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Cullybackey, Northern Ireland, Antrim

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Cullybackey, Northern Ireland, Antrim



The Thrive Programme is a proven and evidence based psychological training programme. It is a one-one programme that will change your life.

Thrive teaches you all the knowledge, skills and tools that you need to take control and make the absolute most of your life.


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26 November 2019

I've just finished the Thrive programme with Bobby after a really difficult time. Bobby has really helped me get my confidence back and I've learned how to take control of my life. I'd definitely recommend this programme to anyone who wants to discover how to make the most out of their life. More...

14 November 2019

Before I started thrive with Bobby i used to worry about everything & stress myself out over the silliest things. I had no confidence in myself and wasn't feeling good at all. Now since doing the Thrive programme I am so much more confident and happier in myself and doing so many things that I had been avoiding for ages & wouldn't have even thought about doing before Thrive. It most definitely is life changing. I would 100% recommend this programme to anyone. Hard work but it has all paid off More...

12 August 2019

Before I started the Thrive program with Bobby I struggled with anxiety and self confidence. On the outside it would seem that I was extremely happy with my life and overly confident, but this was very far from reality. After working with Bobby and completing the Thrive program I feel that it has really changed my life and the way I look at things for the better. I was sceptical beforehand, but I can honestly say it has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. Bobby is really easy to talk to, fantastic at his job, and I can’t thank him enough for all his help, and I would highly recommend Bobby and the Thrive program to anyone wanting to make positive changes in any, or all aspects of their lives More...

6 August 2019

Before I started the thrive program, I struggled a lot with my mental health. I was depressed, anxious and had no confidence or self esteem. I thought there was no way to escape these things until I did the Thrive program. Working with Bobby and a lot of hard work from myself I am feeling confident, positive and generally in a fantastic place in my own head. This program works. knowing that other people out there are feeling the same way I did, I would I highly recommend the Thrive Program. More...

18 July 2019

Before I started thrive with bobby I was pretty much done, sceptical to start I genuinely thought what the biggest lot of airy fairy stuff, being ex military you can imagine my thoughts, after 2 sessions I was noticing massive differences, before I wouldn’t even go out the house alone, bobby is really easy to get along with, no judgements at all, easy to relax and properly open up, I’d never felt that comfortable in counselling sessions before, believe me, with ptsd I’ve been through so many, CBT made me worse, if I’m honest I’d said to myself if this doesn’t work this time I’m tapping out life, now I’m back doing what I love, back into fitness and going to aim for the invictus games next year. I literally was going to give up, that thought petrifies me now. Doing the thrive programme with bobby was like switching on a light bulb, I can’t thank him enough to be honest More...

16 July 2019

I highly recommend Bobby and if you are reading these reviews the next step you should take is to contact him.

11 June 2019

I first went to see Bobby because I was struggling with my mood and confidence. I was also worried about being too nervous to enjoy my wedding day. I wasnt sure if the Thrive programme would work for me. But I can honestly say that it's a brilliant programme that is still helping me loads every day. In fact I really enjoyed it and found it really interesting and learned so much. I would definitely recommend Bobby and the Thrive programme to anyone who is struggling and wants to really change their lives for the better. More...

5 June 2019

I came to Bobby struggling with self confidence after suffering with depression from I was 16, I had a miscarriage last year and felt my life was out of control. I was sceptical at the beginning and that's being honest, but he introduced me to the thrive programme again not knowing if this was going to work for me. but I can tell u it really works, it made me rethink things an question a situation that would have annoyed me before but when I used the thrive way I dealt with it in a totally different way. now I dont over think an i deal with every day situations that come my way an resolve them in a good way. I couldn't recommend Bobby enough as he really has changed my life for the better. hes so easy to open up an talk to which is an important thing when u go to a councillor an I still follow the thrive programme every day More...

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It is so satisfying seeing people who have been struggling for a long time completely turning their lives around. The best bit is that they understand exactly how they've done it so that they can maintain this for life

It is cliched but my passion has always been helping people and as soon as I discovered the Thrive programme I knew that I had discovered the best way of empowering people to take control of their lives. I haven't looked back since!

I have over 10 years experience working one-one with hundreds of clients and thousands of hours with a huge range of issues. I will help you change your life. Just have a look at my website and my facebook page and the reviews of people who've been through the Thrive programme.