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Ainsley C

6 December 2018

Brynn is a fantastic clinician, I have worked with her as a colleague for many years and whole-heartedly endorse her work!!!


Ann Richelle Feign

9 February 2018

We went to see Brynn Miller at Thrive during a very scary time in our adolescent's life. Upon our initial meeting, we knew we chose the right person. First of all, her office is conveniently located above a store in the Pearl Street Mall - festive and cheery, to say the least. Her personal space is warm and inviting and we instantly felt at home, and, more importantly, so did our son. Our son began showing scary signs of OCD and anxiety and we felt helpless. Having suffered from the same symptoms my whole life, I thought I would have a handle on it. Brynn taught us how to properly talk to him when he was having an issue - I simply would have had no idea! What she told us worked. My son went from an inability to sleep by himself, go to sleepovers, and obsess over various health issues, to being completely under control! He sleeps alone, doesn't obsess anymore, and has so many tools on how to get through life on a day-to-day basis. Brynn is a blessing! More...

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