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Travis Shaw

21 October 2019

This provides excellent service..They go above and beyond for their clients..


Sohala Araiinejad

2 October 2019

They are the very very best! For adults and mostly teenagers!


Lindsey Pierce-Hubbard

20 August 2019

Kristen is amazing and Is always very understanding!


Helen Renae Rawson

14 August 2019

It's hard to find an authentic place with people who genuinely want to help and not just get a paycheck. This is that place. What an incredible staff and such a welcoming environment. More...


Stephanie Martin

7 August 2019

This place has been a heaven send. They have something for everyone and have done amazing things for my kids.


Barbra Uribe

5 July 2019

I don't know why so many negative reviews. Cassie has done wonders for my daughter. She has come so far in this past year. I am so thankful for the relationship my daughter and I have now. Before Cassie we were a wreck. We love so Cassie so much. I couldn't ask for a better councilor/ therapist/ mentor. Cassandra Fallon is amazing More...


Heidi Faust

16 March 2019

Thriveworks makes counseling accessible by answering the phone, offering same and next-day appointments, accepting most major health insurance plans. It’s also a great place to work. Highly recommend. More...


Avery Andersen

12 March 2019

I knew Thriveworks was different from the very first conversation I had with Curtis! Curtis was so understanding and was able to immediately pin point where I was struggling, why I felt the way I did, and then discern that what I needed was a life coach rather than a psychologist. Curtis listened attentively and patiently and I left the office feeling refreshed and excited to now put our conversation into action. We discussed everything from the Myers Briggs personality test, identifying and accomplishing goals, pro/cons of a job relocation, (which I accepted and it's going great...ANOTHER big thanks for Curtis and his team!) creating a budget, "big girl" purchases, and much, more more. Curtis also made the appointment possible by his generosity and he spent extra time with me than what was originally scheduled....That is so important to note because this is obviously a group that cares holistically about their patients and will go out of their way to take care of you, just like they did with me! Thriveworks does a truly amazing job and I am so thankful I met Curtis and was introduce to The Thriveworks Team. Thank you for all you do! More...


Ryan D.

10 January 2019

Massive fan of Thriveworks. I've been going to see Deb Brigandi for the past four months. She has been a perfect fit for me. Genuine, a great listener, holds me accountable, gives me action plans when I need it, and is also very knowledgable about different areas she can be of help to me. She knows her stuff.I also love Thriveworks, the company. I can book my appointments online and also have recurring meetings set up to make it easy to get time with Deb. It's been a great experience. The waiting rooms are nice. There's water, coffee, etc available. I typically meditate in the waiting room while I wait before my appointment, and Deb is always on time. I'm so glad I found this place and Deb. I had been to ~10 therapists before and she is by far the best one there. She is at the 872 Massachusetts Avenue location in Cambridge, MA in case you are interested in seeing her. More...


Amanda Skowron

29 October 2018

Currently seeing Dr. CeCe in Newport News and she’s amazing. Also this is a very affordable place to go to if you have no insurance and you’re paying out of pocket like me.


Destiny Spencer

30 March 2018

Just had our first marriage counseling session here and Brian at the Lynchburg VA. Location was excellent! We’ve never felt more comfortable with someone! Very modern building, very flexible hours and just a nice, comfortable place. Highly recommend. I can’t wait for us to start our treatment here. More...


Deborah Oliver

27 August 2017

This company does not only have the most reputable counselors- it is also the coolest counseling practice ever. Not only do I leave here feeling amazing... As soon as I enter the door I feel amazing. So comforting, modern and clean. Can I stay forever? More...


Karis Milacci Rivera

24 August 2017

Great company, great people, and care that truly heals. I would highly recommend to anyone who needs it.


Angela L. Pobanz

24 August 2017

Only patron Thriveworks if you value excellence, integrity, and a first class therapeutic experience. It doesn't get any better than this!


Fred Milacci

27 May 2017

The most sought out and caring professionals around! Quick response; highly recommended!


J D.

15 March 2017

Found them when we could not get my mom in soon enough in other practices after my father died. Most private practices were 4-5 week waits and incredibly expensive. Thriveworks made it easy to get appointments with licensed counselors and were well organized with materials and directions ahead of my mother's first session. It was even very affordable! It took such a big wait of worry off my family. More...


Nicole M.

4 March 2017

When I saw the website I was really in love with thriveworks. When I called to make my appointment I became a little nervous. Despite the website saying you could get appointments within a week but usually a day, the first available option was in two weeks. This normally wouldn't be too bad for a doctors office but I was just disappointed that it wasn't as advertised. Also, the yearly membership fee of $99 was a surprise. However, I have been seeing Alice for about a year now, and I absolutely love her. I went to her for help with my ADD and dealing with the natural stress of being at a competitive university, and she's been great. She's kind and respectful and never pushy or judgmental. I never have a problem booking my next appointment or moving the date if needed. The office is clean and relaxing. I've had ubers cancel on me a few times and have been a little late to a few appointments, but I just emailed her and was not charged any fees. The few times I had to park there I didn't have much of an issue and if you park in their spots it is free, which is great, but there are not many parking spaces so I would advise coming early if you plan on parking. I'm not a fan of the yearly $99 fee because I feel like I don't need or use any of the extra services that they say you're paying for, but I will be renewing in order to remain with Alice. More...


Rivka C.

22 November 2016

Easy process to sign up, great professionals, on time and very covenient


Latoya B.

31 May 2016

Michael B. was very helpful to me. I see a lot of comments about fees. I know that my therapist helped to have a fee waived for me. The therapy was really helpful and genuine. He even gave me extra time if I needed it. I would recommend him to anybody. His nonjudgmental approach provided me with a safe place to explore my thoughts and feelings. More...


Monica T.

10 July 2015

I started at Thriveworks a few months ago. The customer service and appointment scheduling system is so easy to use! I like the email notification the week of your appointment. You will get charged if you don't give 24 hr cancellation notice. I think that is reasonable given the practitioner has made plans for your therapy. I see Kathleen and she has been Amazing. She validates my feelings and helps me process my grief from loosing my dad. She also has helped me with work related issues and family dynamics. She is funny, bright, and well trained. I always look forward to my sessions and feel renewed afterwards! I would recommend you give them a try. More...


Annie M.

27 October 2014

Easy to schedule an appointment! Answered follow up questions about appointment by email very quickly. $99 fee is optional if you can not afford it and they easily provide a waiver. Will match you with an appropriate therapist. More...


Olivia Y.

25 July 2014

My boyfriend and I went to thrivework cambridge office for a couple therapy session. Even though the office is a little small in size, but it was neat and comfy. Our counselor Deborah was very friendly and professional. She could really understand the problem and tried to lead both of us to think in a positive way. It was our first time to go through a couple therapy, so we were very concerned if we could really communicate our problems with a "stranger". But the concern was gone quickly as soon as we talked to Deborah. She was just very easy to talk and more importantly to make us believe we could solve our problems. More...


Anne G.

26 June 2014

I am very happy with Thriveworks in general and with my particular therapist.  She is kind, knowledgeable, has had very good insights for me, and is always on time for my scheduled appointments. The Thriveworks office is quiet and comfortable, and offers free wifi while you wait, as well as free beverages (coffee, tea, sodas, water).While I understand some of the earlier issues that others have had, I have found that when I call the phone is answered by a real person, or someone gets back to me in a timely manner. Though there isn't a receptionist in the waiting area, there is a sign for new clients explaining that their therapist will be with them at their scheduled time, and that there are clipboards with initial paperwork they can fill out while they wait. I've never seen anyone wait long without being greeted by one of the therapists. As for the cancellation fee, this is pretty typical of medical offices and is pretty much an industry standard from my experience. It is explained when you start.Overall I am very satisfied with the service and care that I've received at Thriveworks.  I think it would be great if they offered some group therapy options as I think that can be beneficial for some people. I would highly recommend Thriveworks to anyone looking for help. More...


Fanny L.

15 April 2014

I have friends who are coaches and counselors, and they're really good, but I'm a little worried for them after going to Thriveworks. After playing phone tag with someone i was referred to by a friend, i called thrive and was able to make an appointment for that week. The office is close to central square's T stop, and nicer than any coaching office I've ever seen. Most importantly, my coach is wonderful and has helpful insights every week. More...


Elise H.

25 March 2014

Very easy to work with. It's wonderful that they have so many evening openings so you can't work your counseling around your schedule. I also had trouble in the past with other counseling offices with setting up my first appointment, so I was very thankful to Thriveworks for making it pretty painless to get started. Some people have complained about the $99 yearly fee, but it was explained to me as being the money out of which the 24/7 on call counselors are paid, which I understood. I recently moved to a new city and didn't think twice about calling their local Thriveworks to find my new counselor. More...


Josh R.

18 February 2014

Thriveworks was great from the start - excellent, warm service. With regards to my inquiries, they were responsive and quick to find the best solution. Their Cambridge location is located in the heart of Central Square, a special area to begin with. I'd highly recommend Thriveworks for their services provided - please don't hesitate to start your experience today! More...


Erin M.

18 December 2013

I called this place after trying to call 3 other counseling centers and only reaching voicemails. The girl on the phone was super nice and I scheduled an appointment for two days later. I think that's sort of their thing, they can get you in to see a counselor without waiting, which is pretty great. The call to schedule an appointment did take at least 20 minutes, as I had to give them my insurance info, and a credit card as a deposit for the appointment. The practice is in an older building, but the actual office space is really warm and inviting. Without getting too personal, I was pleasantly surprised to find my counselor to be really helpful and insightful. I've had 2 appointments and so far so good! More...


Kris K.

10 October 2013

Career advising versus mental health counseling: If you go to Thrive for career counseling or advising, make sure you AND the person scheduling you are clear about what the appointment is for.  Then when you show up, confirm that the appointment is for career advising.  I had the misfortune of scheduling a career advising appointment, then showing up and having the person I was scheduled with tell me that they only do mental health counseling.  In my case, we made use of the appointment anyway so I don't need a refund or anything.Good things about Thrive:There's free soda, water, tea, and wifi in their waiting area.  Thrive communicates efficiently by almost always answering the phone and having most employees (advisers, counselors, and billing) email clients as needed.  Thrive is quick in that appointments are usually available the same day or next day.  Thrive is accessible in the evenings and by MBTA.  Thrive offers (per website), career advising, neuropsychological testing, personality testing, mental health counseling, and even telephone counseling. Stuff to improve:I wish they would train all of their employees about LGBT and intersex human diversity.  I've noticed that a lot of their employees make assumptions about gender and sexual orientation that are incorrect, and base a lot on those inaccurate assumptions.  There was also one employee who found out that I was intersex, and changed from being helpful to getting a weird grin, sparkily eyes, and behaving odd around me after that - sort of like a weird pervert.  That being the most extreme case, there is a lot of awkwardness at Thrive around LGBT and intersex people.  There are plenty of free or moderately priced trainings available to help with this, I wish they would use one.  I'll make a list at the very end.Sometimes some of the Thrive employees forget to stick to their purview.  It's fine to vocalize a hunch, as long as it's represented as one, and not as a fact.  I find that this tends to happen in discussions about careers or industries that the Thrive employee has never been a part of.  (You might not like to second guess your career coach, but be careful not to "trust" someone if you think their advice might be a well-intended guess or hunch.  Be sure to clarify.  Perhaps if Thrive reads this, they would be willing to work on that as well.)Lastly, I would suggest finding out what the client wants as a first step in any meeting.  In my case, I am very clear on what I want in my career or specialty, and what I don't.  In my case, it's a matter of finding a practical way to identify a career or specialty that offers that.  Some people are just the opposite and need soul searching.  It's important to know who needs or wants what, rather than assuming.In conclusion:I think all of the criticism in the last 3 paragraphs and the 1st paragraph could be addressed in a single meeting or with a little training.  Once that's completed, I can give Thrive 5 stars.  I believe that Thrive does listen to it's clients and has a very promising future.  (I do like Thrive and had an overall good experience despite my suggestions above.)Another great thing about Thrive is that the owner, Anthony C., is very responsive to feedback.  He spends a lot of time reading comments by customers written in waiting room book, as well as, on websites like this.  I'm sure that all of this effort and care is part of the reason for his success.  Considering that, I spent some time writing this, as well as, additional time identifying two programs for LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) training that come highly recommended, in case he reads this and considers my suggestions.  I believe that, to no fault of most modern day psychologists, that the counseling industry and field of psychology has a long history of mischaracterizing LGBT people, and that LGBT training can be an uphill battle in any mental health facility.  However, I believe that this training is needed and would like to recommend the following:MTPC: masstpc.org/projects/tra… orGLSEN: glsen.org/chapters/massa… More...


Ellen M.

28 August 2013

A friend recommended this place to me when I wanted to talk to someone after a (lame!) breakup. I'm not great with directions and thought I might have a hard time finding the office inside the building but there were a lot of signs and I found my way up easier than anticipated. Nice waiting area- keurig coffee and comfy seating but no secretary/staff to greet you.  That ended up being no big deal because one of the Counselors came out to greet me (I was a little early). Without too much detail- I really really appreciated my time with my counselor. I was nervous but I found her to be really nice and easy to talk to. Also insightful- provided a new perspective that helped a lot. Great experience. More...


Austin S. L.

12 May 2013

Thriveworks is a very friendly, accessible place to get compassionate counseling.  You can usually get an appointment within a week (vs. weeks or months at other practices) and you have a choice of LICSWs, LMHCs, psychologists, and psychiatrists.  The service is tailored to your needs and not a cookie-cutter operation.  The waiting areas are very comfortable and offer free coffee, wifi, and beverages! More...


Ryan N.

12 May 2013

I have first hand experience with Thrive and can tell you that these other reviewers must be off their rockers.  I'm also a therapist in private practice, and so I'd like to think I know a thing or two about therapy and therapy practices.  Thrive is hands-down THE most reputable counseling agency I've ever dealt with.  From the first moment they talk with you on the phone, everything is explained up front, including the fees mentioned by some of the other reviewers.  Like any charge-per-hour business, the fee for the appointment is charged if you miss.  They make you're clear about this prior to start-up, but if you're like me, you think, "Why wouldn't they charge me if I make an appointment and bail?" There are tons of other therapists (myself included) who also charge initial intake fees, and it usually covers all the kind of things needy clients expect from therapists but they actually don't get paid for - the cost of their assessment materials, the time for them to review your assessments and notes in between sessions, to answer my phone calls and emails, etc.  Again, they talk with you about all of this stuff up front, which is more than I can say for a lot of therapists who hide this sort of thing until it comes up, and then say, "Well, that's our policy."  Thrive has been honest, candid, and forthcoming since I've been in contact with them.  One of the most difficult jobs for therapists is to have reasonable, well thought out policies that are considerate of clients, but protective of the counseling business so that it can stay afloat.  To be frank, the other reviewers, including the one who has been going to therapy for 15 years (that ought to tell you something), sound like the kind of clients no therapist wants, and no therapy client wants to be.  Save yourself the time and energy of climbing all over Boston looking for someone who won't be honest with you up front and will let you walk all over them.  In the restaurant biz, you want to go to the kind of restaurants at which restauranteurs are willing to dine.  With counseling, you want to go to the kinds of practices at which therapists want to get therapy.  Thrive is just that! More...


Robert W.

17 March 2013

I have been a patient of Thrive for the last year and have been extremely  impressed with the quality of care I have received. The staff has been so supportive and always willing to work with my crazy demanding schedule and the therapist I work with is always offering helpful advice. I have been to a few other therapists throughout the years (no I'm not completely crazy, I just believe in therapy) and I was fed up with therapists who simply listen to me talk week after week without offering life changing advice like I have received at Thrive. I won't go anywhere else. More...


Matthew B.

12 August 2012

I am surprised and disappointed by the low ratings for Thrive. My experience has been the complete opposite of that described by the other reviewers. The counselors are respectful and professional and I find that just walking into the waiting area I feel calm and focused. True, there is a $99 set up fee -- but that and my co-pay are small prices to pay for the life (-changing) insights and competencies I've developed over the course of my 30+ sessions at Thrive. They are almost always on time, payment and scheduling are flexible, and you can lead those sessions in whatever direction you feel you need to. Based on conversations with several friends who also receive counseling at Thrive, the counselors have diverse backgrounds and interests -- so, depending on the issues you're having trouble with (relationships, substance abuse, jobs, death/grieving, etc.) you'll find someone with a therapeutic approach that's comfortable and helpful. I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 because I can only compare to a couple of other experiences in therapy. More...


Kaycee P.

28 June 2011

Thrive Boston understands the needs of a client.  It is a practice that offers the knowledge to help you whether you are seeking mental health therapy or more goal oriented coaching,  It is also a practice that understands it is not easy for one to ask for help and take that first step.


H. Q.

20 May 2011

My boyfriend and I are seeing a relationship counselor at Thrive Boston right now.  We just had our second appointment the other day, and had pretty good "homework" to work on over the past few weeks since our first appointment.  Overall, we think it's going pretty well.  We like the atmosphere of the office, and also how it caters to working individuals, like my boyfriend and myself.  Our first appointment was a little awkward because I think we frightened our counselor a bit since we couldn't stop bickering for an hour, but I'm sure he has seen worse. haha...  We do see many couples go in and out of the office whenever we are there, so it shows Thrive Boston has a large patient population - good sign.  My boyfriend and I are probably the "only" couple in our 20s who are seeking a counselor, and it's great that we don't feel like we're discriminated against since we are young; and most couples who seek relationship/marriage counseling tend to be older, married, or have children (we have a dog, so that sort of counts).We (my boyfriend and I) think Thrive Boston are very prompt and also specifically, our counselor is very honest and unbiased.  Looking forward to our 3rd appointment. More...

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