didn't satisfy me...you have to stop in and enjoy their delicious treats! Great desserts and awesome customer service! Much gratitude Tier Couture Bakery.

Downtown Lawrenceville,Ga. (On the Square)

Review of Tier Couture Bakery  by Sharon Spivey Miley
5 Sharon Spivey Miley

Hands down the BEST BAKER in Lawrenceville, Ga!!! Thank you so much for making my vision come to life!!! If you are looking for a delicious, beautifully decorated, homemade cake, then this is the place for you���

Review of Tier Couture Bakery  by Jan Blalock
5 Jan Blalock

The best cupcakes I've ever had! I went in once and tried the strawberry cheesecake cupcake. I have been back at least once a week since for more. I'm definitely getting every cake from there from now on.

Tier Couture Bakery

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Tier Couture Bakery Location

138 E Crogan St, Lawrenceville, GA 30046, USA

Tier Couture Bakery  Q&A

Tier Couture Bakery Q&A

What do you love most about your job?

I love creating a masterpiece that wows my customer at the time of delivery.

What inspired you to start your own business?

I’ve always been In love with art. I love creating new exticing cakes. Decorating and putting the final touches on cakes is the part I love the most. I love to test my creativity and Take on new challenges.

Why should our clients choose you?

At Tiers we use all the finest ingredients to create a masterpiece that the bride, groom and their guest will love.

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