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Thrive Fitness & Wellness

Menands, New York, Albany

‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019
Thrive Fitness & Wellness logo

Thrive Fitness & Wellness

Menands, New York, Albany

‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019


Using A Holistic Approach To Fitness, Thrive Fitness & Wellness looks to not only get you fitter, but to also improve overall quality of life. We are all subject to day-to-day physical activities such as sitting down and standing up, picking up laundry baskets or grocery bags, and walking up and down stairs.


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Francesca Angela

5 July 2019

Loved my first week here! This gym is like no other. You are given personalized routines and encouraged to push beyond what you think you can do. Thank you Brandon, Derek, and Connor for all the encouragement! I have never looked forward to a work out before. Give this place a try if you are an exercise phobic like me! Onto week 2 and beyond! More...


Amy Henges

14 November 2018

Derek and Brandon really pay attention to the needs of each individual and plan ahead to achieve this. They are both very caring people that look at each person holistically as they approach programming for the individuals needs. I have only been attending classes for a short time but everyone is very welcoming and the #ThriveBois really pay attention to detail. Really enjoying this experience. More...


Carol Darmetko

9 November 2018

Thrive Fitness and Wellness is more than just a workout - it feels like a community! Derek and Brandon are amazing instructors and do more than hand you over a workout! Love being part of this group!


Edward Anthony

12 October 2018

I have been in the fitness industry for over 20 years and am also a professional athlete. I am a firm believer that Good trainers have trainers! Derek is who I trust with my training. Highly recommended. More...


Cody Wasial

5 August 2018

I find the workouts to be fun and effective and the atmosphere uplifting :) great coaches . Derek has been my coach for awhile now and he always keeps me motivated even when I want to just stay home .


Nick Patterson

5 August 2018

Derek and Brandon are very knowledgeable and I always feel safe and enjoy their coaching style. As a clinician, I feel very comfortable referring my patients to them because I know that they will be taken care of.


Matt Smith

5 August 2018

Totally dig this place. There's a cool vibe here: intense yet laid back. There's NO cult-like atmosphere here, which sadly seems to be so prevalent at too many other places. Derek is really knowledgeable and positive. Brandon is a great teacher, with great patience and a sense of humor. Most everyone I have worked out with — all ages and abilities — have been cool and personable. Thrive has surpassed my expectations. AND GREAT MUSIC!! More...

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We work with each member as an individual. After properly assessing one’s movement, we create a safe, effective program designed to work within the physical, as well as the mental, constraints of each of our members.

Consistency! And in order to remain consistent, it requires something that is sustainable. The whole goal here at Thrive is to develop personalized workouts that meet members where they’re at so they can continuously see results!

Educating people and empowering them to take hold of their Fitness. With so many fad diets and outrageous fitness regimens out there, there’s nothing quite like watching someone uncover their Fitness and realizing the things they are capable of.

We wanted to create a Fitness program that benefited from the energy of a group environment while still being able to work on the specific needs of each individual.

We are hoping people will choose us because they are looking for a Fitness Program that is balanced and sustainable. We have a strong emphasis on quality of movement and helping people understand how to move better. This is the foundation of Fitness, and from here we can hone in on as many disciplines as we care to.

We employ many different dimensions of fitness, so a member could expect to not only gain strength and mobility, but cardiovascular endurance as well.


1 hour class 2 Instructors No more than 8 members Individualized Strength Program Cardio-based piece at end of workout

Work exclusively with a qualified instructor Individualized programming Individualized accountability