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Clanfield, Hampshire


Hypnotherapy is a natural state which we enter at least twice a day, before going to sleep after a long days work where we start to relax, and just before waking up where we are really relaxed ready to fully wake up.

We also, without knowing it slip into hypnosis during the day.



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Helping people to make positive changes to their lives. It's a very rewarding job to know that you are helping people who have been living with a struggle, sometimes for a very long time and you can see the changes they've made to create a better future.

One of the reasons I started this job was to help people stay off prescription drugs by using a natural remedy of hypnotherapy to take control and understand people's struggles and ills. I want to help people to reduce anxiety, depression, habits and addictions, take control over pain, deal with their fears and many more issues that you can change through hypnotherapy.

I am passionate about my job and helping people to get rid of their struggles which cause a daily problem in their life. Many people live with these struggles and believe there is no way out, hypnotherapy can not only help you to understand your problem but it can help you to take control over it so you can live happier, healthier and without an added burden.


An addiction is a physiological and psychological dependence. A previous client of mine had an addiction to alcohol. His physiological state meant that he needed to consume more and more alcohol to feel the effects of it. His psychological state revealed that he needed to drink alcohol to suppress his depression. Hypnotherapy looks at the causes as to where these problems began, and with this particular client we worked on both the depression and the alcohol. How many sessions required? Between 4-5 sessions are required as well as recordings to take home which reinforces your therapy

Fear can stop you from doing things you would normally enjoy, it’s something that makes you hesitate and think what if? We fear something that hasn’t happened yet, we fear the future. Don’t let the future stop you from living in the present. If you have a fear or a phobia, whatever it is or how silly you may think it is, please contact me on the above contact drop down box. There is no such thing as a silly fear. How many sessions are required? Between 3-5 sessions are required as well as recordings to take home which reinforces your therapy

Anxiety can come with some unwanted symptoms which puts your body under strain. Hypnotherapy relaxes your mind and body and restores your body back to normal. It can guide you to understand where your anxiety originally came from, therefore allowing you to create new neuron pathways for you to find comfort and relax. I can also teach you self-hypnosis for you to use whenever you feel your anxiety creeping up on you. Depression- Depression can come in many forms, it can be subtle where you hardly know its there and feel unhappy some of the time but don’t know why. It can also hit you hard where you feel overwhelmed and carry negative thoughts. Hypnotherapy can help you. It can help you to relax and guide you to a better more positive way of thinking. How many session required? Between 4-5 sessions are required as well as recordings to take home which reinforces your therapy

Hypnotherapy can help you feel relaxed and calm when you are taking an exam. During the session you will be taught self-hypnosis where you will be given a trigger word which you will use when you are taking your exam to help you feel calm. How many sessions required? Everyone requires different amount of sessions, some clients will say they feel great after one session, that the feel able to sit their exam with no further therapy, however, if you feel you need more sessions that will be arranged.

If you want to feel healthier, more energetic and gain a few more coins in your pocket then hypnotherapy can help you. Hypnotherapy puts you in a relaxed state where your body and mind starts to calm. This is when your mind is open to new suggestions such as you are a non-smoker. With hypnotherapy you can directly communicate with your subconscious mind to break your association with your addiction to nicotine and the habits that go with it. This is usually just one session, however some people may want another session to summarize what they have previously experienced. After the session has finished you will be given a recording to take home and listen to on a regular basis. This is really important as it reinforces the therapy work you have done. Before you attend you first session, I do ask that you do not have a cigarette or smoking substance at least two hours before. It would also benefit you if you do not have any smoking related substances on you. This will help your mind to stay clear and open to becoming a non-smoker.

Hypnotherapy can help you change the way you see and think about food and help you gain a better understanding about healthier eating. It is for those who need to deal with the cause of their weight problem to build confidence and self-esteem. This consists of five sessions You will receive recordings that you will need to listen to each day which will reinforce the therapy work you’ve already done. This is a really important part of the therapy which will help change your eating habits to create a happier healthier you.

We all have stress in our lives and when we suffer from a lack of sleep it can worsen our stress levels and even create other illnesses. Hypnotherapy can help you to understand the reasons to why you cannot sleep and can assist help you to feel relaxed at night. At the end of the sessions I provide you with a recording for you to listen to when you are lying in bed which will help you feel calm enough to drift off into a pleasant sleep.

Hypnotherapy can not only help you to control your pain but it can teach you how to turn your pain levels down. You may need to deal with what originally caused your pain so you can deal with it now and get rid of it once and for all. I can also teach you self-hypnosis so you can manage your pain in your own time when ever you feel it coming on. You will be given recordings to reinforce the therapy

Self-Hypnosis can help in a number of ways. It can help with fears, pain, confidence, childbirth, relaxing, exam nerves and many more. Self-hypnosis allows you to take control over your problem when it rises by using your trigger word, your trigger word will be one that you associate with good positive feeling. You do not need to know anything about hypnosis if you desire to learn this; however you do need to have experienced hypnosis beforehand. Once you have achieved this self-hypnosis is only one session.

What hypnotherapy can do for you is to teach you how to gain control in a positive way to help you focus on your goals and achieve them. Hypnotherapy helps you to relax and when you relax your mind is more open to change, such as removing anxieties and boosting confidence.

We have all been unwell at some point in our lives and its safe to say its horrible and all you think about is getting better. There are 3 ways to becomes unwell: A collision, i.e. broken/fractured bones, bruising Our bodies become affected by a bacteria or a virus Our mind creates it Although hypnotherapy cannot mend a broken bone or make a virus disappear, it can help with the healing process and help manage pain. One of the reasons I decided to become a hypnotherapist is to help people to heal and achieve their goal without relying on medication prescribed from a doctor. Some medications are positively effective yes, but I believe hypnotherapy is a healthier, safer natural option of treatment which helps you maintain a positive mind-set. Positive thinking really is the best medicine. If we think and believe we will become unwell, guess what? We will become unwell. If we think positively about our ills and believe with the help from hypnotherapy they can fade away, you will find that you start to feel better.

Hypnotherapy can help with childbirth in several ways; it can make birthing gentler because it helps reduce stress and relaxes the body and mind. It can make labour more comfortable, shorter and less painful without side affects. Childbirth is one session where you will be taught self-hypnosis to use when the day comes. You will be given a recording to listen to all the way up to the big day. Therapy is usually offered when the mother is at least 6 months pregnant.

Stress is something everyone has experienced and often we experience it on a daily basis. Whether it’s coping with work, struggling with finances or dealing with home life, we all feel stress one way or another and theses stresses can develop into frustration, create conflict and can turn reactions into aggression. However, we don’t all react to stress in the same way. What we don’t think about at the time is that stress can cause illnesses or make illnesses worse if we cannot deal with it appropriately. What hypnotherapy can help with is to relax you mind and body which will open your subconscious mind to become susceptible to suggestions and positive changes. It can guide you to think differently by creating new pathways to react more calmly to potential stressful situations. Relaxation is a key importance in getting rid of stress. One of the things hypnotherapy is best at doing is allowing all your muscles in your body to completely relax and come to rest.

I can also provide a past life regression experience for £45