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Thrive Nutrition Reviews

Thrive Nutrition Reviews

Review of Thrive Nutrition by katrina fracisco
5 30/06/2018 katrina fracisco

I worked with Miranda for 6 months of my pregnancy with my first child. Not only did she provide outstanding nutritional knowledge and resources, but she offered up helpful advice on prenatal care, such as what to expect in doctors appointments, exercise recommendations, and personalized supplement options. She is fun, friendly, and I found her positivity to have a lasting effect for the rest of the day after our phone calls. I love her approach to food and nutrition, she truly customizes her program to what works best for you and will help you troubleshoot until you find a method that works. It's fantastic that with modern technology I could work with someone from MN all the way from CA. It didn't feel any less personal and it was much more convenient than driving to see someone in person. I would highly recommend Miranda for anyone on there journey to health, no matter their stage.

Review of Thrive Nutrition by Melissa K
5 18/06/2018 Melissa K

Miranda is amazing! She truly listens and understands your concerns and devises a plan to help. I've been battling digestive issues for 2 years and finally turned a corner thanks to Miranda's program. I haven't felt this good in a long time! I highly recommend Thrive Nutrition if you have any digestive or health concerns. Miranda truly cares for your health and makes everything easy to understand and implement. Thank you Miranda!

Review of Thrive Nutrition by Amanda Danicich
5 09/05/2018 Amanda Danicich

Miranda is a wealth of knowledge, understanding and encouragement. I have celiac disease, I was diagnosed 2 years ago and at that point had so many health issues due to my undiagnosed celiac disease. I had been undiagnosed for at least 10 years.
When I was finally diagnosed my doctor said go live on a gluten free diet and that was it. It’s harder then that. I called Miranda after being on a gluten free diet for almost 1 year and still having so many gut and neurological issues. Miranda came up with a plan for me specifically. She had me do a few tests blood draws etc. to better understand what my body is doing and what it needs to function correctly. Miranda was with me every step of the way for 6 months. I learned so much about my gut and how certain foods affect me, more than just gluten. I had chronic pain, gut, migraines and dizziness. With Miranda I’ve healed alot and I’ve learned what foods cause those issues for me. Everyone is different Miranda helps you be your best self. She is amazing and I’m happy I found her, I’m happy she is a part of my tribe, my health team.

Review of Thrive Nutrition by Samantha Moullet
5 16/01/2018 Samantha Moullet

Miranda & Thrive Nutrition is by far the best choice if you're looking to get healthy and/or lose weight. And I should know: I've tried them all.

I got into this mess by not being one of those "grilled chicken over salad," "food is energy" girls. I'm a foodie: I like truffles on pasta and pilgrimages to In-N-Out Burger. This past summer, though, I found myself constantly fatigued, bloated, and feeling closer in age to 59 than 29. To top it off, I work at high-growth tech startup, and at the end of the day I barely had enough time or energy to throw stuff at a pan.

I was desperate to find someone that could help me change my eating habits in a way that is healthy AND delicious while also being *sustainable* and not feeling like torture, but thought I was chasing a unicorn... Everything I tried before finding Miranda was either healthy and awful, unhealthy and just OK, or somehow unhealthy AND awful (looking at you master cleanse)

Then, Miranda walks into my life ready to save the day in the style. Weekly check-ins with her are like chatting with a friend - albeit one who is a nutrition guru. She's super warm & encouraging, always helping you focus on the goal at hand while never imposing a rigid/restrictive plan or, as another client mentions in their review, forcing you to be someone other than who you are. The process was both healing and fun. Aside from remarkable weight loss (35lbs in 3 months), for the first time in my life I finally feel like I've found a sustainable way of eating that let's me incorporate what I love to eat with what feels good - all while fitting back into jeans from high school! The proof is in the [chia] pudding.

Long story short, Thrive Nutrition helped me solve my eating issues and possibly saved me from a heart attack in 10 years time. Miranda, I might just name my first-born child after you : )

Review of Thrive Nutrition by Ben Rocher
5 16/12/2017 Ben Rocher

Miranda exudes warmth and will absolutely accept you where you are without judgment or expectation. You will grow at your own pace, never trapped into some kind of ridiculous food plan or forced to be someone other than who you are. For me, the process was liberating. My results (which were significant, in terms of weight loss) were trumped by a sense of freedom from negative self-beliefs and distorted food attitudes.

Review of Thrive Nutrition by Garret Anderson
5 08/10/2017 Garret Anderson

Miranda helped my wife nearly eliminate her chronic migraines and helped me lose a few lbs and eat better overall. Miranda meets you where you are and helps you make incremental improvement. She is knowledgeable and teaches you better nutrition along the way. We are now healthier and happier thanks to her expert advice! Thanks Miranda!

Review of Thrive Nutrition by John Rosten
5 30/09/2017 John Rosten

Years of digestive issues brought me to Thrive Nutrition. A summer's worth of nutritional coaching and dietary direction have changed my life for the better. What a pleasure it is to no longer feel uncomfortable after eating. Miranda Ebner worked wonders where other practitioners and plans fell short.

Review of Thrive Nutrition by Reggie Hanson
5 14/03/2017 Reggie Hanson

I got the chance to work with Miranda over the course of the last few months. She really helped me look at different perspectives in order to heal from the inside out. With her food & supplement recommendations I was able to start making health changes to my internal structure. And with her new outlooks and subtle techniques she helped me change my relationship with myself and the food/nutrition I choose for my body. It was such a wonderful experience to work with Miranda. She is so sweet and approachable!

Thrive Nutrition

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