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My partners and I are a knit group of business problem solvers. We cover various fields especially management consulting, project management, product development & management, marketing, IT, operations, and HR.

Our clients usually find themselves in a situation where they don't have the internal resources or open corporate culture to effect change, program completions, self-evaluations, tweaking or innovating products, deciding on a marketing strategy, or making broader organizational decisions.



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I feel great joy when I've helped a customer get through a rough patch. Maybe it's a matter of making organizational and management decisions. Or trying a new marketing strategy. Or tackling problems that don't go away and you know need some attentive project management discipline. As an owner or manager, you can persist in pain for a long time before it finally eats at you. I like to step in before someone or some business is consumed by the competitive landscape. I liken my team to an aspirin for business headaches.

I've been on the management side of the business for decades and I am surprised by some of the problems I had to endure before realizing I needed help. Before I drowned. I was lucky. Whenever I needed help I found good freelancers and outsourcers that made things go smoothly for me. The relief was immediate and welcomed. On the other side, I found that I was doing a lot of voluntary coaching and mentoring for others and it was helping them. That's when I decided that I should provide a well-balanced management consulting offering to struggling businesspeople. And make a living do that. I felt useful when I helped others finish or implement a project or strategize on a new management plan. It's great seeing the excitement in a client's eyes as their problems begin to disappear.

In the opening profile, I write at length about my team's mantra regarding business and I mean every word of it. Businesses exist to make profits and deliver value to customers. You won't be profitable for long if you are inattentive to the needs of your customer or you self-sabotage those relationships by making it difficult to interact with your business. That's why we take a customer first approach. Then we make the business function smoothly as an organism that exudes happy customers. With happy customers, comes a good reputation and more business. And if we tune the operations right then all that business should be profitable.



We will work with you on any phase of product management including product development, road mapping, pricing, market analysis, requirements gathering, customer success experiences, go to market, sales support programs, collateral, lifetime customer valuation modeling, process efficiency, and P&L assessments.

We specialize in providing project management services when you find yourself short on internal resources, sticky corporate culture issues, or lack of needed in-house skill sets to move products, software development, or change management programs with short timelines.

Let's face it, every few years business environments undergo change. That calls for a reevaluation of strategic direction and business management. The need to be relevant and effective in existing markets is matched by a need to be aware of opportunities in new markets. We can walk you through the process of business change management, analyzing current strategy, and presenting possibilities for new activities. We can also look at your P&L and make assessments on cost containment, risk mitigation, process improvements, and revenue maximizing programs.