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We provide expert CPA services. Tom has been a CPA since 1992 and runs several businesses so he is equipped to handle any accounting and tax requests.

Our company offers a full range of accounting services. We provide tax preparation for Businesses and Individuals.


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Ryan McCrea

30 June 2019

Tom and his team have been great to work with. My wife and I were in a pinch to get a tax document completed and he called us back on a Friday afternoon and had a meeting set up for early the following week. We used him to do our taxes and advise us on different aspects of forming LLCs, setting up as S-corp, write offs, etc. He and his team take the time and really listen to us and come up with the best solution for our situation. I have referred my dad and a co-worker and they have both had nothing but good things to say, which I expected. If you need anything related to taxes, book keeping, or other business advice I would highly recommend going to see Tom! More...


AC Johnson

30 June 2019

Have known Tom for about 20 years. He and his firm have done extensive work with us with our Accounting that has saved us enormously. I've done business with him too as a hard money lender; real estate investor; etc. Most importantly, as our Accountant. In business, one needs a good attorney and cpa.....no doubt. I recommend he and his firm, highly, for your book keeping and CPA Services. When you call the office, Dee will get the call, please tell her hello from AC. More...


Ac J.

19 June 2019

I've known Tom Smith for over 20 years.  I refer to him as one of three of the smartest people I know:  my Father-n-law; my Attorney and him.  Not necessarily in that orderTom has worked with my wife and I and the several business's we had and have.  His work helped us during a crucial personal period for my wife and I and too my Father-n-law.How?  I started buying Real Estate in 1989 and serially in 1997.  Between 1997 and 2002, about 5 years, we had acquired to hold over 60 doors to hold; were doing rehabs to then sell; aligning with other Investors to assign our rights to contracts and hard money lending.  All of which we were doing at my lead but didn't know how to control the growth and the maintenance of the books. In meeting him it was more as another Investor that was an Accountant too.  Today, he and his firm are our Accountants while too they understand and still are Investing in Real Estate from Single Family to small and large Multi-Family to hold or fix to sell; Lease Options; Subject 2; hard money lending; transactional funding; double closings, etc....In talking with others, I pass his name and number on and encourage them to treat their business as a business and not as a hobby.  I encourage business owners to get their books set up prior or right away because if they are knowledgeable enough to open a business, call Tom's Firm and get them on board with them.To finish, I can't put into writing the gratitude I have for the help, yes, help we've been given to move our business and yes, our personal lives, moving forward too.I write this review because of the loyalty given to us through the years by Tom and Team.  Our appreciation goes far beyond what I've written here.Regards,AC Johnson More...


JesSanne Johnson

4 June 2019

Have worked with Mr. Smith for many years. He cleared my Dad's IRS issues and saved him quite a bit of money. I highly recommend him.


Tom Smith

25 July 2018

Thomas Smith CPA, PLLC helped us through our tax situation. It was initially overwhelming but they broke it into small pieces that we could handle. They’re great to work with. We couldn’t be happier. More...


Steve Raleigh NC

9 February 2018

Thomas Smith saved me thousands of dollars negotiating a reduction in interest and penalties due to the IRS on my behalf. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND Thomas Smith to any of my peers. I have been an entrepreneur and owned my own business for over 30 years. Everyone needs an accountant they can trust to handle their finances! More...



8 February 2018

Tom was great to work with ! He was very professional and thorough. The price for the work done was a bargain. I recommend Tom Smith to anyone who needs their tax return done or any assistance with their own business accounting.


Adam Schneider

6 February 2018

Outstanding service! Tom does a great job.


Jake Wilson

6 February 2018

Tom has handled all our business structure and accounting needs for years. He is knowledgeable and easy to work with. We are comfortable recommending him without hesitation.

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Our company offers a full range of accounting services. We provide tax preparation for Businesses and Individuals. We provide bookkeeping and reconciliation of accounts. We assist clients with resolving tax matters. We provide payroll services and 1099 preparation.

We are experienced with working with clients across the country.

The financial aspect of your business and your personal matters is very important. You need a trusted adviser that you share your matters with that can help you understand the issues or for you to bounce ideas off of.

Choose Thomas Smith CPA for a professional product at a reasonable price.